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NR 47.70(2)(d) (d) “County" means a county that has entered county-owned land under the county forest law, ss. 28.10 and 28.11, Stats.
NR 47.70(2)(e) (e) “Forester" has the meaning given in s. NR 1.21 (2) (e) or who is employed as a county forest administrator or assistant county forest administrator in the administration of county forests as of August 12, 1993.
NR 47.70(2)(f) (f) “Fringe benefits" means the total annualized costs of a county for an employee excluding any salary.
NR 47.70(2)(g) (g) “Grant year" means the calendar year to which the grant payment applies.
NR 47.70(2)(h) (h) “Independent consulting forester" means a forester as described in par. (e), who provides a variety of professional forestry services on a contract or fee basis and is employed by a county.
NR 47.70(2)(i) (i) “Non-profit organization" means the same as non-profit corporation, as described in s. 181.0103 (17), Stats.
NR 47.70(3) (3)Application and grant procedure.
NR 47.70(3)(a)(a) A county may apply for a grant under the county forest administration grant program. A county shall include in an application a county board resolution authorizing the application. A county shall file the application with the department no later than January 31 of the grant year.
NR 47.70(3)(b) (b) A county that has received an initial grant under par. (a), shall file an application and resolution, as set forth in par. (a), to obtain a grant for each succeeding year unless the county has entered into a written agreement with the department.
NR 47.70(3)(c) (c) Except as provided in par. (d) and (e), a grant shall be limited to funding annual salary and fringe benefits for a forester employed by a county and a county's annual dues to a non-profit organization representing their county forest interests.
NR 47.70(3)(d) (d) A grant under this section may be awarded to a county to contribute to the funding of an independent consulting forester or the salary of a forester shared between 2 counties.
NR 47.70(3)(e) (e) A grant may not be awarded to any county receiving services from a department cost shared administrator.
NR 47.70(3)(f) (f) Grants shall be distributed no later than April 15 of the grant year.
NR 47.70(4) (4)General provisions.
NR 47.70(4)(a) (a) An annual grant award to a county may not exceed 50% of the position's annual salary and fringe benefits. Fringe benefit costs may not exceed 40% of the forester's salary.
NR 47.70(4)(b) (b) All grant funds received from the department shall be deposited in the county state aid forestry account.
NR 47.70(4)(c) (c) Any grant funds not spent on salary or fringe benefit costs or dues to a non-profit organization representing county forest interests in the grant year shall be identified and deducted from the next year's request. If a county does not participate or is not eligible for the grant the next year, the funds shall be returned to the department.
NR 47.70(4)(d) (d) The total eligible grant amount for funding of dues to a county forest non-profit organization may not exceed $50,000 annually for all county forests collectively. If the total exceeds $50,000, this portion of the grant will be prorated equally amongst all participating counties.
NR 47.70(4)(e) (e) If the total grant which the counties are eligible for under this section exceeds funds available, the grant shall be prorated prior to distribution.
NR 47.70(4)(f) (f) The department may not make a grant to a county under this section unless all the following apply:
NR 47.70(4)(f)1. 1. An annual plan of work is jointly developed by the department and the county.
NR 47.70(4)(f)2. 2. The annual plan of work is consistent with the county forest 15-year comprehensive land use plan for the county.
NR 47.70(4)(f)3. 3. The annual plan of work is approved by the county and the department.
NR 47.70 History History: Cr. Register, June, 1994, No. 462, eff. 7-1-94; am. (1), (3) (a), (c), (f) and (4) (a), renum. (2) (f) and (g) and (4) (c) and (d) to be (2) (g) and (h) and (4) (d) and (e) and am. (4) (e) 1. and 3., cr. (2) (f) and (4) (c), r. and recr. (4) (b), Register, May, 1999, No. 521, eff. 6-1-99; CR 08-046: am. (title), (1), (3) (a), (c) and (4) (c), cr. (2) (i) and (4) (d), renum. (4) (d) and (e) to be (4) (e) and (f) and am. (4) (e) and (f) 2. Register April 2009 No. 640, eff. 5-1-09.
