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SPS 305.325   Manufactured home salesperson.
SPS 305.327   Manufactured home installer.
SPS 305.33   Soil testers.
SPS 305.34   Welders.
SPS 305.35   Weld test conductors.
SPS 305.36   POWTS maintainers.
Subchapter IV — Electrical
SPS 305.40   Electricians.
SPS 305.405   Terminology.
SPS 305.41   Electrical contractors.
SPS 305.43   Master electricians.
SPS 305.435   Residential master electricians.
SPS 305.437   Registered master electricians.
SPS 305.44   Journeyman electricians.
SPS 305.443   Industrial journeyman electricians.
SPS 305.447   Residential journeyman electricians.
SPS 305.45   Registered electricians.
SPS 305.46   Electrical apprentices.
SPS 305.47   Reciprocity.
Subchapter V — Fire Sprinkler
SPS 305.50   Fire sprinkler installers.
SPS 305.51   Sprinkler contractors.
SPS 305.52   Journeyman sprinkler fitters.
SPS 305.53   Sprinkler system apprentices.
SPS 305.54   Sprinkler maintenance contractors.
SPS 305.55   Sprinkler maintenance fitters.
SPS 305.56   Sprinkler testers.
SPS 305.57   Sprinkler tester learners.
Subchapter VI — Inspection
SPS 305.60   Boiler-pressure vessel inspectors.
SPS 305.61   Commercial building inspectors.
SPS 305.62   Commercial electrical inspectors.
SPS 305.625   Commercial plumbing inspectors.
SPS 305.627   Fire detection, prevention, and suppression inspectors.
SPS 305.629   Inspection agency.
SPS 305.63   Dwelling inspectors.
SPS 305.635   UDC inspection agency.
SPS 305.64   Elevator inspectors.
SPS 305.66   POWTS inspectors.
SPS 305.68   Tank system inspectors.
Subchapter VII — Mechanical
SPS 305.70   HVAC contractors.
SPS 305.71   HVAC qualifiers.
SPS 305.73   Liquefied gas suppliers.
Subchapter VIII — Storage Tanks
SPS 305.80   PECFA consulting firms.
SPS 305.81   PECFA consultants.
SPS 305.82   Tank specialty firms.
SPS 305.83   Tank-system site assessors.
SPS 305.84   Aboveground tank system installers.
SPS 305.85   Underground tank system installers.
SPS 305.86   Underground tank system liners.
SPS 305.87   Tank system removers and cleaners.
SPS 305.88   Tank system tightness testers.
SPS 305.89   Cathodic protection specialties.
Subchapter IX — Plumbing
SPS 305.90   Plumbing.
SPS 305.91   Master plumbers.
SPS 305.92   Master plumbers-restricted.
SPS 305.93   Journeyman plumbers.
SPS 305.94   Journeyman plumbers-restricted service.
SPS 305.945   Journeyman plumbers-restricted appliance.
SPS 305.95   Plumbing apprentices.
SPS 305.96   Plumbing learners.
SPS 305.97   Utility contractors.
SPS 305.98   Pipelayers.
SPS 305.99   Cross connection control testers.
Subchapter X — Conveyances
SPS 305.9905   Elevator contractor.
SPS 305.991   Elevator installers.
SPS 305.992   Elevator mechanic.
SPS 305.993   Elevator mechanic-restricted.
SPS 305.994   Elevator apprentice.
SPS 305.995   Elevator apprentice-restricted.
SPS 305.996   Elevator helpers.
SPS 305.997   Lift mechanic.
SPS 305.998   Lift apprentice.
SPS 305.999   Lift helpers.
Ch. SPS 305 Note Note: Corrections made in this chapter were made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., 7. and 14. Stats., Register, October, 1996, No. 490 and February, 1997, No. 494. Sections Comm 5.003 (10g), (27y) and (32s), 5.37, 5.38, 5.383, 5.385 and 5.387 were created as emergency rules, effective June 1, 2007, but were not adopted as permanent rules. Chapter Comm 5 was renumbered chapter SPS 305 under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
SPS 305.001 SPS 305.001 Purpose. This chapter is to protect public and employee health, safety, and welfare by establishing minimum standards for the qualifications and responsibilities of persons and businesses that are required or permitted to obtain licenses, certifications, registrations, or enrollment under chs. 101, 145, and 167, Stats.
SPS 305.001 History History: Cr. Register, October, 1996, No. 490, eff. 11-1-96; CR 16-093: am. Register June 2018 No. 750, eff. 8-1-18.
SPS 305.002 SPS 305.002 Scope. This chapter applies to any person or business engaging or offering to engage in an activity or provide a service for which a license, certification, registration, or enrollment is required or desired under chs. 101, 145, and 167, Stats.
SPS 305.002 History History: Cr. Register, October, 1996, No. 490, eff. 11-1-96; am. Register, April, 2000, No. 532, eff. 5-1-00; CR 16-093: am. Register June 2018 No. 750, eff. 8-1-18.
SPS 305.003 SPS 305.003 Definitions. In this chapter:
SPS 305.003(1) (1)“Approved" means accepted by the department.
SPS 305.003(2) (2)“ASME" means American society of mechanical engineers.
SPS 305.003(3) (3)“Automatic fire sprinkler contractor" has the meaning specified under s. 145.01 (1), Stats.
SPS 305.003 Note Note: Under section 145.01 (1), Stats., “automatic fire sprinkler contractor" means any individual, firm or corporation who has paid the annual license fee and obtained a license to conduct a business in the design, installation, maintenance or repair of automatic fire sprinkler systems.
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.