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Register August 2019 No. 764
Chapter NR 47
Subchapter I — General Provisions
NR 47.001   Purpose.
NR 47.002   Definitions.
NR 47.003   Forest stewardship coordinating committee.
NR 47.004   Project reports.
NR 47.005   Grantee accountability.
NR 47.006   Grant variances.
NR 47.007   Grant termination.
NR 47.008   Enforcement.
Subchapter II — Forest Stewardship Grant Program
NR 47.01   Purpose.
NR 47.02   Applicability.
NR 47.03   Application procedures.
NR 47.04   Grant calculation.
NR 47.05   Eligible applicants.
NR 47.06   Eligible projects; preference.
NR 47.07   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.08   Grant awards; payment.
Subchapter III — Stewardship Incentives Program
NR 47.10   Purpose and scope.
NR 47.11   Applicability.
NR 47.12   Definitions.
NR 47.13   State program administration.
NR 47.14   Eligible applicants.
NR 47.15   Eligible practices.
NR 47.16   Eligible costs.
NR 47.17   Ineligible costs.
NR 47.18   Grant calculation.
NR 47.19   Grant selection system.
NR 47.20   Application and approval.
NR 47.21   Payment to landowners.
NR 47.22   Reconsideration.
NR 47.23   Enforcement.
Subchapter IV — Small Business Administration Tree Planting Program
NR 47.30   Purpose and scope.
NR 47.31   Applicability.
NR 47.32   Definitions.
NR 47.33   Allocation of funds.
NR 47.34   Application procedures.
NR 47.35   Grant calculation.
NR 47.36   Eligibility.
NR 47.37   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.38   Grant selection process.
NR 47.39   Grant awards; payment.
NR 47.40   Extensions.
Subchapter V — Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program
NR 47.50   Purpose and scope.
NR 47.51   Applicability.
NR 47.52   Definitions.
NR 47.53   Application procedures.
NR 47.54   Grant calculation.
NR 47.55   Eligibility.
NR 47.56   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.57   Grant selection process.
NR 47.58   Grant awards; payment.
Subchapter VI — County Forests
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