NR 47.75 NR 47.75 Sustainable forestry grant for county forests.
NR 47.75(1)(1)Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish standards and procedures for implementation of a grant program to contribute funds to sustainable forestry practices on county forests under s. 28.11 (5r), Stats.
NR 47.75(2) (2)Applicability. This section is applicable to those counties that have land entered under s. 28.11 (4), Stats., as county forest and which apply for a sustainable forest management grant.
NR 47.75(3) (3)Definitions. As used in this section:
NR 47.75(3)(a) (a) “Comprehensive county forest land use plan" means the document governing management of the county forest which has been approved by the county board and the department, s. 28.11 (5), Stats.
NR 47.75(3)(b) (b) “County" means a county that has entered county-owned land under the county forest law, ss. 28.10 and 28.11, Stats.
NR 47.75(3)(c) (c) “County forest time standards" refers to the agreement between the department and a county that quantifies the amount of technical forestry assistance the department provides to the county to fulfill s. 28.11 (5) and (6), Stats., responsibilities.
NR 47.75(3)(d) (d) “Fiscal year" means the time period commencing at July 1 and ending on June 30.
NR 47.75(3)(e) (e) “Forester" has the meaning given in s. NR 1.21 (2) (e).
NR 47.75(3)(f) (f) “Sustainable forestry" has the meaning given in s. 28.04 (1) (e), Stats.
NR 47.75(3)(g) (g) “Annual adjustment category" means that part of the county forest time standards that identifies time needed to complete short term projects in excess of the required minimum core hours. The quantity of these hours is adjusted annually by mutual agreement of the department and the county.
NR 47.75(4) (4)Eligible projects. To be eligible for a sustainable forestry grant:
NR 47.75(4)(a) (a) Projects shall promote sustainable forestry on the county forest and may include, but are not limited to any of the following:
NR 47.75(4)(a)1. 1. Salvage, treatment or reforestation operations stemming from storms, insects, disease or fire.
NR 47.75(4)(a)2. 2. Initial reconnaissance of new acquisitions.
NR 47.75(4)(a)3. 3. Initial geographic information system development.
NR 47.75(4)(a)4. 4. Integrated planning efforts between county forests.
NR 47.75(4)(a)5. 5. Efforts to improve marketing.
NR 47.75(4)(a)6. 6. Short-term, accelerated efforts at timber marking, reconnaissance, regeneration harvest establishment or timber stand improvement to reduce backlogs of overdue practices.
NR 47.75(4)(a)7. 7. Biotic inventories.
NR 47.75(4)(a)8. 8. Timber theft prevention.
NR 47.75(4)(a)9. 9. Development and implementation of road access plans.
NR 47.75(4)(a)10. 10. Initial gathering of global positioning system data.
NR 47.75(4)(a)11. 11. Forest certification efforts.
NR 47.75(4)(a)12. 12. Other projects fitting eligibility in pars. (b) and (c).
NR 47.75(4)(b) (b) Projects shall be consistent with a county's comprehensive county forest land use plan under s. 28.11 (5) (a), Stats.
NR 47.75(4)(c) (c) Projects shall be suitable as a short term and unanticipated workload item as identified in the annual adjustment category of the county forest time standards.
NR 47.75(4)(d) (d) A grant under this section may be awarded to a county to contribute to the funding of a subcontractor for the purposes described in par. (a).
NR 47.75(5) (5)Ineligible projects.
NR 47.75(5)(a) (a) Ineligible projects include, but are not limited to:
NR 47.75(5)(a)1. 1. Land acquisition.
NR 47.75(5)(a)2. 2. Permanent staff salary or benefits.
NR 47.75(5)(a)3. 3. Upgrade or replacement of existing computer software and hardware.
