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NR 47.17   Ineligible costs.
NR 47.18   Grant calculation.
NR 47.19   Grant selection system.
NR 47.20   Application and approval.
NR 47.21   Payment to landowners.
NR 47.22   Reconsideration.
NR 47.23   Enforcement.
Subchapter IV — Small Business Administration Tree Planting Program
NR 47.30   Purpose and scope.
NR 47.31   Applicability.
NR 47.32   Definitions.
NR 47.33   Allocation of funds.
NR 47.34   Application procedures.
NR 47.35   Grant calculation.
NR 47.36   Eligibility.
NR 47.37   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.38   Grant selection process.
NR 47.39   Grant awards; payment.
NR 47.40   Extensions.
Subchapter V — Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program
NR 47.50   Purpose and scope.
NR 47.51   Applicability.
NR 47.52   Definitions.
NR 47.53   Application procedures.
NR 47.54   Grant calculation.
NR 47.55   Eligibility.
NR 47.56   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.57   Grant selection process.
NR 47.58   Grant awards; payment.
Subchapter VI — County Forests
NR 47.60   County forest project loans.
NR 47.65   County forest times standards grant program.
NR 47.70   County forest administration grant program.
NR 47.75   Sustainable forestry grant for county forests.
Subchapter VII — The Private Forest Landowner Grant Program
NR 47.80   Purpose and scope.
NR 47.81   Applicability.
NR 47.82   Definitions.
NR 47.83   Program administration.
NR 47.84   Eligibility.
NR 47.85   Costs.
NR 47.86   Grants.
NR 47.87   Payment to landowners.
NR 47.88   Reconsideration.
NR 47.89   Enforcement.
NR 47.895   Funding.
Subchapter VIII — Forest Fire Protection Grant Program
NR 47.90   Purpose.
NR 47.901   Applicability.
NR 47.902   Definitions.
NR 47.903   Application procedures.
NR 47.904   Grant calculation.
NR 47.905   Eligibility.
NR 47.906   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.907   Grant selection process.
NR 47.908   Grant awards; payment.
Subchapter IX — Rules for Federal Cost Sharing Program to Suppress Gypsy Moth
NR 47.910   Purpose.
NR 47.911   Applicability.
NR 47.912   Definitions.
NR 47.913   Eligibility.
NR 47.914   Application procedures.
NR 47.915   Grant calculation.
NR 47.916   Grant awards.
NR 47.917   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.92   Logging certification scholarships.
Subchapter XII — Urban Forestry Catastrophic Storm Grant Program
NR 47.950   Purpose.
NR 47.951   Applicability.
NR 47.952   Definitions.
NR 47.953   Eligibility.
NR 47.954   Application procedures.
NR 47.955   Eligible and ineligible costs.
NR 47.956   Application review criteria.
NR 47.957   Grant awards.
NR 47.958   Reimbursements.
NR 47.959   Audit and records retention.
Subchapter XIII - Weed Management Area Private Forest Grant Program
NR 47.960   Purpose and scope.
NR 47.961   Applicability.
NR 47.962   Definitions.
NR 47.963   Program administration.
NR 47.964   Eligibility.
NR 47.965   Costs.
NR 47.966   Grants.
NR 47.967   Payment.
NR 47.968   Reconsideration.
NR 47.969   Enforcement.
NR 47.970   Funding.
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