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Register June 2022 No. 798
Chapter Adm 92
Subchapter I — General
Adm 92.001   Purpose.
Adm 92.002   Applicability.
Adm 92.01   Definitions.
Adm 92.04   Decent, safe, and sanitary housing.
Adm 92.06   Written notice and information.
Adm 92.08   Payment of relocation claim.
Adm 92.10   Waiver or modification.
Adm 92.12   Waiver of relocation benefits.
Adm 92.14   Education, certification and monitoring.
Adm 92.16   Eviction policy.
Adm 92.18   Relocation appeal.
Adm 92.20   Relocation file.
Subchapter II — Relocation Plan
Adm 92.24   Purpose.
Adm 92.26   Time of plan submission.
Adm 92.28   Contents of relocation plan.
Adm 92.29   Small projects relocation plan.
Adm 92.30   Data for plan development.
Subchapter III — Relocation Assistance Services
Adm 92.38   General.
Adm 92.40   Services to be provided.
Adm 92.42   Fair rental charge.
Adm 92.44   Local relocation office.
Adm 92.46   Termination of relocation assistance.
Subchapter IV — Relocation Moving Payments
Adm 92.50   General.
Adm 92.52   Standard for actual and reasonable moving expense.
Adm 92.54   Moving payment — residential.
Adm 92.56   Moving payment-business.
Adm 92.58   Optional move payment — business.
Adm 92.60   Moving payment — farm operation.
Adm 92.62   Moving payment — nonprofit organization.
Adm 92.64   Moving payment — outdoor advertising sign.
Adm 92.66   Multiple occupants of a property.
Adm 92.67   Reestablishment expenses—non residential moves.
Subchapter V — Replacement Housing Payment
Adm 92.68   General.
Adm 92.70   180-day owner who purchases.
Adm 92.72   180-day owner who rents.
Adm 92.74   90-day owner or tenant who purchases.
Adm 92.76   90-day owner who rents.
Adm 92.78   90-day tenant who rents.
Adm 92.80   90-day tenant who purchases.
Adm 92.82   Mobile home — general.
Adm 92.84   180-day mobile home owner.
Adm 92.86   90-day mobile home owner.
Adm 92.88   90-day mobile home tenant.
Subchapter VI — Replacement Business and Farm Payment
Adm 92.90   General.
Adm 92.92   Owner-occupant who purchases.
Adm 92.94   Owner-occupant who rents.
Adm 92.96   Tenant-occupant who rents.
Adm 92.98   Tenant-occupant who purchases.
Adm 92.99   Forms.
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