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ATCP 77.02(1)(o) (o) Charm II Sulfa.
ATCP 77.02(1)(p) (p) Charm II Chloramphenicol.
ATCP 77.02(1)(q) (q) Charm II Tetracycline.
ATCP 77.02(1)(r) (r) Charm SL (Safe Level).
ATCP 77.02(1)(s) (s) Charm 3 SL-3.
ATCP 77.02(1)(t) (t) Charm FLUSLBL.
ATCP 77.02(1)(u) (u) Charm ROSA SULF.
ATCP 77.02(1)(v) (v) Charm ROSA Tetracycline SL.
ATCP 77.02(1)(w) (w) Charm ROSA TRIO.
ATCP 77.02(1)(x) (x) Delvotest P.
ATCP 77.02(1)(y) (y) Delvotest P 5 Pack.
ATCP 77.02(1)(z) (z) New SNAP Beta Lactam.
ATCP 77.02(1)(za) (za) SNAP Tetracycline.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zb) (zb) BetaStar Advanced Test for Beta Lactams.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zc) (zc) BetaStar Advanced Test for Tetracyclines.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zd) (zd) Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count.
ATCP 77.02(1)(ze) (ze) Electronic Somatic Cell Count.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zf) (zf) Petrifilm Coliform Count/High Sensitivity Coliform Count.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zg) (zg) Coliform Plate Count.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zh) (zh) TEMPO Coliform Count.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zi) (zi) Peel Plate Coliform Count.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zj) (zj) Pasteurized Milk Containers.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zk) (zk) Disintegration Test.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zL) (zL) Flat Lid or Pour Contact Tests.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zm) (zm) Phosphatase Test-Fluorophos.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zn) (zn) Phosphatase Test-Charm PasLite.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zo) (zo) Phosphatase Test – Charm FAP.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zp) (zp) Accupoint Advanced Alkaline Phosphatase.
ATCP 77.02(1)(zq) (zq) Tests performed to comply with ch. ATCP 65, other than milk component tests which are not related to public health.
ATCP 77.02(2) (2)Food. Any of the following tests related to food:
ATCP 77.02(2)(a) (a) Standard plate count.
ATCP 77.02(2)(b) (b) Plate loop count.
ATCP 77.02(2)(c) (c) Petrifilm aerobic count.
ATCP 77.02(2)(d) (d) Coliform plate count.
ATCP 77.02(2)(e) (e) Petrifilm coliform count.
ATCP 77.02(2)(f) (f) Other tests under ch. ATCP 75 to detect pathogens in food.
ATCP 77.02(3) (3)Water, wastewater or recreational water. Any of the following tests related to water, wastewater or recreational water:
ATCP 77.02(3)(a) (a) LTB or P-A broth, followed by BGLB and either EC or EC-MUG.
ATCP 77.02(3)(b) (b) A-1 broth (fecal coliform, SWTR only).
ATCP 77.02(3)(c) (c) Colilert or Colilert 18.
ATCP 77.02(3)(d) (d) Colisure.
ATCP 77.02(3)(e) (e) Readycult.
ATCP 77.02(3)(f) (f) E*Colite.
ATCP 77.02(3)(g) (g) Modified Colitag.
ATCP 77.02(3)(h) (h) M-Endo or LES Endo, followed by BGLB and either EC, EC-MUG, or NA-MUG.
ATCP 77.02(3)(i) (i) MI Medium.
ATCP 77.02(3)(j) (j) Coliscan.
ATCP 77.02(3)(k) (k) m-ColiBlue24.
ATCP 77.02(3)(L) (L) Chromocult.
ATCP 77.02(3)(m) (m) mFC agar (fecal coliform, SWTR only).
ATCP 77.02(3)(n) (n) HPC or R2A.
ATCP 77.02(3)(o) (o) SimPlate.
ATCP 77.02(3)(p) (p) m-TEC (fecal coliform).
ATCP 77.02(3)(q) (q) Pseudalert.
ATCP 77.02(3)(r) (r) Enterolert.
ATCP 77.02(3)(s) (s) Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
ATCP 77.02(3)(t) (t) Other tests under ch. NR 809 or 812 to detect microbiological contamination in drinking water.
ATCP 77.02 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1999, No. 525, eff. 10-1-99; CR 07-006: am. (intro.), r. and recr. (1) and (3), Register January 2008, No. 625, eff. 2-1-08; renumbering of (1) (aa) to (dd) to be (1) (za) to (zd) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register January 2008 No. 625; CR 14-073: am. (1) (zd) Register August 2016 No. 728, eff. 9-1-16; CR 19-076: am. (1) (e) to (zd), cr. (1) (ze), (zf), (zq), am. (3) (e), (g), (n), (q), renum. (3) (q) to (3) (t) and am., cr. (3) (q) to (s) Register May 2020 No. 773, eff. 6-1-20.
ATCP 77.03 ATCP 77.03 Laboratory certification; general.
ATCP 77.03(1)(1)Annual certification required.
