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84.12(9)(b)1. 1. The department is authorized to acquire all necessary lands within this state and build, construct and maintain necessary approaches to the bridge within this state;
84.12(9)(b)2. 2. The department is authorized to make contributions or commitments out of funds available for highway construction in Wisconsin. Contributions shall not exceed 50 percent of the total costs of the toll facility, but shall only be made if the findings of the department, as approved by the secretary of transportation and the governor that such contributions are for the best interests of the economy and welfare of this state.
84.12(9)(b)3. 3. The toll bridge shall be exempt from all taxes assessed by this state.
84.12(9)(b)4. 4. All findings and conclusions approved by the secretary of transportation and governor shall be published by a class 1 notice, under ch. 985, in the official state newspaper. The findings and conclusions shall not be subject to administrative review under ch. 227 and shall only be set aside if it is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction that there is not substantial evidence to sustain the decision of the department as approved by the secretary of transportation and the governor. Action to contest the decision shall be commenced no later than 30 days after the date of publication thereof.
84.12 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. NR 320, Wis. adm. code.
84.13 84.13 Purchase of toll bridges.
84.13(1)(1)Any toll bridge eligible to be reconstructed as a free bridge under s. 84.11 or 84.12 may be purchased under such section and made a free bridge, and the procedure in such case, so far as applicable, shall be the same as for the construction or reconstruction of bridges. If the department is unable to agree with the owners of such toll bridge as to purchase price, the toll bridge may be condemned by exercising the right of eminent domain under ch. 32. Any toll bridge so purchased or acquired may be later reconstructed under this chapter in the same manner as other free bridges may be reconstructed.
84.13(2) (2)The department may enter into and consummate agreements with the United States for the acquisition by the United States and subsequent transfer to this state of such toll bridge as provided by 5 Stat. 4071, 23 USC 129, as subsequently amended or supplemented from time to time. Any toll bridge so acquired may be later reconstructed under this chapter in the same manner as other free bridges may be reconstructed.
84.13 History History: 1977 c. 29 ss. 942, 1654 (8) (b); 1981 c. 347 s. 80 (2); 1993 a. 16.
84.135 84.135 Purchase of interstate toll bridges.
84.135(1)(1)The legislature intends by the enactment of this section to provide a means for the ultimate conversion of interstate toll bridges located in part in this state to free bridges. Where any portion of an interstate toll bridge on a route of a state trunk highway is located outside this state, it may be acquired pursuant to the provisions of this section in lieu of the methods of acquisition provided in s. 84.13.
84.135(2) (2)The department, on its own initiative or upon petition adopted by a majority vote of the governing body of a county, town, city or village, may acquire such bridge by purchase or by exercising the right of eminent domain in such court as may have jurisdiction thereof and in accordance with the laws applicable thereto; or, with the consent and approval of the department, and on such terms and conditions as it may prescribe, such right of eminent domain may be exercised by the county, city or other political subdivision in which any part of such interstate toll bridge is located and revenue bonds for the acquisition of such bridge out of tolls may be issued in accordance with the statutes relating to municipal borrowing insofar as the same may be applicable. In acquiring such bridge the department, county, town, city or village may proceed as provided by ch. 32.
84.135(3) (3)Such bridge may be acquired by the department subject to an agreement whereby all or part of the acquisition cost will be advanced to or later paid to the state by a county, town, city or village in which any part of such bridge is located, from the proceeds of revenue bonds or other source, and the department will convey the bridge to such political subdivision. Pursuant to such agreement, such bridge shall be maintained and operated by such political subdivision from the date it is acquired by the state.
84.135(4) (4)If, under the provisions of this section, any bridge is acquired by, or conveyed by the department to a county, town, city or village, such political subdivision shall maintain and operate the same under the direction of the department, charging such tolls as may be fixed by the department. Such tolls shall be used for the maintenance, repair and operation of such bridge and to repay, or provide a sinking fund sufficient to amortize, within a period of not to exceed 20 years from the date of acquisition thereof, the acquisition cost of such bridge, including reasonable interest and financing costs, paid by such political subdivision. After such cost has been repaid, or a sinking fund sufficient for such amortization has been so provided, title to such bridge shall revert to the state and the bridge shall thereafter be maintained and operated by the department free of tolls, as part of the state trunk highway system.
