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59.69(5m)(a) (a) Subject to par. (b), if a county clerk receives a notice from a town under s. 60.23 (34) (b) 1. before July 1 of the year before a year in which a town may withdraw from county zoning under s. 60.23 (34), a county board may enact an ordinance, before October 1 of the year in which the county clerk receives the notice, to repeal all of its zoning ordinances enacted under this section if it so notifies, in writing, all of the towns that are subject to its zoning ordinances. If a county does not repeal all of its zoning ordinances as described in this paragraph, it shall amend its zoning ordinances to specify that the ordinances do not apply in the town from which it received the notice.
59.69(5m)(b) (b) An ordinance enacted under par. (a) shall have a delayed effective date of one year. No county board may repeal under this subsection a county shoreland zoning or floodplain zoning ordinance.
59.69(6) (6)Optional additional procedures. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the zoning agency, the board or a town board from adopting any procedures in addition to those prescribed in this section and not in conflict therewith. Such procedures may, but are not required to, provide for public hearings before the county board. The public hearing provided by sub. (5) (a) and (e) 2. is deemed to be sufficient for the requirements of due process whether or not the county board holds a further public hearing thereafter.
59.69(7) (7)Continued effect of ordinance. Whenever an area which has been subject to a county zoning ordinance petitions to become part of a city or village, the regulations imposed by the county zoning ordinance shall continue in effect, without change, and shall be enforced by the city or village until the regulations have been changed by official action of the governing body of the city or village, except that in the event an ordinance of annexation is contested in the courts, the county zoning shall prevail and the county shall have jurisdiction over the zoning in the area affected until ultimate determination of the court action.
59.69(8) (8)Exchange of tax deeded lands. When a county acquires lands by tax deeds, the board may exchange such lands for other lands in the county for the purpose of promoting the regulation and restriction of agricultural and forestry lands and may exchange such lands for other lands for the purpose of creating a park or recreational area.
59.69(9) (9)Zoning of county-owned lands.
59.69(9)(a) (a) The county board may by ordinance zone and rezone lands owned by the county without necessity of securing the approval of the town boards of the towns wherein the lands are situated and without following the procedure outlined in sub. (5), provided that the county board shall give written notice to the town board of the town wherein the lands are situated of its intent to so rezone and shall hold a public hearing on the proposed rezoning ordinance and give notice of the hearing by posting in 5 public places in the town.
59.69(9)(b) (b) This subsection does not apply to land that is subject to a town zoning ordinance which is purchased by the county for use as a solid or hazardous waste disposal facility or hazardous waste storage or treatment facility, as these terms are defined under s. 289.01.
59.69(10) (10)Nonconforming uses.
59.69(10)(ab) (ab) In this subsection “nonconforming use" means a use of land, a dwelling, or a building that existed lawfully before the current zoning ordinance was enacted or amended, but that does not conform with the use restrictions in the current ordinance.
59.69(10)(am) (am) An ordinance enacted under this section may not prohibit the continuance of the lawful use of any building, premises, structure, or fixture for any trade or industry for which such building, premises, structure, or fixture is used at the time that the ordinances take effect, but the alteration of, or addition to, or repair in excess of 50 percent of its assessed value of any existing building, premises, structure, or fixture for the purpose of carrying on any prohibited trade or new industry within the district where such buildings, premises, structures, or fixtures are located, may be prohibited. The continuance of the nonconforming use of a temporary structure may be prohibited. If the nonconforming use is discontinued for a period of 12 months, any future use of the building, premises, structure, or fixture shall conform to the ordinance.
59.69(10)(at) (at) Notwithstanding par. (am), a manufactured home community licensed under s. 101.935 that is a legal nonconforming use continues to be a legal nonconforming use notwithstanding the occurrence of any of the following activities within the community:
59.69(10)(at)1. 1. Repair or replacement of homes.
59.69(10)(at)2. 2. Repair or replacement of infrastructure.
59.69(10)(b)1.1. Except as provided under subd. 2., the board shall designate an officer to administer the zoning ordinance, who may be the secretary of the zoning agency, a building inspector appointed under s. 59.698 or other appropriate person.
59.69(10)(b)2. 2. Notwithstanding subd. 1. and s. 59.698, in a county with a county zoning agency and a county executive or county administrator, the county executive or county administrator shall appoint and supervise the head of the county zoning agency and the county building inspector, in separate or combined positions. The appointment is subject to confirmation by the board unless the board, by ordinance, elects to waive confirmation or unless the appointment is made under a civil service system competitive examination procedure established under s. 59.52 (8) or ch. 63. The board, by resolution or ordinance, may provide that, notwithstanding s. 17.10 (6), the head of the county zoning agency and the county building inspector, whether serving in a separate or combined position, if appointed under this subdivision, may not be removed from his or her position except for cause.
59.69(10)(b)3. 3. The officer designated under subd. 1. or 2. shall cause a record to be made immediately after the enactment of an ordinance or amendment thereto, or change in district boundary, approved by the town board, of all lands, premises and buildings in the town used for purposes not conforming to the regulations applicable to the district in which they are situated. The record shall include the legal description of the lands, the nature and extent of the uses therein, and the names and addresses of the owner or occupant or both. Promptly on its completion the record shall be published in the county as a class 1 notice, under ch. 985. The record, as corrected, shall be on