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NR 13.04 Note Note: 2001 Wis. Act 56 repealed s. 29.879, Stats.
NR 13.04(4)(a)33. 33. Section 29.088, Stats. Use of poison and explosives; pole traps.
NR 13.04(4)(b) (b) Administrative code provisions.
NR 13.04(4)(b)1.1. Chapter NR 16 Game farms and exhibits.
NR 13.04(4)(b)2. 2. Chapter NR 17 Dog trials and training.
NR 13.04(4)(b)3. 3. Section NR 19.05 Release and importation of fish and wildlife.
NR 13.04(4)(b)4. 4. Section NR 19.07 Shooting preserves.
NR 13.04 Note Note: Section NR 19.07 was repealed eff. 11-1-03.
NR 13.04(4)(b)5. 5. Section NR 19.11 (5) Permit usage.
NR 13.04(4)(b)6. 6. Section NR 19.12 Tagging the carcasses of wild animals, birds and fish taken on Indian reservations (modified by s. NR 13.05 (3) and (6)).
NR 13.04(4)(b)7. 7. Section NR 19.13 Disposition of deer accidentally killed by a motor vehicle.
NR 13.04(4)(b)8. 8. Section NR 19.25 Wild animal protection.
NR 13.04(4)(b)9. 9. Section NR 19.28 Taxidermy.
NR 13.04(4)(b)10. 10. Chapter NR 27 Endangered and threatened species.
NR 13.04(5) (5)Additional general restrictions.
NR 13.04(5)(a)(a) Equipment use. Treaty rights participants may not share fishing, trapping, hunting or spearing gear with nontribal members and may not permit nontribal members to tend their gear.
NR 13.04(5)(b) (b) Assisting. No person other than treaty rights participants may assist with or otherwise tend the fishing, trapping, hunting or spearing gear of treaty rights participants.
NR 13.04(5)(c) (c) Tag and permit use. Tags and permits issued or authorized by the department for use by treaty rights participants may not be transferred to or possessed by nontreaty rights participants unless specifically authorized by this chapter.
NR 13.04(5)(d) (d) Off-reservation land. Treaty rights participants may not hunt on the following public lands:
NR 13.04(5)(d)1. 1. Campgrounds, beaches and picnic areas;
NR 13.04(5)(d)2. 2. School forests, landfills and gravel pits where deer hunting is prohibited and where notice of the prohibition is clearly posted;
NR 13.04(5)(d)3. 3. Land within incorporated areas except at the time and in the manner that hunting is allowed by the appropriate unit of government;
NR 13.04(5)(d)4. 4. Any state park except those parks where deer gun or archery is permitted, subject to the provisions of s. NR 13.38.
NR 13.04(5)(d)5. 5. Any other public land on which hunting or shooting is prohibited for public safety purposes.
NR 13.04 History History: Cr. Register, February, 1990, No. 410, eff. 3-1-90; corrections in (1) (a) 16. to 26., 28. to 43., 44. to 60., (2) (a) 8. to 15., (3) (g) to (o), and (4) (a) 2. to 33. made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register November 2001 No. 551; corrections in (1) (a) 50. and 54., (b) 2. and (4) (a) 12. made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register May 2011 No. 665.
NR 13.05 NR 13.05 Exceptions and modifications to s. NR 13.04.
NR 13.05(1)(1)Seasons and bag limits. Whenever a regulatory provision incorporated by this chapter in s. NR 13.04 refers to a season, possession limit or bag limit, the season, possession limit or bag limit of this chapter supersedes any other administrative code.
NR 13.05(2) (2)Transportation. The transportation restrictions in s. 29.357 (1), Stats., shall apply only to fresh fish. In s. 29.047, Stats., a tribal identification card may be substituted for a license.
NR 13.05(3) (3)Closed seasons. For the purpose of s. 29.071, Stats., and s. NR 19.12, the state's general closed season is applicable to the removal of fish and game from the reservation on which it has been harvested.
NR 13.05(4) (4)Substituted provisions.
NR 13.05(4)(a) (a) Public nuisances. Section 29.927, Stats., is applicable only to the extent the articles are possessed or used in violation of this chapter.
NR 13.05(4)(b) (b) Approval necessary. The restrictions of s. 29.354 (1), Stats., are not applicable to treaty rights participants with appropriate tribal identification.
NR 13.05(5) (5)Prosecutions. The department may, at its discretion or by agreement with the bands, refer prosecutions of treaty rights participants to the appropriate tribal court. If this is done, tribal penalties shall apply.
NR 13.05(6) (6)Tagging.
NR 13.05(6)(a) (a) Tagging abbreviations. Whenever any provision of this chapter requires that an item be tagged (except when the tag is furnished by the department), the tag shall include the name, address and tribal affiliation of the treaty rights participant. Members of the Chippewa bands shall use the following initials to indicate tribal affiliation:
NR 13.05(6)(a)1. 1. Bad River - “BR";
NR 13.05(6)(a)2. 2. Keweenaw Bay - “KB";
NR 13.05(6)(a)3. 3. Lac Courte Oreilles - “LCO";
NR 13.05(6)(a)4. 4. Lac du Flambeau - “LDF";
NR 13.05(6)(a)5. 5. Mille Lacs - “MLC";
NR 13.05(6)(a)6. 6. Mole Lake - “ML";
NR 13.05(6)(a)7. 7. Red Cliff - “RC"; and
NR 13.05(6)(a)8. 8. St. Croix - “SC".
