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SPS 381.01(146) (146) “Local vent" means a pipe connecting to a fixture and extending to outside air through which vapor or foul air is removed from the fixture.
SPS 381.01(147) (147) “Low hazard" means a situation where the water supply system could be contaminated with a nontoxic substance or solution so as to make the water unsuitable for the designated use.
SPS 381.01(148) (148) “Main" means the principal pipe artery to which branches may be connected.
SPS 381.01(149) (149) “Manhole" means an opening constructed to permit access by a person to a sewer or any underground portion of a plumbing system.
SPS 381.01(150) (150) “Manufactured dwelling" has the meaning specified under s. SPS 320.07 (52) (a).
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section SPS 320.07 (52) (a) was repealed.
SPS 381.01(151) (151) “Manufactured home" has the meaning specified under s. 101.91 (2), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 101.91 (2), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Manufactured home" means any of the following:
SPS 381.01 Note (am) A structure that is designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation and that is certified by the federal department of housing and urban development as complying with the standards established under 42 USC 5401 to 5425.
SPS 381.01 Note (c). A mobile home, unless a mobile home is specifically excluded under the applicable statute.
SPS 381.01(152) (152) “Manufactured home drain connector" means the pipe that joins the drain piping for a manufactured home to the building sewer.
SPS 381.01(153) (153) “Manufactured home community" has the meaning specified under s. 101.91 (5m), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 101.91 (5m), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Manufactured home community" means any plot or plots of ground upon which 3 or more manufactured homes that are occupied for dwelling or sleeping purposes are located. “Manufactured home community" does not include a farm where the occupants of the manufactured homes are the father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister of the farm owner or operator or where the occupants of the manufactured homes work on the farm.
SPS 381.01(154) (154) “Mechanical joint" means a connection between pipes, fittings or pipes and fittings by means of a device, coupling, fitting or adapter where compression is applied around the center line of the pieces being joined, but which is not caulked, threaded, soldered, solvent cemented, brazed or welded.
SPS 381.01(154m) (154m) “Mixed wastewater" means a combination of domestic and non-domestic wastewater.
SPS 381.01(155) (155) “Multiple dwelling" means a building containing more than 2 dwelling units.
SPS 381.01(156) (156) “Multipurpose piping system" means a water distribution system conveying water to plumbing fixtures and appliances and automatic fire sprinklers with the intention of serving both domestic and fire protection needs.
SPS 381.01(157) (157) “Municipality" means any city, village, town or county in this state.
SPS 381.01(158) (158) “Munsell soil color" means a color classification that specifies the relative degrees of the color variables in terms of hue, value and chroma.
SPS 381.01(159) (159) “Navigable waters" has the meaning specified under s. NR 115.03 (5).
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section NR 115.03 (5) reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Navigable waters" means Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, all natural inland lakes within Wisconsin and all streams, ponds, sloughs, flowages and other waters within the territorial limits of this state, including the Wisconsin portion of boundary waters, which are navigable under the laws of this state. Under s. 281.31 (2) (d), Stats., notwithstanding any other provision of law or administrative rule promulgated thereunder, shoreland ordinances required under s. 59.692, Stats., and this chapter do not apply to lands adjacent to farm drainage ditches if:
SPS 381.01 Note (a) Such lands are not adjacent to a natural navigable stream or river;
SPS 381.01 Note (b) Those parts of such drainage ditches adjacent to such lands were nonnavigable streams before ditching or had no previous stream history; and
SPS 381.01 Note (c) Such lands are maintained in nonstructural agricultural use.
SPS 381.01(160) (160) “Negative pressure" means a pressure less than atmospheric.
SPS 381.01(160e) (160e) “Noncontinuous pressure" means a pressure greater than atmospheric and exerted for a period of no more than 12 continuous hours.
SPS 381.01(160m) (160m) “Non-domestic wastewater" means any wastewater that is not domestic wastewater or storm water.
SPS 381.01(161) (161) “Nonpotable water" means water not safe for drinking, personal or culinary use.
SPS 381.01(162) (162) “Nonpublic" means, in the classification of plumbing fixtures, those fixtures in residences, apartments, living units of hotels and motels, and other places where the fixtures are intended for the use by a family or an individual to the exclusion of all others.
SPS 381.01(163) (163) “Nontoxic" means a substance in the diluted form that meets one of the following requirements:
SPS 381.01(163)(a) (a) Is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) as meeting the NSF evaluation criteria for nonfood compounds.