NR 47.75(5)(a)4. 4. Land surveying.
NR 47.75(5)(b) (b) Grants may not be used to fund work required by the department as part of its obligation under the county forest time standards.
NR 47.75(5)(c) (c) Grants may not be used to fund projects that are ongoing in nature and a regular inclusion in an annual work plan.
NR 47.75(6) (6)Application and grant procedure.
NR 47.75(6)(a)(a) Other than as provided in par. (c), a county may apply for a sustainable forestry grant under this section for the purposes described in sub. (4). The application shall include, but is not limited to, all of the following:
NR 47.75(6)(a)1. 1. Documentation of approval by county forestry committee as identified in s. 28.11 (3) (a), Stats., specifying the county's decision to apply for a sustainable forestry grant.
NR 47.75(6)(a)2. 2. The project description including: maps, an estimated cost breakdown and a short narrative to be signed and approved by the county forest administrator and the department liaison forester.
NR 47.75(6)(a)3. 3. Other information the department feels necessary and requests within 20 days following receipt of the application.
NR 47.75(6)(b) (b) Grant applications shall be for a minimum of $1000.00 with a maximum not to exceed 25% of the total available funds in any one year. Applications shall be filed by the county with the department's division of forestry.
NR 47.75 Note Note: The mailing address is WI DNR, Division of Forestry, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921 Attn: County Forest Specialist.
NR 47.75(6)(c) (c) A county is ineligible to apply if any of the following occur:
NR 47.75(6)(c)1. 1. Current management or internal policy is in opposition to the county forest land use plan.
NR 47.75(6)(c)2. 2. Previous unexpended funds from this grant program are owed the department as described in sub. (9) (e).
NR 47.75(6)(c)3. 3. A county fails to comply within 3 years to department forestry audit recommendations.
NR 47.75(7) (7)Grant selection process.
NR 47.75(7)(a) (a) Grants shall be awarded on a fiscal year basis and applications shall be accepted during the application periods in this section as follows:
NR 47.75(7)(a)1. 1. The first application period shall be from July 1 to August 15. Decisions on those applications shall be made no later than the following September 15 in accordance with par. (b).
NR 47.75(7)(a)2. 2. The second application period shall be from August 16 to December 1. Decisions on these applications shall be made in accordance with par. (b) no later than January 1.
NR 47.75(7)(a)3. 3. All other applications received from December 2 to June 30 shall be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.
NR 47.75(7)(b) (b) In selecting projects for grants under this section, the department shall give priority to eligible projects as follows:
NR 47.75(7)(b)1. 1. First preference:
NR 47.75(7)(b)1.a. a. Storm-related projects.
NR 47.75(7)(b)1.b. b. Hiring of temporary staff to address short-term workload items identified in sub. (4).
NR 47.75(7)(b)2. 2. Second preference: All other projects eligible under sub. (4).
NR 47.75(7)(c) (c) Within a preference category, projects in counties that have received grants the most recently shall be given lowest priority.
NR 47.75(7)(d) (d) If, after ranking a project in accordance with pars. (a) and (b), full funding is not available due to insufficient funds to provide grants applied for in the first 2 application periods, the department shall offer the applicants the choice of receiving pro-rated funding for the project up to the amount of available funding or withdrawal of the application.
NR 47.75(7)(e) (e) No less than 25% of the annual funds shall be kept available for appropriation during the second application period.
NR 47.75(7)(f) (f) A grant under this section may be awarded to a county to contribute to the funding of a subcontractor for the purposes described in sub. (4).
NR 47.75(7)(g) (g) No county may have more than 2 open projects at any one time.
NR 47.75(8) (8)Funding rates and constraints.
NR 47.75(8)(a) (a) Payment of all grants shall be made at project completion unless an advance payment has been made by the department.
NR 47.75(8)(b) (b) An advance payment of not more than 50% of the grant amount may be paid upon mutual agreement of the county and the department.
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