NR 13.05(6)(b) (b) Tagging game animals. In addition to the provisions of s. 29.071, Stats., and s. NR 19.12, the following species shall at all times be tagged prior to removal from the reservation:
NR 13.05(6)(b)2. 2. Bobcat
NR 13.05(6)(b)4. 4. Fisher
NR 13.05(6)(b)6. 6. Sturgeon
NR 13.05(7) (7)Tribal government participation. The department may enter into agreements with the Chippewa bands to establish procedures for the issuance of tags and permits and the registration of animals by the bands, provided:
NR 13.05(7)(a) (a) The department determines that the tribal procedures would be in substantial compliance with this chapter;
NR 13.05(7)(b) (b) The bands agree to record all necessary information as requested by the department; and
NR 13.05(7)(c) (c) The bands agree that all information recorded under par. (b) shall be available to the department upon request.
NR 13.05(8) (8)Incidental or illegal take. Any animal taken in violation of this chapter may be turned over to the appropriate Chippewa band. The animal may not be returned to the violator, his or her immediate family or other members of the hunting party.
NR 13.05(9) (9)Admission fees. Admission fees to department properties are not required of treaty rights participants who are solely involved in hunting, fishing or gathering activities authorized by this chapter.
NR 13.05(10) (10)Costs. The department may not charge a fee for issuance of written permission under this chapter. All other charges for approvals, including campground fees, shall be applicable to the treaty rights participant.
NR 13.05(11) (11)Commercialization.
NR 13.05(11)(a) (a) Intra-tribal transactions. The requirements of ss. 29.501, 29.503, 29.506, 29.539 and 29.541, Stats., are not applicable to legally taken fish and game so long as the transactions involve only treaty rights participants.
NR 13.05(11)(b) (b) Transactions involving nontreaty rights participants. Treaty rights participants may sell or barter fish and game otherwise subject to s. 29.539 or 29.541, Stats., only under the following conditions:
NR 13.05(11)(b)1. 1. All treaty rights participants selling or bartering fish and game shall have a license authorizing sale issued by their respective band. Written records of all individuals who are licensed to sell or barter shall be made available to the department upon request.
NR 13.05(11)(b)2. 2. All treaty rights participants involved in sale or barter shall keep records of all transactions subject to the following requirements:
NR 13.05(11)(b)2.a. a. The records shall be kept on forms provided by the department.
NR 13.05(11)(b)2.b. b. The records shall be open to inspection by the department at the place they are retained.
NR 13.05(11)(b)2.c. c. Inspection may take place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. or whenever the business is open.
NR 13.05(11)(b)2.d. d. The records shall be subject to inspection by state and local health officials.
NR 13.05(11)(b)3. 3. All sellers or barterers shall provide buyers with a bill containing the name of the treaty rights participant and buyer, the date, amount and type of fish or game and the treaty rights participant's tribal sale or barter license number.
NR 13.05(11)(b)4. 4. The bill shall be a 4-part form furnished by the department. Copies shall be given to the buyer, band and department. The treaty rights participant's copy of the form shall be a record open to inspection.
NR 13.05(11)(b)5. 5. All carcasses or part thereof shall be tagged, stamped or labeled by the seller or barterer prior to sale or barter indicating the band origin. Whole fish shall be tagged with tags furnished by the department. Fish tags shall remain with the fish until it is consumed, smoked or fileted. Smoked or fileted fish shall be stamped or labeled in the manner provided for smoked lake trout by s. NR 25.16 (2).
NR 13.05(11)(b)6. 6. Packaged meat shall be labeled as “Chippewa".
NR 13.05(11)(b)7. 7. Treaty rights participants serving fish or game to nontribal member shall obtain a tribal serving permit and maintain records indicating the source of the fish or game, any tags used on the animal and the ultimate disposition. These records shall be open to the department inspection.
NR 13.05(11)(b)8. 8. Live fish and fish eggs may not be sold or bartered except as allowed by s. 29.539, Stats.
NR 13.05 History History: Cr. Register, February, 1990, No. 410, eff. 3-1-90; corrections made in (2) to (4) (b), (6) (b), and (11) (a), (b) (intro.), and 8. made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register November 2001 No. 551.
subch. II of ch. NR 13 Subchapter II — Fishing
NR 13.10 NR 13.10 Restrictions. Subject to the modifications and exceptions of this subchapter, the following provisions are applicable to treaty rights participants:
NR 13.10(1) (1)Statutory provisions.
NR 13.10(1)(a) (a) Section 29.509 (4), Stats., pertaining to recordkeeping (modified by s. NR 13.12 (12)).
NR 13.10(1)(b) (b) Section 29.237 (4), Stats., pertaining to sturgeon tagging.
NR 13.10(1)(c) (c) Section 29.404 (1), Stats., pertaining to ice fishing shanties.
NR 13.10(1)(d) (d) Section 29.601 (1) and (2), Stats. Explosives; stupefactives and poison bait.
NR 13.10(1)(e) (e) Section 29.516 (2) (e), Stats., pertaining to restrictions on the use of nets and setlines (modified by s. NR 13.12 (1)).
NR 13.10(1)(f) (f) Section 29.531, Stats. Set or bank poles licenses (modified by s. NR 13.15).
NR 13.10(1)(g) (g) Section 29.533 (3) and (4), Stats., pertaining to setlines (modified by s. NR 13.15).
NR 13.10(1)(h) (h) Section 29.537, Stats. Clams, clamming and commercial clamming (modified by s. NR 13.12 (10)).
NR 13.10(1)(i) (i) Section 29.407 (4), Stats., pertaining to transportation of injurious fish.
NR 13.10(1)(j) (j) Section 29.705 (5), Stats. Removal of spawn or fish from state.
NR 13.10(2) (2)Administrative code provisions.
NR 13.10(2)(a) (a) Section NR 19.06 (1) pertaining to taking fish from or interfering with any fish net or trap placed or authorized by the department.
NR 13.10(2)(am) (am) Section NR 19.06 (2) pertaining to taking fish within 500 feet above or below any net, dam or weir when posted.
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