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Adm 92.12(2) (2) The property owner shall be given pamphlets prepared by the department entitled “Wisconsin Relocation Rights," and “The Rights of Landowners under Wisconsin Eminent Domain Law" before execution of a waiver agreement.
Adm 92.12(3) (3) An agency shall inform the property owner in writing regarding the specific dollar benefits and services being waived before execution of a waiver agreement.
Adm 92.12(4) (4) The waiver is executed on a form provided by the department.
Adm 92.12(5) (5) The executed waiver is submitted to the department for approval before initiation of negotiations. The agency shall receive written approval of a waiver from the department before entering into an option to purchase or making an offer to purchase, unless an option or offer to purchase is conditioned on receipt of department approval. A waiver submitted to the department for approval shall be considered approved unless the department otherwise notifies the agency within 10 working days of receipt of the waiver.
Adm 92.12(6) (6) An agency may not solicit or execute a waiver from a person who is a tenant of a property to be acquired. An owner of a property to be acquired may not waive a relocation benefit for another person.
Adm 92.12(7) (7) A waiver of a relocation benefit as specified under this chapter does not affect the rights of an owner under other provisions of ch. 32, Stats.
Adm 92.12 Note Note: A displaced tenant may choose not to claim relocation payment during the two year time limit, provided the choice is not a condition of the acquisition or relocation from the property involved.
Adm 92.12 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86.
Adm 92.14 Adm 92.14 Education, certification and monitoring.
Adm 92.14(1)(1) Education. The department shall promote and place emphasis upon opportunities for interested persons to receive training in the relocation assistance requirements of ch. 32, Stats., and this chapter.
Adm 92.14(2) (2)Certification. The department may certify the relocation assistance program of a unit of state or local government upon a determination that the certified program meets the standards followed by the department in administering the relocation assistance requirements of ch. 32, Stats., and this chapter. A unit of government with a certified relocation assistance program shall not be required to submit relocation plans to the department for prior approval under s. Adm 92.26. A unit of government with a certified relocation assistance program shall retain all of its program records for the periods of time specified by the department. The department may examine any records of a certified relocation assistance program. The department shall monitor and audit all certified programs and may revoke the certification of a program upon a determination that the program does not continue to meet the standards for certification.
Adm 92.14(3) (3)Enforcement. Complaints shall be received and investigated as provided in s. Adm 92.18
Adm 92.14 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86; correction made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1., Stats., Register, April, 1996, No. 484; r. and recr. Register, March, 1997, No. 495, eff. 4-1-97; correction in (2), (3) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
Adm 92.16 Adm 92.16 Eviction policy. An agency may evict a person as a last resort but the eviction does not affect the eligibility of a person for relocation benefits. An agency shall assist to prevent eviction of a tenant by an owner before acquisition by an agency. An agency's relocation record shall document the circumstance surrounding eviction from an agency-acquired property. Eviction may be undertaken for the following:
Adm 92.16(1) (1) Failure to pay rent, except as specified under s. 704.07, Stats.;
Adm 92.16(2) (2) Use of a premises for an illegal purpose;
Adm 92.16(3) (3) A material breach of a rental agreement;
Adm 92.16(4) (4) Refusal to accept an offer of a comparable replacement property;
Adm 92.16(5) (5) An eviction is required by law.
Adm 92.16 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86.
Adm 92.18 Adm 92.18 Relocation appeal. A displaced person, or one claiming to be displaced, may file a complaint for review by the department under this subsection.
Adm 92.18(1) (1)General. An agency shall inform a displaced person before displacement of the person's right of appeal under local and state procedures. A displaced person shall be assured of the following:
Adm 92.18(1)(a) (a) A right to be represented in an appeal by a personal representative;
Adm 92.18(1)(b) (b) A right to inspect and photocopy a file, record, regulation or operating procedure of an agency or the department pertinent to an appeal;
Adm 92.18(1)(c) (c) A right to have a written complaint, in any form, reviewed and acted on;
Adm 92.18(1)(d) (d) A right to prompt consideration of a complaint and a written reply from an agency or the department explaining a determination;
Adm 92.18(1)(e) (e) A displaced person who appeals may not be removed from an acquired property until an agency issues a written determination on an appeal unless the agency provides written notice to the department that an occupant may be required to move before such determination may be issued.
