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895.10   Tort actions in residential real estate transactions.
895.14   Tenders of money and property.
895.28   Remedies not merged.
895.33   Limitation of surety's liability.
895.34   Renewal of sureties upon becoming insufficient and effects thereof.
895.345   Justification of individual sureties.
895.346   Bail, deposit in lieu of bond.
895.35   Expenses in actions against municipal and other officers.
895.36   Process against corporation or limited liability company officer.
895.37   Abrogation of defenses in employee personal injury actions.
895.375   Abrogation of defense that contract was champertous.
895.42   Deposit of undistributed money and property by personal representatives and others.
895.43   Intentional killing by beneficiary of contract.
895.435   Intentional killing by beneficiary of certain death benefits.
895.441   Sexual exploitation by a therapist; action for.
895.442   Sexual exploitation by a member of the clergy; action for.
895.443   Physical injury, emotional distress, loss or damage suffered by members of certain groups; action for.
895.444   Injury caused by criminal gang activity; action for.
895.445   Damage to certain machines; action for.
895.446   Property damage or loss caused by crime; action for.
895.447   Certain agreements to limit or eliminate tort liability void.
895.448   Safety devices on farm equipment, ordinary negligence.
895.449   Action for loss caused by failure to pay for gasoline or diesel fuel.
895.45   Service representatives for adult abusive conduct complainants.
895.453   Payments of chiropractic services from attorney contingency fees.
895.455   Limits on recovery by prisoners.
895.457   Limiting felon's right to damages.
895.46   State and political subdivisions thereof to pay judgments taken against officers.
895.463   Zoning ordinances.
895.47   Indemnification of the Wisconsin State Agencies Building Corporation and the Wisconsin State Public Building Corporation.
895.472   Indemnification of a financial institution.
895.475   Exemption from civil liability for furnishing safety inspection or advisory services.
895.478   Civil liability exemption; opioid antagonists.
895.48   Civil liability exemption; emergency medical care.
895.4801   Immunity for health care providers during COVID-19 emergency.
895.4802   Civil liability exemption; hazardous materials.
895.4803   Civil liability exemption; information concerning paternity.
895.481   Civil liability exemption; equine activities.
895.482   Civil liability exemption; ski patrol members.
895.483   Civil liability exemption; regional and local emergency response teams and their sponsoring agencies.
895.484   Civil liability exemption; entering a vehicle to render assistance.
895.485   Civil liability exemption; out-of-home care providers and child-placing agencies.
895.486   Civil immunity exemption; reports of insurance fraud.
895.487   Civil liability exemption; employment references.
895.488   Civil liability exemption; owner or person in lawful possession of the premises.
895.489   Civil liability exemption; tenancy references.
895.492   Civil liability exemption; certificate of qualification for employment.
895.497   Civil liability exemption: furnishing safety services relating to child safety restraint systems.
895.501   Civil liability exemption; credit card reencoders and scanning devices.
895.506   Civil liability exemption; weight gain and obesity claims.
895.51   Civil liability exemption: food or emergency household products; emergency medical supplies; donation, sale, or distribution.
895.512   Civil liability exemption; access to toilet facility.
895.514   Civil liability exemption; Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan and Authority.
895.515   Civil liability exemption; equipment or technology donation.
895.517   Civil liability exemption: solid waste donation or sale.
895.519   Civil liability exemption; private campgrounds.
895.52   Recreational activities; limitation of property owners' liability.
895.523   Recreational activities in a school building or on school grounds; limitation of liability.
895.524   Participation in an agricultural tourism activity; limitations on civil liability, assumption of risk.
895.525   Participation in recreational activities; restrictions on civil liability, assumption of risk.
895.526   Participation in an alpine sport; restrictions on civil liability, assumption of risk.
895.5265   Civil liability exemption; placement of certain structures in waterways.
895.527   Sport shooting range activities; limitations on liability and restrictions on operation.
895.528   Civil liability exemption; placement of markers in waterways.
895.529   Civil liability limitation; duty of care owed to trespassers.
895.53   Civil and criminal liability exemption; tests for intoxication.
895.535   Civil and criminal liability exemption; body cavity search.
895.54   Liability exemption; notification of release.
895.55   Liability exemption; oil discharge control.
895.555   Civil liability exemption; anhydrous ammonia.
895.56   Liability exemption; handling of petroleum-contaminated soil under contract with the department of transportation.
895.57   Damages and immunity; unauthorized release of animals.
895.58   Liability exemption; use of special waste under public works contracts.
895.61   Asbestos successor corporation; limitation on liability.
895.62   Use of force in response to unlawful and forcible entry into a dwelling, motor vehicle, or place of business; civil liability immunity.
895.65   Definitions.
895.66   Mandatory disclosures.
895.67   Approval of transfers of structured settlement payment rights.
895.68   Effects of transfer of structured settlement payment rights.
895.69   Procedure.
895.70   General provisions.
subch. I of ch. 895 SUBCHAPTER I
895.01 895.01 What actions survive; actions not to abate.
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