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Adm 92.04(2)(d)3. 3. A private room with a bathtub or shower. A bathtub or shower may be in the same room as a flush toilet, a room with a lavatory sink, or in another room and shall be connected to an approved water system with sufficient hot and cold water, and to an approved sewer system.
Adm 92.04(2)(e) (e) Electric service. A dwelling unit and public and common areas shall be supplied with electric service, wiring, outlets and fixtures which are properly installed, and maintained in good and safe working condition. The service capacity and the number of outlets and fixtures shall be as follows:
Adm 92.04(2)(e)1. 1. A habitable room shall have a minimum of 2 floor or wall outlets.
Adm 92.04(2)(e)2. 2. A water closet room, bathroom, laundry room, furnace room, dining room, kitchen, and public hall shall have at least one ceiling or wall electric light fixture.
Adm 92.04(2)(e)3. 3. Light switches in a room or passage shall be conveniently located to light the area ahead.
Adm 92.04(2)(e)4. 4. Public halls and stairways in a multiple dwelling shall be adequately lighted at all times.
Adm 92.04(2)(f) (f) Structurally sound.
Adm 92.04(2)(f)1.1. A foundation, roof, exterior wall door, skylight and windows shall be weathertight, waterproof, dampproof, and together with floors, interior walls and ceilings, be structurally sound and in good repair without visible evidence of structural failure or deterioration.
Adm 92.04(2)(f)2. 2. A dwelling, multiple dwelling, rooming house, other building or accessory structure and premises shall be maintained to prevent and eliminate rodents.
Adm 92.04(2)(f)3. 3. A foundation, roof, floors, exterior and interior walls, ceilings, inside and outside stairs, porches and all appurtenances shall be safe and capable of supporting a normal load. Inside and outside stairs shall have uniform risers and treads. Stairways shall have structurally sound handrails.
Adm 92.04(2)(f)4. 4. Plumbing fixtures and water pipes shall be properly installed and maintained in a good, sanitary working condition.
Adm 92.04(2)(f)5. 5. Toilet room, bathroom and kitchen floor surfaces shall be impervious to water to permit maintenance of a clean and sanitary condition.
Adm 92.04(2)(f)6. 6. Gas burning equipment and pipes, water and waste pipes, toilets, sinks, lavatories, bathtubs, shower and catch basins, vents, chimneys, flues, smoke pipes and other facilities, equipment or utilities in a dwelling, shall be maintained in a safe, satisfactory working condition.
Adm 92.04(2)(g) (g) Light and ventilation.
Adm 92.04(2)(g)1.1. Habitable room. A habitable room shall have at least one openable window or skylight facing outside. The minimum window or skylight area shall be at least 8% of the floor area of a room.
Adm 92.04(2)(g)2. 2. Bathroom. A bathroom or toilet room shall comply with the requirement for a habitable room. A window or skylight may be omitted when the room is equipped with artificial lighting and adequate ventilation.
Adm 92.04(2)(h) (h) Number of exits - means of escape. In a dwelling of more than 2 rooms, bedroom and living room areas shall have at least 2 means of escape with at least one door or stairway providing a means of unobstructed travel to the outside at street or ground level. Bedroom and living room areas may not be accessible by only a ladder or folding stairs, or through a trap door.
Adm 92.04(2)(hm) (hm) Alternate means of escape. A second means of escape shall be either:
Adm 92.04(2)(hm)1. 1. A door or stairway providing a means of unobstructed travel to the outside at street or ground level, or
Adm 92.04(2)(hm)2. 2. An outside window operable from the inside without the use of tools and providing a clear opening of not less than 20 inches in width, 24 inches in height, and 5.7 square feet in area. The window bottom may not be more than 44 inches above the floor.
Adm 92.04(2)(hm)2.a. a. Exception no. 1. A second means of escape shall not be required when the room has a door leading directly outside to grade.
Adm 92.04(2)(hm)2.b. b. Exception no. 2. A second means of escape shall not be required when a building is protected throughout by an approved automatic sprinkler system.
Adm 92.04(2)(hm)2.c. c. Exception no. 3. A second means of escape from a second or higher story dwelling may be directly through a common corridor provided the corridor has at least 2 means of escape.