84.135(5) (5)Any acquisition costs incurred by the state pursuant to this section shall be paid from any funds available for the improvement of state trunk highways and connecting highways.
84.135(6) (6)Any such bridge may be acquired, operated, maintained and reconstructed in cooperation with an adjoining state or municipality thereof.
84.135 History History: 1977 c. 29 s. 1654 (3), (8) (a).
84.14 84.14 Bridge construction.
84.14(1)(1)Order of construction. The department shall hold hearings on proposed bridge projects under ss. 84.11 and 84.12 in the order in which they are initiated. The secretary shall allot aid for the construction, reconstruction or purchase of bridges and the department may undertake such projects in the order the secretary deems advisable.
84.14(3) (3) Participation in town bridge construction. Whenever any municipality has participated in the cost of the construction, reconstruction, or purchase of a bridge under s. 84.11 or 84.12, the property in such municipality shall thereafter be subject to taxation by the county for the construction and repair of bridges within the county under s. 82.08.
84.14(4) (4) Legality of proceedings heretofore had. All bridges constructed, reconstructed or purchased pursuant to proceedings initiated by petitions filed with the highway commission prior to September 25, 1929, or by the highway commission on its own motion, under s. 87.02, 1927 stats., s. 87.03, 1927 stats., s. 87.04, 1927 stats., s. 87.05, 1927 stats., or s. 87.055, 1927 stats., as those sections existed prior to September 25, 1929, shall be construed to have been constructed, reconstructed or purchased under s. 84.11 or 84.12, and shall be operated and maintained as provided by s. 84.15.
84.14 History History: 1977 c. 29; 1983 a. 36; 1987 a. 403 s. 256; 2003 a. 214.
84.14 Note NOTE: 2003 Wis. Act 214, which affected this section, contains extensive explanatory notes.
84.15 84.15 Bridges.
84.15(1)(1)Maintenance and operation of intrastate bridges. Except as provided in a jurisdictional transfer agreement under s. 84.16, all matters relating to the maintenance and operation of bridges constructed, reconstructed or purchased under s. 84.11 before August 9, 1989, shall be under the jurisdiction and complete control of the department and the cost of such maintenance and operation thereof shall be the direct obligation of the state. Such portion of the approaches as may be determined by the department shall be considered a part of such bridge for maintenance and operation purposes. The portion of the approaches or highway not considered a part of such bridge for maintenance and operation purposes as determined by the department shall be maintained by the town, city or village in which it lies but this provision shall not diminish or otherwise affect the duty of the county with respect to the county trunk highways or the state with respect to the state trunk highways. Authority is given the department to carry fire or tornado insurance, or both, on bridges where such hazard exists and the premium on such insurance shall be included as a portion of such maintenance and operation costs.
84.15(2) (2) Across bay of Great Lakes. In the case of any intrastate bridge built across a bay of any of the Great Lakes, the maintenance under sub. (1) shall be deemed to include repair or reconstruction necessitated by any accidental damage done to such bridge by vessels using such bay, or some other catastrophe, in which event the department may use for such repair or reconstruction moneys available for the construction of such bridges.
84.15(3) (3) Interstate bridges, Wisconsin's share. The provisions of this section shall also apply to all interstate bridges constructed, reconstructed or purchased under s. 84.12; and the term “bridge" as used in sub. (1) means Wisconsin's portion of such interstate bridges.
84.15 History History: 1977 c. 29 s. 1654 (8) (a); 1989 a. 31.
84.16 84.16 Jurisdictional transfers of bridges.
84.16(1)(1)The department may transfer its jurisdiction over bridges constructed, reconstructed or purchased under s. 84.11 before August 9, 1989, or under s. 84.12 to any local unit of government by entering into a jurisdictional transfer agreement with the local unit of government. Deletion of any part of the state trunk highway system under this section may be made without regard to any mileage limitation or procedural requirement imposed under s. 84.02 or chapter 518, laws of 1947.
84.16(2) (2)The jurisdictional transfer agreement must be approved by the department and the governing body of any municipality or county board involved before the transfer of any bridge becomes effective.
