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703.01   Condominium ownership act.
703.02   Definitions.
703.03   Application of chapter.
703.04   Status of the units.
703.05   Ownership of units.
703.06   Alterations prohibited.
703.07   Establishment of condominium.
703.08   Notice prior to conversion of residential property to condominium.
703.09   Declaration.
703.093   Alternative procedure for amending declaration.
703.095   Modification and correction of recorded condominium instruments, amendments, and addenda.
703.10   Bylaws.
703.105   Display of the United States flag and political signs.
703.11   Condominium plat.
703.115   Local review of condominium instruments.
703.12   Description of units.
703.13   Percentage interests.
703.14   Use of common elements.
703.15   Association of unit owners.
703.155   Master associations.
703.16   Common expenses and common surpluses.
703.161   Annual budget.
703.163   Statutory reserve account.
703.165   Lien for unpaid common expenses, unpaid damages, and unpaid penalties.
703.17   Insurance.
703.18   Repair or reconstruction.
703.19   Eminent domain.
703.195   Acquisition of common elements by condemnors.
703.20   Books of receipts and expenditures.
703.205   Establishing fee amounts charged by association.
703.21   Separate taxation.
703.22   Construction and suppliers' liens.
703.23   Resident agent; exemption of unit owners from liability.
703.24   Remedies for violations by unit owner or tenant of a unit owner.
703.245   Association-unit owner dispute; notice required.
703.25   Tort and contract liability.
703.26   Expanding condominiums.
703.265   Addendum to plat to reflect changes in building codes or zoning ordinances.
703.27   Zoning and building regulations.
703.275   Merger or consolidation of condominiums.
703.28   Removal from provisions of this chapter.
703.29   Removal no bar to subsequent resubmission.
703.30   Rules of construction.
703.31   Personal application.
703.315   Lease or rental agreements for residential units.
703.32   Easements and encroachments.
703.33   Disclosure requirements.
703.335   Payoff statement for unpaid assessments and other obligations.
703.34   Blanket mortgages and other blanket liens affecting a unit at time of first conveyance.
703.35   Termination of contracts and leases.
703.36   Provisions requiring employment of declarant or vendor to effect sale.
703.365   Small condominiums.
703.37   Interpretation.
703.38   Applicability to existing condominiums.
Ch. 703 Note NOTE: 2003 Wis. Act 283, which affected this chapter, contains extensive explanatory notes.
703.01 703.01 Condominium ownership act. This chapter shall be known as the “Condominium Ownership Act".
703.01 History History: 1977 c. 407.
703.01 Annotation State and federal regulation of condominiums. Minahan. 58 MLR 55.
703.01 Annotation Condominium conversion and tenant rights — Wisconsin statutes section 703.08: What kind of protection does it really provide. Wynn. 63 MLR 73 (1979).
703.01 Annotation Transferring Declarant Rights and Obligations Under the Wisconsin Condominium Ownership Act. Ishikawa. Wis. Law. Feb. 1992.
703.01 Annotation Wisconsin's Revised Condominium Ownership Act. Hinkston. Wis. Law. Sept. 2004.
703.01 Annotation Advising Prospective Owners of Troubled Condominium Projects. Ishikawa. Wis. Law. Oct. 2009.
703.02 703.02 Definitions. In this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:
703.02(1b) (1b)“Addendum" means a condominium instrument that modifies a recorded condominium plat.
703.02(1h) (1h)“Amendment" means a condominium instrument that modifies a recorded condominium declaration.
703.02(1m) (1m)“Association" means all of a condominium's unit owners acting as a group, either through a nonstock, nonprofit corporation or an unincorporated association, in accordance with its bylaws and declaration.
703.02(2) (2)“Common elements" mean all of a condominium except its units.
703.02(3) (3)“Common expenses and common surpluses" mean the expenses and surpluses of an association.
703.02(4) (4)“Condominium" means property subject to a condominium declaration established under this chapter.
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