Adm 92.04(2)(ht) (ht) Prohibited path. A required path of travel to the outside from a room may not be through another room or apartment not under the immediate control of the occupant of the first room, nor through a bathroom or other space subject to locking.
Adm 92.04(2)(i) (i) Habitable floor space. A dwelling unit shall have at least 150 square feet of habitable floor space for the first occupant and at least 100 square feet, 70 square feet for a mobile home, for each additional occupant. In addition:
Adm 92.04(2)(i)1. 1. The floor space shall be divided into rooms and bedrooms to be adequate for a displaced person. No more than 2 persons may occupy a bedroom of less than 100 square feet. Children of opposite sex over age 7 may not be required to share a bedroom;
Adm 92.04(2)(i)2. 2. The ceiling height of any habitable room shall be at least 7 feet, except that in a habitable room with a sloping ceiling at least one half of the floor area shall have a ceiling height of at least 7 feet. The floor area of the room may not include that part of a room where the ceiling height is less than 5 feet;
Adm 92.04(2)(i)3. 3. Space located below grade may not be used as a habitable room unless:
Adm 92.04(2)(i)3.a. a. The floor and the walls below grade are waterproof and dampproof;
Adm 92.04(2)(i)3.b. b. The minimum window area shall be equal to that under par. (g) 1. and shall be within properly drained window wells when located below grade;
Adm 92.04(2)(i)3.c. c. The total openable window area shall be at least equal to that as specified under par. (hm) 2., except when there is adequate ventilation and humidity control.
Adm 92.04(2)(j) (j) Barrier-free. A dwelling and access to the dwelling shall be free of barriers for a person or family member with a physical disability.
Adm 92.04(2)(k) (k) Premises. A dwelling site shall be graded, well drained and maintained in a clean, sanitary and safe condition, and located in an area not subject to adverse environmental conditions as determined by the agency.
Adm 92.04(3) (3)Sleeping room. The requirements for a sleeping room shall be as specified under sub. (2) (a), (c), (e), (f), (g), (h), (hm), (ht), (j), (k), and have the following:
Adm 92.04(3)(a) (a) At least 100 square feet of habitable floor space for the first occupant and 50 square feet of habitable floor space for each additional occupant;
Adm 92.04(3)(b) (b) Access to a private lavatory, bath and toilet facility.
Adm 92.04(4) (4)Inspection. An agency shall promptly inspect a replacement dwelling to ascertain whether it meets the requirements of this section.
Adm 92.04(5) (5)Habitable room. A habitable room is a room used for sleeping, living, or dining, but excludes closets, kitchens, pantries, bath or toilet rooms, service rooms, hallways, stairways, laundries, storage spaces, cellars, utility rooms, and similar spaces.
Adm 92.04 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86; corrections made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 1. and 7., Stats., Register, April, 1996, No. 484; CR 21-110: am. (2) (j) Register June 2022 No. 798, eff. 7-1-22.
Adm 92.06 Adm 92.06 Written notice and information. An agency shall as a minimum, provide displaced persons and property owners with notices and relocation information as specified in this section.
Adm 92.06(1) (1)Information at public hearing. An agency shall provide the following general information if a public hearing is held for a project which may involve land acquisition and displacement of a person;
Adm 92.06(1)(a) (a) A general description of the relocation services and payments;
Adm 92.06(1)(b) (b) A statement that an agency shall prepare a relocation plan for approval by the department before acquisition and that persons to be affected shall be contacted to obtain information to prepare the plan;
Adm 92.06(1)(c) (c) Identification of project boundaries and an estimate of the number of residential and nonresidential properties to be acquired;
Adm 92.06(1)(d) (d) A statement that a person who moves prematurely may jeopardize relocation entitlements and that sufficient time to relocate will be provided;
Adm 92.06(1)(e) (e) The name, address and telephone number of an agency representative available for further information on acquisition and relocation assistance matters.