SPS 381.01(163)(b) (b) Is acceptable to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Title 21 section 175.300 of the Federal Regulation on Food Additives.
SPS 381.01(163)(c) (c) Is acceptable for contact with potable water or is deemed non-toxic by a third party certification that is acceptable to the department.
SPS 381.01(163)(d) (d) Is deemed non-toxic by the department.
SPS 381.01(163e) (163e) “Nursing home" has the meaning specified under s. 50.01 (3), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 50.01 (3), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Nursing home" means a place where 5 or more persons who are not related to the operator or administrator reside, receive care or treatment and, because of their mental or physical condition require access to 24-hour nursing services, including limited nursing care, intermediate level nursing care and skilled nursing services. “Nursing home" does not include any of the following:
SPS 381.01 Note (c) A convent or facility owned or operated exclusively by and for members of a religious order that provides reception and care or treatment of an individual.
SPS 381.01 Note(d) A hospice, as defined in s. 50.90 (1), Stats., that directly provides inpatient care.
SPS 381.01 Note (e) A residential care apartment complex.
SPS 381.01(163s) (163s) “Occasional occupancy" means occupying a building that is served by a POWTS for less than 120 calendar days per year.
SPS 381.01(164) (164) “Occupancy" means the purpose for which a building, structure, equipment, materials, or premises, or part thereof, is used or intended to be used.
SPS 381.01(165) (165) “Oil interceptor" means a device designed to intercept and retain oil, lubricating grease or other similar materials.
SPS 381.01(166) (166) “Offset" means a combination of fittings or bends that makes two changes in direction bringing one section of the pipe out of line but into a line parallel with the other section.
SPS 381.01(167) (167) “One or 2-family dwelling" means a building containing not more than 2 dwelling units.
SPS 381.01(168) (168) “Open air" means outside the building.
SPS 381.01(168m) (168m) “Open bodies of water" means those portions of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior within the boundaries of Wisconsin, all lakes, bays, rivers, streams, springs, ponds, wells, impounding reservoirs, marshes, watercourses, drainage systems and other surface water, natural or artificial, public or private within the state or under its jurisdiction.
SPS 381.01(169) (169) “Ordinary high-water mark" has the meaning specified under s. NR 115.03 (6).
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section NR 115.03 (6), reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Ordinary high-water mark" means the point on the bank or shore up to which the presence and action of surface water is so continuous as to leave a distinctive mark such as by erosion, destruction or prevention of terrestrial vegetation, predominance of aquatic vegetation, or other easily recognized characteristic. Where the bank or shore at any particular place is of such character that it is difficult or impossible to ascertain where the point of ordinary high-water mark is, recourse may be had to the opposite bank of a stream or to other places on the shore of a lake or flowage to determine whether a given stage of water is above or below the ordinary high-water mark.
SPS 381.01(170) (170) “Participating governmental unit" means a governmental unit which applies to the department for financial assistance under ss. SPS 387.04 and 387.05, and which meets the conditions specified under s. 145.245 (9), Stats.
SPS 381.01(170e) (170e) “Patient area plumbing fixture" means a plumbing fixture that is accessible to patients in a health care facility and is intended to be used for culinary, hygienic or domestic purposes.
SPS 381.01(171) (171) “Peak flow" means the largest anticipated recurrent wastewater discharge to a private onsite wastewater treatment system.
SPS 381.01(171e) (171e) “Peak flow, stormwater" means the largest anticipated flow from a given storm event.
SPS 381.01(172) (172) “Pipe applied atmospheric type vacuum breaker" means a type of cross connection control device where the flow of water into the device causes a float to close an air inlet port and when the flow of water stops the float falls and forms a check valve against back siphonage and at the same time opens the air inlet port to allow air to enter and satisfy the vacuum.
SPS 381.01(173) (173) “Pit privy" means an enclosed nonportable toilet into which nonwater-carried human wastes are deposited to a subsurface storage chamber that is not watertight.
SPS 381.01(174) (174) “Pitch" means the gradient or slope of a line of pipe in reference to a horizontal plane.
