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Register April 2021 No. 784
Chapter SPS 305
SPS 305.001   Purpose.
SPS 305.002   Scope.
SPS 305.003   Definitions.
SPS 305.004   Incorporation of standards by reference.
Subchapter I — General Requirements
SPS 305.01   Application.
SPS 305.02   Fees.
SPS 305.03   Petitions for variance.
SPS 305.04   Processing times.
SPS 305.05   Mailing.
SPS 305.06   Terms.
SPS 305.07   Renewal.
SPS 305.08   Continuing education.
SPS 305.09   Examinations administered by the department.
SPS 305.10   Denial, suspension and revocation.
SPS 305.11   Responsibilities.
SPS 305.12   Penalties.
SPS 305.125   Administrative forfeitures.
Subchapter II — Blasting and Fireworks
SPS 305.20   Blasters.
SPS 305.21   Fireworks manufacturers.
Subchapter III — Dwellings, Structures and Sites
SPS 305.31   Dwelling contractor.
SPS 305.315   Dwelling contractor qualifier.
SPS 305.32   Manufactured home manufacturers.
SPS 305.323   Manufactured home dealer.
SPS 305.325   Manufactured home salesperson.
SPS 305.327   Manufactured home installer.
SPS 305.33   Soil testers.
SPS 305.34   Welders.
SPS 305.35   Weld test conductors.
SPS 305.36   POWTS maintainers.
Subchapter IV — Electrical
SPS 305.40   Electricians.
SPS 305.405   Terminology.
SPS 305.41   Electrical contractors.
SPS 305.43   Master electricians.
SPS 305.435   Residential master electricians.
SPS 305.437   Registered master electricians.
SPS 305.44   Journeyman electricians.
SPS 305.443   Industrial journeyman electricians.
SPS 305.447   Residential journeyman electricians.
SPS 305.45   Registered electricians.
SPS 305.46   Electrical apprentices.
SPS 305.47   Reciprocity.
Subchapter V — Fire Sprinkler
SPS 305.50   Fire sprinkler installers.
SPS 305.51   Sprinkler contractors.
SPS 305.52   Journeyman sprinkler fitters.
SPS 305.53   Sprinkler system apprentices.
SPS 305.54   Sprinkler maintenance contractors.
SPS 305.55   Sprinkler maintenance fitters.
SPS 305.56   Sprinkler testers.
SPS 305.57   Sprinkler tester learners.
Subchapter VI — Inspection
SPS 305.60   Boiler-pressure vessel inspectors.
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