Adm 92.06(2) (2)Written information at initial contact. An agency, except an agency without eminent domain power undertaking a project where such power does not exist, shall provide written notice at the time of initial contact to obtain information necessary for preparation of a relocation plan:
Adm 92.06(2)(a) (a) An owner of rental property shall receive a statement which describes the nature of the proposed project, informs an owner that tenants are being contacted to obtain information to prepare the plan, cautions the owner against eviction of tenants before acquisition, explains that tenants are being advised not to move prematurely, and that in the event tenants move before acquisition, an owner may qualify for a rent loss payment.
Adm 92.06(2)(b) (b) A tenant or an owner-occupant of a property shall receive a statement which describes the nature of a proposed project, warns against a premature move which may jeopardize relocation entitlements, indicates the date acquisition is expected to begin, summarizes the relocation assistance and benefits available, and gives the name, address and phone number of an agency representative to contact.
Adm 92.06(3) (3)Information before initiation of negotiations. An agency, except an agency without eminent domain power undertaking a project where such power does not exist, shall, before initiation of negotiations, furnish the following pamphlets unless already furnished with the written notice at the time of initial contact as specified under sub. (2).
Adm 92.06(3)(a) (a) An owner of property shall receive a pamphlet, s. 32.05 or 32.06, Stats., depending on the type of project, entitled “Your Rights as a Landowner under Wisconsin Eminent Domain Law."
Adm 92.06(3)(b) (b) A tenant or an owner-occupant of a residential property shall receive a pamphlet entitled “Wisconsin Relocation Rights", for residential occupants.
Adm 92.06(3)(c) (c) A tenant or an owner-occupant of a business or farm property shall receive a pamphlet entitled “Wisconsin Relocation Rights", for business or farm occupants.
Adm 92.06 Note Note: The pamphlets referred to in this section may be obtained from the department.
Adm 92.06(4) (4)Information from agencies without eminent domain power. An agency without the power of eminent domain undertaking a project where such power does not exist, shall provide the following notices and information:
Adm 92.06(4)(a) (a) A written notice cautioning the owner against removal of tenants shall be provided to the owner before initiation of negotiations.
Adm 92.06(4)(b) (b) A relocation informational pamphlet under sub. (3) (b) or (c) shall be provided to a tenant occupant who will be displaced as soon as feasible and no later than 7 days after an offer to purchase has been accepted and all contingencies removed, except for a relocation plan approval contingency.
Adm 92.06(5) (5)Written offer to purchase. An offer to purchase a property shall be in writing and shall establish the date of initiation of negotiations. However, the date of a verbal monetary offer to purchase authorized by the acquiring agency shall be considered as initiation of negotiations to establish eligibility for a relocation benefit.
Adm 92.06(6) (6)Written notice of replacement payment entitlement and occupancy term.
Adm 92.06(6)(a) (a) An agency shall provide a written notice to occupants indicating the differential replacement payment computation as specified under ss. Adm 92.68 to 92.88 for residential occupants and under ss. Adm 92.90 to 92.98 for business and farm occupants. The notice shall be provided within 90 days of an expected date of vacation or at the request of a displaced person, whichever is sooner.
Adm 92.06(6)(b) (b) An agency may not require an occupant of property acquired by an agency to move without at least a 90 day written notice of an intended vacation date.
Adm 92.06(7) (7)Information on relocation claim filing. An agency shall furnish a displaced person with a claim form and explain the filing procedure before displacement. An agency shall assist in claim preparation and describe any supporting documentation a person must provide.
Adm 92.06(8) (8)Written notice of claim denial. An agency shall promptly notify a claimant in writing of a determination, the basis for a determination and how a person may modify the claim or file an appeal, when an agency denies a claim or does not approve the full amount.
Adm 92.06(9) (9)Manner of notice. An agency shall give a person written notice as specified in this section by personal service, receipt documented, or by certified or registered first-class mail, return receipt requested. A notice shall be written in plain language and have a name and a telephone number of a person to contact. An agency shall provide appropriate translation and counseling for a person to be displaced who is unable to read or understand a notice. An agency shall make a diligent effort to contact a person to provide notices specified in this section.
Adm 92.06 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86; am. (2) (intro.) and (3) (intro.), renum. (4) to (8) to be (5) to (9), cr. (4), Register, November, 1989, No. 407, eff. 12-1-89; corrections in (6) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, April, 1996, No. 484; correction in (6) (a) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
Adm 92.08 Adm 92.08 Payment of relocation claim. An agency shall pay a displaced person a relocation payment as specified under this chapter.