Adm 92.18(1)(f) (f) Filing a complaint under local or state appeal procedure is not a condition precedent to the filing of a claim and commencement of a legal action under s. 32.20, Stats.
Adm 92.18(2) (2)Appeal to displacing agency. An agency shall establish an internal appeal procedure to resolve a relocation complaint. The procedure shall assure the following minimum requirements:
Adm 92.18(2)(a) (a) An agency shall promptly notify a displaced person not satisfied with a relocation payment or service on how to appeal;
Adm 92.18(2)(b) (b) An appeal procedure shall provide for resolution of a complaint at an intermediate level within an agency, or an appeal to the agency head or designee, as a final step in resolving a complaint;
Adm 92.18(2)(c) (c) An agency shall give a displaced person an opportunity to be heard and shall assist in filing a complaint;
Adm 92.18(2)(d) (d) An agency's determination on a complaint shall be conveyed to a displaced person in writing within 30 days after receipt;
Adm 92.18(2)(e) (e) An agency shall inform a person who has filed a complaint, regarding a right to appeal to the department under sub. (3), when a complaint cannot be resolved internally.
Adm 92.18(3) (3)Appeal to department. A displaced person may file an appeal to the department. The department shall:
Adm 92.18(3)(a) (a) Receive and consider all relocation complaints filed under this chapter;
Adm 92.18(3)(b) (b) Provide a written notice to the displacing agency within five working days of receipt of a complaint, including a copy of the complaint;
Adm 92.18(3)(c) (c) Request that an agency or a displaced person provide materials or documentation pertinent to a complaint and shall specify a time to provide the materials;
Adm 92.18(3)(d) (d) Promptly notify the parties of a dispute when the department determines that a complaint is unreasonable, including the reasons;
Adm 92.18(3)(e) (e) Schedule an informal meeting with the parties when necessary to resolve a dispute. The meeting shall be scheduled as soon as practicable and be held in the county where displacement occurred or another mutually agreed location;
Adm 92.18(3)(f) (f) Provide a written determination when necessary to resolve a dispute;
Adm 92.18(3)(g) (g) Notify the parties within 90 days after an informal meeting when an acceptable solution cannot be negotiated.
Adm 92.18 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86.
Adm 92.20 Adm 92.20 Relocation file. An agency shall maintain a current individual property acquisition and individual relocation case file. The file shall be retained for inspection by the department for a minimum of 3 years following completion of a project or a final relocation payment, whichever is later.
Adm 92.20(1) (1)Property acquisition file. An individual property acquisition file shall contain:
Adm 92.20(1)(a) (a) The name and address of a property owner and the address or other legal description of an acquired property;
Adm 92.20(1)(b) (b) Evidence that the property owner was given a pamphlet entitled,“Your Rights as a Landowner under Wisconsin Eminent Domain Law,"and the date given;
Adm 92.20(1)(c) (c) A copy of written notices under this chapter or otherwise given to a displaced person;
Adm 92.20(1)(d) (d) A copy of appraisal reports or documents on which a determination of just compensation is based;
Adm 92.20(1)(e) (e) A copy of the written offer to purchase and the date of initiation of negotiations to acquire a property;
Adm 92.20(1)(f) (f) A copy of a purchase agreement, deed, declaration of taking, waiver or related document involving conveyance of the property;
Adm 92.20(1)(h) (h) Evidence that a property owner was paid for the purchase price and expenses incurred incidental to transfer of the property as specified under s. 32.195, Stats.
