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349.01   Words and phrases defined.
349.015   Applicability of chapter to electric scooters and electric personal assistive mobility devices.
349.02   Police and traffic officers to enforce law.
349.025   Quotas relating to the enforcement of traffic regulations prohibited.
349.03   Regulation by local authorities forbidden; exceptions.
349.04   Truck driver education surcharges.
349.06   Authority to adopt traffic regulations in strict conformity with state law.
349.065   Uniform traffic control devices.
349.07   Authority to designate through highways.
349.08   Cost of signs and traffic control signals.
349.085   Authority to install stop signs at railroad grade crossings.
349.09   Authority to remove prohibited signs or signals.
349.10   Authority to designate one-way highways, safety zones, turns and lanes.
349.105   Authority to prohibit certain traffic on expressways and freeways.
349.11   Authority to modify speed restrictions.
349.12   Authority to designate no-passing zones.
349.13   Authority to regulate the stopping, standing or parking of vehicles.
349.132   Authority to require vehicle registration.
349.135   Authority to regulate radios or other electric sound amplification devices.
349.137   Authority to regulate use of motor vehicle immobilization devices.
349.139   Authority to immobilize, remove, impound, and dispose of motor vehicles for nonmoving traffic violations.
349.14   Authority to use parking meters.
349.145   Authority to establish disabled parking enforcement assistance councils.
349.15   Authority to modify weight limitations and classify highways.
349.16   Authority to impose special or seasonal weight limitations.
349.17   Authority of cities, villages and towns to regulate heavy traffic.
349.18   Additional traffic-control authority of counties and municipalities.
349.185   Authority to regulate certain events and pedestrians.
349.19   Authority to require accident reports.
349.20   Authority to prohibit use of bridges for fishing or swimming.
349.21   Authority to regulate school bus warning lights.
349.215   Authority to appoint school crossing guards.
349.217   Authority to appoint traffic control attendants.
349.22   Authority to establish mass transit way.
349.23   Authority to designate bicycle lanes and bicycle ways.
349.235   Authority to restrict use of in-line skates on roadway.
349.236   Authority to regulate operation of electric personal assistive mobility devices and personal delivery devices.
349.237   Authority to regulate electric scooters.
349.24   Authority to license taxicab operators and taxicabs.
349.25   Authority to license hayrack and sleigh rides.
349.26   Authority to allow or prohibit the operation of low-speed vehicles.
subch. I of ch. 349 SUBCHAPTER I
349.01 349.01 Words and phrases defined.
349.01(1)(1)Words and phrases defined in s. 340.01 are used in the same sense in this chapter unless a different definition is specifically provided.
349.01(2) (2)In this chapter, “chauffeur" means a person employed full time or on a regular basis, including leased drivers, for the principal purpose of operating a motor vehicle.
349.01 History History: 1989 a. 105.
349.015 349.015 Applicability of chapter to electric scooters and electric personal assistive mobility devices. An electric scooter and an electric personal assistive mobility device shall be considered a vehicle for purposes of this chapter, except those provisions which by their express terms apply only to motor vehicles or which by their very nature would have no application to electric scooters or electric personal assistive mobility devices.
349.015 History History: 2001 a. 90; 2019 a. 11.
349.02 349.02 Police and traffic officers to enforce law.
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