Adm 92.08(1) (1)Time of filing. A displaced person may file a claim for payment following a move, but not later than 2 years after the following dates, unless extended by the agency for good cause:
Adm 92.08(1)(a) (a) For tenants, the date of displacement;
Adm 92.08(1)(b) (b) For owners, the date of final payment for the purchase of the real property or the date of displacement, whichever is later.
Adm 92.08(2) (2)Prompt payment of a claim. An agency shall pay a claim in a timely manner, and promptly notify a displaced person when additional information is needed to support a claim. A replacement housing, business or farm payment shall be paid in one lump sum.
Adm 92.08(3) (3)Direct payment. An agency may not withhold part of a payment to a displaced person to satisfy an obligation to an agency or creditor, except that an agency may deduct any rent the displaced person owes the agency if the deduction does not prevent the person from obtaining a comparable replacement dwelling. An agency may not require a person to relinquish a right to future claims as a condition of payment. A payment shall be made to a displaced person, unless a person designates otherwise in writing, or a court orders a set off under s. 32.20, Stats.
Adm 92.08(4) (4)Partial payment. An agency shall pay a displaced person promptly for that part of the total claim not in dispute when only a part of a total claim is filed, or when a part of a claim is in dispute or is not sufficiently documented.
Adm 92.08(5) (5)Advance payment. An agency may pay a displaced person in advance of a move, subject to safeguards to ensure the payment is no greater than the amount a person is eligible to receive.
Adm 92.08(6) (6)No duplication of payment. A person eligible for a relocation payment under this chapter and the Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, Public Law 91-646, 84 Stat. 1894, may not receive a payment under both for items which have the same purpose and are equally compensable.
Adm 92.08(7) (7)Discounting prohibited. An agency may not discount a relocation payment for present worth, except for an increased interest payment.
Adm 92.08 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86; am. (1) and (3), Register, November, 1989, No. 407, eff. 12-1-89.
Adm 92.10 Adm 92.10 Waiver or modification. The department may waive or modify any requirement that is not required under ss. 32.185 to 32.27, Stats., for good reason, and on an individual case basis, upon written request of an agency or a displaced person. A waiver shall be in writing to be valid.
Adm 92.10 History History: Cr. Register, March, 1986, No. 363, eff. 4-1-86.
Adm 92.12 Adm 92.12 Waiver of relocation benefits. An owner-occupant of a property to be acquired, as an agreed upon condition of acquisition of the property, may waive relocation benefits as specified under s. 32.19, Stats., provided a waiver is executed knowledgeably, without duress, and under the following requirements:
Adm 92.12(1) (1)The property to be acquired by an agency is:
Adm 92.12(1)(a) (a) An isolated parcel, not included as part of a public project or located within a proposed or previously designated area where it is reasonable to conclude that other acquisitions by the agency will occur in the foreseeable future;
Adm 92.12(1)(b) (b) Being sold voluntarily to an agency:
Adm 92.12(1)(b)1. 1. In response to a public solicitation provided the agency states that it will not acquire property unless a mutually satisfactory agreement can be reached;
Adm 92.12(1)(b)2. 2. Through a voluntary listing of a property for sale by an owner;
Adm 92.12(1)(b)3. 3. Under another voluntary circumstance.
Adm 92.12(2) (2)The property owner shall be given pamphlets prepared by the department entitled “Wisconsin Relocation Rights," and “The Rights of Landowners under Wisconsin Eminent Domain Law" before execution of a waiver agreement.
Adm 92.12(3) (3)An agency shall inform the property owner in writing regarding the specific dollar benefits and services being waived before execution of a waiver agreement.
Adm 92.12(4) (4)The waiver is executed on a form provided by the department.
Adm 92.12(5) (5)The executed waiver is submitted to the department for approval before initiation of negotiations. The agency shall receive written approval of a waiver from the department before entering into an option to purchase or making an offer to purchase, unless an option or offer to purchase is conditioned on receipt of department approval. A waiver submitted to the department for approval shall be considered approved unless the department otherwise notifies the agency within 10 working days of receipt of the waiver.
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