84.16(3) (3)A jurisdictional transfer agreement may contain any terms and conditions that the department and the local unit of government may deem necessary regarding maintenance or rehabilitation of any bridge transferred.
84.16 History History: 1989 a. 31.
84.17 84.17 Bridge inspection and inventory.
84.17(1)(1)In this section:
84.17(1)(a) (a) “Highway" means all public ways and thoroughfares specified in s. 340.01 (22).
84.17(1)(b) (b) “Highway bridge" means a bridge on a highway in this state which crosses waterways, other topographical barriers, other highways or railroads.
84.17(1)(c) (c) “Rehabilitating" means making major repairs necessary to restore the structural integrity of a highway bridge or making repairs necessary to correct a major safety defect.
84.17(2) (2)The department shall conduct an inspection and inventory of all highway bridges on the highways in this state. The inspection and inventory of local highway bridges shall be done in consultation with local authorities. The department shall complete the inspection and inventory required under this subsection prior to July 1, 1979, if it is practicable to do so, and in any case prior to December 31, 1980, and shall submit the inspection and inventory report to the federal government in accordance with the provisions of 23 USC 144. The inspection and inventory shall include all highway bridges on any highway in the state. The department shall classify each highway bridge according to its safety, serviceability and necessity for public use and shall determine the cost of rehabilitating the highway bridge or of replacing the highway bridge with a comparable facility. The department shall adopt standards for the highway bridge inspection and inventory program under this subsection.
84.17(3) (3)After the initial inspection and inventory under sub. (2) is completed, all highway bridges in the state shall be inspected on a continuing basis as determined by the department. The department shall establish standards for the continuing inspection program. The responsibility for the continuing inspection program shall be as follows:
84.17(3)(a) (a) The department shall be responsible for inspecting the highway bridges on the state trunk highway system.
84.17(3)(b) (b) Local authorities and other authorities shall be responsible for inspecting highway bridges on highways under their jurisdictions.
84.17 History History: 1979 c. 7.
84.17 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. Trans 212, Wis. adm. code.
84.18 84.18 Local bridge program.
84.18(1)(1)Purpose. The local bridge program is created to accelerate the reconstruction or rehabilitation of seriously deteriorating local bridges.
84.18(2) (2) Definitions. In this section:
84.18(2)(a) (a) “Coordinating agency" means the county which coordinates the submission of applications from eligible applicants within the county to the department.
84.18(2)(b) (b) “Eligible applicant" means county, city, village, town or combination thereof.
84.18(2)(c) (c) “Entitlement" means the amount of aids a coordinating agency will be eligible to receive under this section as determined under sub. (5).
84.18(2)(d) (d) “Local bridge" means a bridge which is not on the state trunk highway system or on marked routes of the state trunk highway system designated as connecting highways.
84.18(2)(e) (e) “Local bridge project" means a project for the design and construction or rehabilitation of a seriously deteriorating local bridge and minimum approaches.
84.18(2)(f) (f) “Seriously deteriorating local bridge" means a local bridge exhibiting deficiencies that meet the criteria established by the department.
84.18(3) (3) Administration. The department shall administer a local bridge program which provides an entitlement of funds to the coordinating agency for the reconstruction or rehabilitation of seriously deteriorating local bridges. The department shall provide the same percentage of the cost of a local bridge project as the percent established under 23 USC 144 (f).
84.18(4) (4) Applications. Any eligible applicant may apply to the coordinating agency for funds under this section. A separate application is required for each local bridge project. The application shall describe the specific local bridge project for which funds are to be used. The department shall prescribe the form, nature and extent of information to be contained in the application.
84.18(5) (5) Determination of entitlement. The department shall determine the entitlement to the coordinating agency based upon the ratio between the estimated cost of reconstructing or rehabilitating seriously deteriorating local bridges in that county and the estimated cost of reconstructing or rehabilitating the seriously deteriorating local bridges in the state which are eligible under this section, exclusive of any bridge that is programmed for construction under an order by the department under s. 84.11 (4). The estimated cost of reconstructing or rehabilitating the seriously deteriorating local bridges in the state and individual counties shall be based upon those bridges identified in the inventory of bridges made under s. 84.17.