ATCP 77.03(1)(a) (a) Except as provided in par. (b), no person may perform any laboratory test listed under s. ATCP 77.02 to determine whether milk, food or water complies with public health standards required under federal or state law unless the department annually certifies the laboratory operator to perform that test at the laboratory where the test is performed. An annual certificate expires on December 31 of each year.
ATCP 77.03 Note Note: A laboratory operator certified under sub. (1) (a) to perform a specified drug residue test may perform both the confirmatory drug residue test for which that operator is certified, as well as the corresponding drug residue screening test.
ATCP 77.03(1)(b) (b) An operator may perform a drug residue test as a screening test under s. ATCP 77.23 at the operator's laboratory, even though the operator is not certified under par. (a) to perform that drug residue test as a confirmatory test, if the department annually approves the operator to perform that drug residue screening test at that laboratory. An annual certificate of approval expires on December 31 of each year.
ATCP 77.03(2) (2)Scope of certification.
ATCP 77.03(2)(a) (a) A person who operates 2 or more laboratories shall obtain a separate certification under sub. (1) for each laboratory. A certification may not be transferred between operators or laboratories.
ATCP 77.03(2)(b) (b) The department shall identify, in each certification under sub. (1), the tests which the operator is certified to perform at that laboratory.
ATCP 77.03(2)(c) (c) An operator approved under sub. (1) (b) to perform a drug residue test as a screening test may not perform that test as a confirmatory test unless the operator is certified to do so under sub. (1) (a).
ATCP 77.03 Note Note: The department may approve a laboratory operator, under s. ATCP 77.23, to perform a drug residue screening test on milk even though the department has not certified that laboratory operator under this section to perform that test as a confirmatory test. See also s. ATCP65.76.
ATCP 77.03(3) (3)Certificate displayed. An operator shall display, at a prominent location in each certified laboratory, the current certification issued for that laboratory under sub. (1).
ATCP 77.03(4) (4)Exemptions. Subsection (1) does not apply to any of the following:
ATCP 77.03(4)(a) (a) The United States government.
ATCP 77.03(4)(b) (b) Milk testing by the department.
ATCP 77.03(4)(c) (c) An educational institution that operates a laboratory solely for teaching or academic research purposes, and does not test milk, water or food for human consumption.
ATCP 77.03(4)(d) (d) A person who operates a laboratory solely to conduct quality control tests on food or water sold by that person, provided that the tests are not required by statute, rule or ordinance.
ATCP 77.03 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1999, No. 525, eff. 10-1-99; emerg. renum. (2) (c) to be (2) (b), cr. (2) (c), eff. 11-15-01; CR 01-124: renum. (2) (c) to be (2) (b), cr. (2) (c) Register December 2002 No. 564, eff. 1-1-03; CR 07-003: r. and recr. (1) and (2) (c), Register January 2008 No. 625, eff. 2-1-08.
ATCP 77.04 ATCP 77.04 Applying for certification.
ATCP 77.04(1)(1)Initial application. An operator shall apply for initial certification under s. ATCP 77.03 on a form provided by the department. The operator shall submit a separate application for each laboratory. An application shall include all of the following:
ATCP 77.04(1)(a) (a) The operator's correct legal name and address, and any trade names used by the operator. The application shall indicate whether the operator is an individual, corporation, partnership, cooperative association, limited liability company, trust, or other organization or entity.
ATCP 77.04(1)(b) (b) The name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the laboratory.
ATCP 77.04(1)(c) (c) The name of the laboratory administrator under s. ATCP 77.12.
ATCP 77.04(1)(d) (d) The tests under s. ATCP 77.02 for which the operator seeks certification.
ATCP 77.04(1)(e) (e) Documentation that the laboratory is qualified to perform each test which the operator identifies under par. (d). Documentation shall include all of the following:
ATCP 77.04(1)(e)1. 1. Proof that the laboratory has all of the equipment needed to perform each test.
ATCP 77.04(1)(e)2. 2. Written test procedures used for each test, or an identification of the standard test methods used for each test.
ATCP 77.04(1)(e)3. 3. Proof of analytical proficiency in each test. Proof may consist of quality assurance test results from comparison studies, split samples or proficiency tests which meet the proficiency evaluation requirements under s. ATCP 77.24 or 77.34. The operator of a water laboratory shall also provide documentation required under s. ATCP 77.32.
ATCP 77.04 Note Note: An operator may obtain application forms and submit applications to the department at the following address:
ATCP 77.04 Note Wisconsin department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection
Division of food and recreational safety, bureau of food and recreational businesses
Laboratory Certification Program
P.O. Box 8911
Madison, WI 53708-8911
(608) 224-4712
ATCP 77.04(2) (2)Annual renewal. To renew an annual certification, the operator of a certified laboratory shall file a renewal application with the department by December 31 of each year. The operator shall file the renewal application on a form provided by the department. The renewal application shall include all of the following:
ATCP 77.04(2)(a) (a) The information required under sub. (1) (a) to (d). The application shall identify any changes since the last annual renewal.
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