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66.0101   Home rule; manner of exercise.
66.0103   Code of ordinances.
66.0104   Prohibiting ordinances that place certain limits or requirements on a landlord.
66.0105   Jurisdiction of overlapping extraterritorial powers.
66.0107   Power of municipalities to prohibit criminal conduct.
66.0109   Penalties under county and municipal ordinances.
66.0111   Bond or cash deposit under municipal ordinances.
66.0113   Citations for certain ordinance violations.
66.0114   Actions for violation of ordinances.
66.0115   Outstanding unpaid forfeitures.
66.0117   Judgment against local governmental units.
66.0119   Special inspection warrants.
66.0121   Orders; action; proof of demand.
66.0123   Recreation authority.
66.0125   Community relations-social development commissions.
66.0127   Municipal hospital board.
66.0129   Hospital facilities lease from nonprofit corporation.
66.0131   Local governmental purchasing.
66.0133   Energy savings performance contracting.
66.0134   Labor peace agreements prohibited.
66.0135   Interest on late payments.
66.0137   Provision of insurance.
66.0139   Disposal of abandoned property.
66.0141   Accident record systems.
66.0143   Local appeals for exemption from state mandates.
66.0201   Incorporation of villages and cities; purpose and definitions.
66.0203   Procedure for incorporation of villages and cities.
66.0205   Standards to be applied by the circuit court.
66.0207   Standards to be applied by the board.
66.0209   Review of incorporation-related orders and decisions.
66.0211   Incorporation referendum procedure.
66.0213   Powers of new village or city: elections; adjustment of taxes; reorganization as village.
66.0215   Incorporation of certain towns adjacent to 1st class cities.
66.02162   Incorporation of certain towns contiguous to 3rd class cities or villages.
66.02165   Limitations on newly created incorporated village or city.
66.0217   Annexation initiated by electors and property owners.
66.0219   Annexation by referendum initiated by city or village.
66.0221   Annexation of and creation of town islands.
66.0223   Annexation of territory owned by a city or village.
66.0225   Stipulated boundary agreements in contested boundary actions.
66.0227   Detachment of territory.
66.0229   Consolidation.
66.0230   Town consolidation with a city or village.
66.0231   Notice of certain litigation affecting municipal status or boundaries.
66.0233   Town participation in actions to test alterations of town boundaries.
66.0235   Adjustment of assets and liabilities on division of territory.
66.0301   Intergovernmental cooperation.
66.0303   Municipal interstate cooperation.
66.0304   Conduit revenue bonds.
66.0305   Political subdivision revenue sharing.
66.0307   Boundary change pursuant to approved cooperative plan.
2019-20 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2021 Wis. Act 267 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 2, 2022. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 2, 2022, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-2-22)