84.18(6) (6) Execution and control of work. Subject to s. 30.2022 and the control exercised by the United States, the construction under this section of any local bridge project shall be wholly under the supervision and control of the department. The secretary shall make and execute all contracts and have complete supervision over all matters pertaining to such construction and shall have the power to suspend or discontinue proceedings or construction relative to any bridge project at any time in the event any county, city, village or town fails to pay the amount required of it for any project eligible for construction under this section, or if the secretary determines that sufficient funds to pay the state's part of the cost of such bridge project are not available. All moneys provided by counties, cities, villages and towns shall be deposited in the state treasury, when required by the secretary, and paid out on order of the secretary. Any of the moneys deposited for a project eligible for construction under this section which remain in the state treasury after the completion of the project shall be repaid to the respective county, city, village or town in proportion to the amount each deposited.
84.18(7) (7) Rules. The department shall adopt rules to implement this section.
84.18(8) (8) Exceptions. Nothing in this section prevents construction or rehabilitation projects under other bridge programs if applicable.
84.18 History History: 1981 c. 20, 314; 1989 a. 31; 2003 a. 118.
84.18 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. Trans 213, Wis. adm. code.
84.185 84.185 Transportation facilities economic assistance and development.
84.185(1)(1)Definitions. In this section:
84.185(1)(a) (a) “Business" means a company located in this state, a company that has made a firm commitment to locate a facility in this state, or a group of companies at least 80 percent of which are located in this state.
84.185(1)(am) (am) “Economic development project" means a business development that directly retains jobs or increases the number of jobs in this state.
84.185(1)(b) (b) “Governing body" means a county board, city council, village board, town board, regional planning commission or transit commission under s. 59.58 (2) or 66.1021.
84.185(1)(bm) (bm) “Grant ceiling" means the department's maximum financial participation in an improvement.
84.185(1)(c) (c) “Improvement" includes construction, reconstruction and the activities, operations and processes incidental to building, fabricating or bettering a transportation facility, but not maintaining or operating a transportation facility.
84.185(1)(ce) (ce) “Job" means a position providing full-time equivalent employment. “Job" does not include initial training before an employment position begins.
84.185(1)(cm) (cm) “Political subdivision" means a county, city, town, or village.
84.185(1)(d) (d) “Transportation facility" means any of the following:
84.185(1)(d)1. 1. A highway as defined in s. 340.01 (22).
84.185(1)(d)2. 2. A runway, taxiway or apron of an airport as defined in s. 114.002 (7).
84.185(1)(d)3. 3. A harbor improvement as defined in s. 85.095 (1) (b).
84.185(1)(d)4. 4. Rail property consisting of an industrial lead, spur, team track property or trackside intermodal transfer facility.
84.185(1)(d)5. 5. A segment of railroad track, if the conditions under sub. (2) (c) are met.
84.185(2) (2) Approval of improvements.
84.185(2)(a) (a) The secretary may approve the improvement of a transportation facility under this section if the improvement is a component of an economic development project.
84.185(2)(b) (b) The secretary may approve an improvement under this section only after determining all of the following:
84.185(2)(b)1. 1. Whether the improvement is a justified transportation need. An improvement qualifies as a justified transportation need only when the secretary determines that the costs of the improvement are substantially balanced by significant transportation benefits resulting from the improvement.
84.185(2)(b)2. 2. The cost of the improvement.
84.185(2)(b)3. 3. The ratio of the cost of the improvement to the number of jobs retained or created in this state resulting directly from the improvement or economic development project.
84.185(2)(b)4. 4. The number of jobs which the improvement or economic development project will cause to be retained or increased in this state.
84.185(2)(b)5. 5. Whether the political subdivision will contribute, from funds not provided by this state, not less than 50 percent of the cost of the improvement.
84.185(2)(b)6. 6. The value of the expenditures required for local infrastructure relating to the improvement.
84.185(2)(b)7. 7. Whether the improvement is compatible and complementary to other transportation facilities and improvements in the political subdivision.
84.185(2)(b)8. 8. Whether the improvement serves a public purpose.
84.185(2)(b)9. 9. Whether the improvement is unlikely to be made without assistance under this section.
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