SPS 381.01(175) (175) “Place of employment" has the meaning specified under s. 101.01 (11), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 101.01 (11), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Place of employment" includes every place, whether indoors or out or underground and the premises appurtenant thereto where either temporarily or permanently any industry, trade or business is carried on, or where any process or operation, directly or indirectly related to any industry, trade or business, is carried on, and where any person is, directly or indirectly, employed by another for direct or indirect gain or profit, but does not include any place where persons are employed in private domestic service which does not involve the use of mechanical power or in farming. “Farming" includes those activities specified in s. 102.04 (3), and also includes the transportation of farm products, supplies or equipment directly to the farm by the operator of said farm or employees for the use thereon, if such activities are directly or indirectly for the purpose of producing commodities for market, or as an accessory to such production. When used with relation to building codes, “place of employment" does not include an adult family home, as defined in s. 50.01 (1), or, except for the purposes of s. 101.11, a previously constructed building used as a community-based residential facility, as defined in s. 50.01 (1g), which serves 20 or fewer unrelated residents.
SPS 381.01(176) (176) “Plumbing" has the meaning specified under s. 145.01 (10), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 145.01 (10), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Plumbing" means:
SPS 381.01 Note (a) 1. All piping, fixtures, appliances, equipment, devices, and appurtenances in connection with water supply systems, water distribution systems, wastewater drainage systems, reclaimed water systems, and stormwater use systems, including hot water storage tanks, water treatment devices, and water heaters connected with these systems and also includes the installation thereof.
SPS 381.01 Note 2. The construction, connection, installation, service, or repair of any drain or wastewater piping system that connects to the mains or other terminal within the bounds of, or beneath an area subject to easement for highway purposes, including private sewage systems and stormwater treatment and dispersal systems, and the alteration of any such systems, drains or wastewater piping.
SPS 381.01 Note 3. The construction, connection, installation, service, or repair of water service piping that connects to the main or other water utility service terminal within the bounds of, or beneath an area subject to easement for highway purposes and its connections.
SPS 381.01 Note4. The water pressure system other than municipal systems as provided in ch. 281.
SPS 381.01 Note 5. A plumbing and drainage system so designed and vent piping so installed as to keep the air within the system in free circulation and movement; to prevent with a margin of safety unequal air pressures of such force as might blow, siphon or affect trap seals, or retard the discharge from plumbing fixtures, or permit sewer air to escape into the building; to prohibit cross-connection, contamination or pollution of the water supply and distribution systems, and to provide an adequate supply of water to properly serve, cleanse and operate all fixtures, equipment, appurtenances and appliances served by the plumbing system.
SPS 381.01 Note (br) “Plumbing" does not include any of the following:
SPS 381.01 Note 1. A rainwater gutter or downspout down to the point that it discharges into a plumbing system, a subsoil drain, or a foundation drain.
SPS 381.01 Note 2g. A process water reuse system if the process water reuse system is not connected to any plumbing fixture or appliance.
SPS 381.01 Note 2m. A stormwater culvert under a roadway or walkway that is placed there only to equalize the water level from one end of the culvert to the other end.
SPS 381.01 Note 3. The practical installation of process piping within a sewage disposal plant.
SPS 381.01(177) (177) “Plumbing appliance" means any one of a special class of plumbing devices which is intended to perform a special function. The operation or control of the appliance may be dependent upon one or more energized components, such as motors, controls, heating elements, or pressure or temperature sensing elements. The devices may be manually adjusted or controlled by the user or operator, or may operate automatically through one or more of the following actions: a time cycle, a temperature range, a pressure range, or a measured volume or weight.
SPS 381.01(178) (178) “Plumbing fixture" means a receptacle or device which meets at least one of the following:
SPS 381.01(178)(a) (a) Is either permanently or temporarily connected to the water supply system of the premises, and demands a supply of water from the system;
SPS 381.01(178)(b) (b) Discharges wastewater or waste materials either directly or indirectly to the drain system of the premises.
SPS 381.01(178)(c) (c) Requires both a water supply connection and a discharge to the drain system of the premises.
SPS 381.01(179) (179) “Plumbing system" includes the water supply system, the drain system, the vent system, plumbing fixtures, plumbing appliances and plumbing appurtenances that serve a building, structure or premises.
SPS 381.01(180) (180) “Point of standards application" has the meaning specified under s. 160.01 (5), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 160.01 (5) Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Point of standards application" means the specific location, depth or distance from a facility, activity or practice at which the concentration of a substance in groundwater is measured for purposes of determining whether a preventive action limit or an enforcement standard has been attained or exceeded.
SPS 381.01(181) (181) “Potable water" means water that is both:
SPS 381.01(181)(a) (a) Safe for drinking, personal or culinary use.
SPS 381.01(181)(b) (b) Free from impurities present in amounts sufficient to cause disease or harmful physiological effects.
SPS 381.01(182) (182) “POWTS" means a private onsite wastewater treatment system.
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