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ATCP 93.260   Setbacks from already-installed potable water supply sources.
Subchapter III — Specific Tank Storage
ATCP 93.300   Tanks storing used oil.
ATCP 93.305   Public used oil collection centers.
ATCP 93.310   Heating fuel storage.
ATCP 93.315   Heating oil tanks that are removed from service.
ATCP 93.320   Fuel storage for stationary combustion engines and gas turbines.
ATCP 93.330   Converted tanks for the storage of flammable and combustible liquids.
ATCP 93.335   Manufacture of organic coatings.
ATCP 93.340   Bulk plants and terminals.
ATCP 93.350   Hazardous substances.
ATCP 93.360   Storage of Class IA flammable liquids.
ATCP 93.370   Emergency shutoff for transfers.
Subchapter IV — General AST Storage
ATCP 93.400   General requirements.
ATCP 93.410   Spill and overfill prevention.
ATCP 93.420   Secondary containment.
ATCP 93.425   Tank lining of aboveground storage tanks.
ATCP 93.430   Vehicle collision protection.
ATCP 93.440   Aboveground tank inspection.
ATCP 93.445   Seldom-used and temporarily out of service tank systems.
ATCP 93.450   Change in service to store a non-regulated or a regulated substance.
ATCP 93.460   Closure of aboveground tanks.
ATCP 93.465   Tank-system site assessment.
ATCP 93.470   Responding to a leak, spill, overfill, or release.
Subchapter V — General UST Storage and Underground Piping
ATCP 93.500   General requirements.
ATCP 93.503   Product inventory verification at retail facilities.
ATCP 93.505   Spill and overfill prevention.
ATCP 93.510   Leak detection requirements.
ATCP 93.515   Leak detection methods.
ATCP 93.517   Airport hydrant system requirements.
ATCP 93.520   Corrosion protection.
ATCP 93.530   Tank lining of underground storage tanks.
ATCP 93.535   Periodic inspection and repair of lined tanks.
ATCP 93.545   Seldom-used and temporarily out of service tank systems.
ATCP 93.550   Change in service to store a non-regulated or a regulated substance.
ATCP 93.560   Tank system closure.
ATCP 93.565   Abandoned tank system closure.
ATCP 93.570   Conditions indicating a release.
ATCP 93.575   Tank-system integrity assessment.
ATCP 93.580   Tank-system site assessment.
ATCP 93.585   Responding to a leak, spill, overfill or release.
Subchapter VI — Dispensing of Motor Fuels
ATCP 93.600   Applicability.
ATCP 93.605   General fuel dispensing requirements.
ATCP 93.610   Fuel dispensing systems using aboveground mobile tanks.
ATCP 93.615   Fuel dispensing systems using aboveground fixed tanks.
ATCP 93.620   Public access motor vehicle fueling operations.
ATCP 93.630   Fuel storage and dispensing at farms and construction projects.
ATCP 93.640   Watercraft, snowmobile and ATV fueling.
ATCP 93.650   Aircraft fuel dispensing.
ATCP 93.660   Racetrack and amusement vehicle fueling operations.
ATCP 93.680   Alternative motor fuels.
Subchapter VII — Financial Responsibility
ATCP 93.700   Applicability.
ATCP 93.703   Definitions.
ATCP 93.705   Amount and scope of required financial responsibility.
ATCP 93.707   Allowable mechanisms and combinations of mechanisms.
ATCP 93.710   Financial test of self-insurance.
ATCP 93.713   Guarantee.
ATCP 93.715   Insurance and risk retention group coverage.
ATCP 93.717   Surety bond.
ATCP 93.720   Letter of credit.
ATCP 93.723   Trust fund.
ATCP 93.725   Standby trust fund.
ATCP 93.727   Local government bond rating test.
ATCP 93.730   Local government financial test.
ATCP 93.733   Local government guarantee.
ATCP 93.735   Local government fund.
ATCP 93.737   Substitution of financial assurance mechanisms by owner or operator.
ATCP 93.740   Cancellation or nonrenewal by a provider of financial assurance.
ATCP 93.743   Reporting by owner or operator.
ATCP 93.745   Record keeping.
ATCP 93.747   Drawing on financial assurance mechanisms.
ATCP 93.750   Release from the requirements.
ATCP 93.753   Bankruptcy or other incapacity of owner or operator or provider of financial assurance.
ATCP 93.755   Replenishment of guarantees, letters of credit, or surety bonds.
Subchapter VIII — Training for Operators of Underground Storage Tank Systems
ATCP 93.800   Purpose.
ATCP 93.805   Scope.
ATCP 93.810   Definitions.
ATCP 93.820   Designation of Class A, Class B, and Class C operators.
ATCP 93.830   Responsibilities of Class A, Class B, and Class C operators.
ATCP 93.840   Training elements for Class A operators.
ATCP 93.841   Training elements for Class B operators.
ATCP 93.842   Training elements for Class C operators.
ATCP 93.850   Acceptable training and certification processes.
ATCP 93.860   Documentation deadlines.
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