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By Representatives Sargent, Kolste, Neubauer, Anderson, Bowen, Brostoff, Considine, Gruszynski, Hesselbein, Hintz, Ohnstad, Pope, Sinicki, Stubbs, Subeck, C. Taylor and Zamarripa; cosponsored by Senators Risser, Larson, Smith and L. Taylor.
hist102381To committee on Health.
hist101331Assembly Bill 291
Relating to: trauma-informed care position grants and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Tittl, Brostoff, Anderson, Bowen, Brandtjen, Crowley, Doyle, Edming, Kulp, Milroy, Mursau, L. Myers, Neubauer, Plumer, Shankland, Sinicki, Skowronski, Snyder, Spiros, Stubbs, Subeck, C. Taylor, Tusler, Vruwink and Spreitzer; cosponsored by Senators Testin, L. Taylor, Olsen, Risser, Schachtner, Wanggaard and Wirch.
hist102382To committee on Children and Families.
hist101332Assembly Bill 292
Relating to: the school district revenue limit adjustment for energy efficiency projects.
By Representatives Gruszynski, Hebl, Shankland, Crowley, Milroy, Spreitzer, Zamarripa, C. Taylor, Anderson, Kolste, Pope, Sargent, Subeck, Hesselbein, Neubauer, Sinicki and Ohnstad; cosponsored by Senators Miller, Hansen, Smith, L. Taylor, Wirch, Larson, Ringhand and Bewley.
hist102383To committee on Education.
hist101383Assembly Bill 293
Relating to: online notaries public and electronic notarizations, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Ballweg, Haywood, Summerfield, Crowley, Dittrich, Doyle, Horlacher, James, Knodl, Krug, Kulp, Kurtz, Sinicki, Skowronski, Spiros, Spreitzer, Steffen, Subeck, C. Taylor and Tusler; cosponsored by Senators Olsen, L. Taylor, Bernier, Cowles, Jacque, Marklein and Wanggaard.
hist102384To committee on Local Government.
hist101384Assembly Bill 294
Relating to: changing the 12 percent rule regarding the total value of taxable property included in the creation of a tax incremental financing district in the village of Ontario.
By Representative Oldenburg; cosponsored by Senator Testin.
hist102385To committee on Ways and Means.
hist101386Assembly Bill 295
Relating to: increasing the homestead tax credit maximum income.
By Representatives Riemer, B. Meyers, Zamarripa, L. Myers, C. Taylor, Goyke, Kolste, Hebl, Shankland, Vining, Doyle, Anderson, Billings, Pope, Hesselbein, Spreitzer, Ohnstad, Emerson and Considine; cosponsored by Senators Ringhand, Carpenter, Smith and Larson.
hist102386To committee on Ways and Means.
hist101504Assembly Bill 296
Relating to: notices of eligibility to receive a prize.
By Representatives Tittl, Vorpagel, Katsma, Skowronski and Steffen; cosponsored by Senators LeMahieu, Hansen, Marklein, Nass and Wirch.
hist102387To committee on State Affairs.
hist101522Assembly Bill 297
Relating to: changes to the electronic waste recycling program and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Mursau, Hebl, Anderson, Ballweg, Billings, Ohnstad, Shankland, Sinicki, Skowronski, Spreitzer, Stubbs, Tusler, Vruwink, Spiros and Subeck; cosponsored by Senators Miller, Cowles, Larson, Smith, L. Taylor, Wirch and Carpenter.
hist102388To committee on Environment.
hist101526Assembly Bill 298
Relating to: sales of dogs and cats by pet stores and providing a penalty.
By Representatives L. Myers, Ohnstad, Anderson, Steffen, Sinicki, Emerson, Pope, Cabrera and Billings; cosponsored by Senators L. Taylor, Smith and Hansen.
hist102389To committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
hist101557Assembly Bill 299
Relating to: including with the property tax bill information state aid reduction to school districts.
By Representatives Emerson, Vining, Anderson, Bowen, Brostoff, Considine, Gruszynski, Hebl, Hintz, L. Myers, Neubauer, Ohnstad, Pope, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, Spreitzer, Subeck, C. Taylor and Zamarripa; cosponsored by Senators Larson, Bewley, Carpenter, Schachtner, Shilling and Smith.
hist102390To committee on Local Government.
Reference Bureau Corrections
hist102295Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 119
1. Page 1, line 3: delete ““and”” and substitute ““shelters and””.
hist102293Assembly Amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 285
1. Page 5, line 17: delete “regrading” and substitute “grading”.
June 13, 2019
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
Please note the seating changes listed below that will be effective for the next scheduled floor date of June 18, 2019 and will remain in effect for the remainder of the current legislative session.
Representative Jesse James will be assigned to seat 88. Representative Shae Sortwell will be assigned to seat 54.
Please contact my office if you have any questions.
Republican Caucus Chair
24th Assembly District
Representative Steineke moved that the Assembly stand adjourned until 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday, June 18.
The question was: Shall the Assembly stand adjourned?
Motion carried.
The Assembly stood adjourned.
1:08 P.M.