Adm 92.20(2) (2)Individual relocation case file. An agency shall develop and maintain an individual case file for a displaced person beginning with information obtained in the initial interview. An individual relocation case file shall include the following:
Adm 92.20(2)(a) (a) Name, on-site address and phone number, date of displacement, replacement address and phone number, and if a tenant or an owner, before and after relocation;
Adm 92.20(2)(b) (b) The age and sex of dependent household members, the average monthly income of adult household members and the monthly housing cost of an acquired and replacement dwelling;
Adm 92.20(2)(c) (c) A description of the business or farm operation being conducted, whether a displaced person relocated or discontinued, and the average monthly cost of the acquired and replacement facilities;
Adm 92.20(2)(d) (d) A description of a dwelling, habitable space, number of rooms and bedrooms, and the type of construction;
Adm 92.20(2)(e) (e) A description of relocation needs and preferences;
Adm 92.20(2)(f) (f) Evidence that a displaced person received a pamphlet entitled,“Wisconsin Relocation Rights," and the date received;
Adm 92.20(2)(g) (g) A copy of a written notice as specified under this chapter or otherwise given to a displaced person;
Adm 92.20(2)(h) (h) Relocation service and assistance provided and the date;
Adm 92.20(2)(i) (i) Referral to a replacement dwelling, business or farm operation, including the date, address, and sale or rental price;
Adm 92.20(2)(j) (j) A copy of an occupancy agreement for the period after acquisition;
Adm 92.20(2)(k) (k) A copy of a replacement property inspection document with the inspection date, description of a property and its condition;
Adm 92.20(2)(L) (L) Type and amount of each relocation payment made;
Adm 92.20(2)(m) (m) A copy of a relocation claim and supporting documentation and related documents for determining eligibility for or an amount of a payment, evidence of payment, and correspondence relating to a claim;
Adm 92.20(2)(n) (n) A copy of an appeal and an explanation of the action taken to resolve the appeal, and the final determination;
Adm 92.20(2)(o) (o) A copy of individual relocation case reports or other correspondence with the department;
Adm 92.20(2)(p) (p) The agency representative who provided relocation assistance.
Adm 92.20(3) (3)Records available for inspection. Property acquisition and relocation records shall be available for inspection by the department, and any person as specified under the Wisconsin Open Records Law, ss. 19.31 to 19.39, Stats.
Adm 92.20 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86.
subch. II of ch. Adm 92 Subchapter II — Relocation Plan
Adm 92.24 Adm 92.24 Purpose. The purpose of a relocation plan is to assure that an agency will provide adequate relocation payments and services and to determine whether displaced persons can be satisfactorily relocated. The department may not approve a relocation plan unless an agency submits evidence and assurances that relocation payments and services provide the following:
Adm 92.24(1) (1) Displaced persons shall have an opportunity to occupy comparable, decent, safe and sanitary replacement housing;
Adm 92.24(2) (2) Displaced business, farm operation or nonprofit organizations shall have an opportunity to occupy a comparable replacement and shall be assisted in reestablishing with a minimum of delay and loss of earnings;
Adm 92.24(3) (3) Prompt and complete relocation payments will be made;
Adm 92.24(4) (4) Project and program activities are designed to minimize displacement hardship;
Adm 92.24(5) (5) Persons covered under Wisconsin's Open Housing Law shall be assisted to ensure equal opportunity to obtain housing from within a community's total housing supply.
Adm 92.24(6) (6) Persons shall receive equal treatment in the relocation process;
Adm 92.24(7) (7) Persons shall be given a reasonable time to move, and may not be required to move unless a comparable replacement is provided for or available;
Adm 92.24(8) (8) Persons shall receive assistance consistent with needs, including referrals for social service, job and housing counseling, and transportation to available replacement dwellings.
Adm 92.24 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86.
Adm 92.26 Adm 92.26 Time of plan submission.
Adm 92.26(1) (1) Agency with eminent domain power. An agency vested with eminent domain power, or undertaking a project where such power exists, shall file a relocation plan and receive approval in writing from the department before proceeding with initiation of negotiations on any project which may involve displacement of a person.
Adm 92.26(2) (2)Agency without eminent domain power. An agency undertaking a project where the power of eminent domain does not exist, shall submit and receive approval of a relocation plan from the department, before a property is acquired for the project, provided:
Adm 92.26(2)(a) (a) Any option taken or offer to purchase made by the agency is conditioned upon receipt of relocation plan approval from the department before a property is acquired, and
Adm 92.26(2)(b) (b) Tenants who occupy a property and who may be required to move, are contacted by the agency within 7 days after all contingencies have been removed from an option or an accepted offer to purchase. Such contact shall be for the purpose of informing a tenant of any relocation payments and services available and to obtain information for the purpose of preparing a relocation plan.
Adm 92.26 Note Note: The purpose of this alternative method of submitting a relocation plan is to ensure that agencies without the power of eminent domain, who are unable to adequately plan for relocation before the project has sufficiently developed to the implementation stage, comply with relocation planning requirements as soon as feasible and before an agency is legally or financially committed to the acquisition of a property where displacement may occur.
Adm 92.26 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86; am. (intro.), cr. (2), Register, November, 1989, No. 407, eff. 12-1-89.
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