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295.77(3) (3)Contested case hearings on other decisions. A person is entitled to a contested case hearing on a decision by the department related to a mining operation that is issued after the department issues the decision to approve the application for the mining permit for the mining operation, other than a decision described in sub. (2) (a) 2., if the person is entitled to a contested case hearing under s. 227.42 and complies with the requirements for service and filing in s. 227.53 (1) (a).
295.77(4) (4)Notwithstanding s. 227.53 (1) (a) 3., any person seeking judicial review of the decision on a contested case under sub. (2) or (3) or of any decision of the department under this subchapter shall bring the action in the circuit court for the county in which the majority of the bulk sampling site or mining site is located or in which the majority of the exploration will occur.
295.77 History History: 2013 a. 1.
295.78 295.78 Mining and reclamation; orders.
295.78(1)(a) (a) If the department finds a violation of law or any unapproved deviation from the mining plan, reclamation plan, or mining waste site feasibility study and plan of operation at a mining site under a mining permit, the department shall do one of the following:
295.78(1)(a)1. 1. Issue an order requiring the operator to comply with the law, mining plan, reclamation plan, or mining waste site feasibility study and plan of operation within a specified time.
295.78(1)(a)2. 2. Require the alleged violator to appear before the department for a hearing and answer the department's charges.
295.78(1)(a)3. 3. Request the department of justice to initiate action under s. 295.79.
295.78(1)(b) (b) Any order issued under par. (a) 1. following a hearing takes effect immediately. Any other order takes effect 10 days after the date the order is served, unless the person named in the order requests in writing a hearing before the department within the 10-day period.
295.78(1)(c) (c) If no hearing on an order issued under par. (a) 1. was held and if the department receives a request for a hearing within 10 days after the date the order is served, the department shall provide due notice and hold a hearing. If after the hearing the department finds that no violation has occurred, it shall rescind its order.
295.78(1)(d) (d) If an operator fails to comply with an order issued under par. (a) 1. within the time for compliance specified in the order, the department shall suspend the mining permit until the operator fully complies with the order, except that if the operator seeks review of the order under s. 295.77 (3), mining may continue until the final disposition of the action, except as provided under sub. (4).
295.78(1)(e) (e) The department shall inform the department of justice of a suspension under par. (d) within 14 days. After receiving notice of a suspension, the department of justice may commence an action under s. 295.79.
295.78(2) (2)If reclamation of a mining site is not proceeding in accordance with the reclamation plan and the operator has not begun to rectify deficiencies within the time specified in an order, or if the reclamation is not properly completed in conformance with the reclamation plan within one year after completion or abandonment of mining on any portion of the mining site, unless because of acts of God, such as adverse weather affecting grading, planting, and growing conditions, the department, with the staff, equipment, and material under its control, or by contract with others, shall take the actions that are necessary for the reclamation of mined areas. The operator is liable for the cost to the state of reclamation conducted under this subsection.
295.78(3) (3)The department shall cancel all other mining permits held by an operator who refuses to reclaim a mining site in compliance with the reclamation plan after the completion of mining or after the cancellation of a mining permit. The department may not issue any mining permit for that mining site or any other mining site in this state to an operator who refused to reclaim the mining site in compliance with the reclamation plan.
295.78(4) (4)At any time that the department determines that the continuance of mining constitutes an immediate and substantial threat to public health and safety or the environment, the department may request the department of justice to institute an action in circuit court of the county in which the mine is located for a restraining order or injunction or other appropriate remedy to stop mining until the immediate and substantial threat is eliminated.
295.78(5) (5)Section 281.346 (7m) does not apply to a water withdrawal associated with a mining operation for which a mining permit has been issued.
295.78 History History: 2013 a. 1.
295.79 295.79 Enforcement; penalties.
295.79(1)(1)The department of justice shall enforce this subchapter and any order issued under this subchapter. The circuit court of the county where the violation occurred has jurisdiction to enforce this subchapter or any orders issued under this subchapter, by injunction or other appropriate relief.
295.79(2) (2)
295.79(2)(a)(a) Any person who authorizes or engages in mining without a mining permit and written authorization to mine under s. 295.59 (3) shall forfeit all profits obtained from those illegal activities and not more than $5,000 for each day during which the mine was in operation.
295.79(2)(b) (b) A person to whom par. (a) applies is also liable to the department for the full cost of reclaiming the affected area of land and any damages caused by the mining.
295.79(2)(c) (c) If the violator of par. (a) is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or association, any officer, director, member, manager, or partner who knowingly authorizes, supervises, or contracts for mining is also subject to the penalties in this subsection.
295.79(3) (3)Any person who makes or causes to be made in an application or report required by this subchapter a statement known to the person to be false or misleading in any material respect or who refuses to submit information required by a mining permit or by this subchapter may be fined not less than $1,000 nor more than $5,000. If the false or misleading statement is material to the issuance of the mining permit and the mining permit would not have been issued had the false or misleading statement not been made, the court may revoke the mining permit. If any violation under this subsection is repeated the court may revoke the mining permit.
295.79(4) (4)
295.79(4)(a)(a) Any person who commits a violation of this subchapter or any permit or order issued under this subchapter, except for the violations enumerated in subs. (2) and (3), shall forfeit not less than $10 nor more than $5,000 for each violation. Each day of continued violation is a separate offense, except that no forfeiture may be imposed during the time that continued mining is authorized under s. 295.63 (3). While an order is suspended, stayed, or enjoined, this penalty does not accrue.
295.79(4)(b) (b) In addition to the penalties provided under par. (a), the court may award the department of justice the reasonable and necessary expenses of the investigation and prosecution of the violation, including attorney fees. The department of justice shall deposit in the state treasury for deposit into the general fund all moneys that the court awards to the department or the state under this paragraph. These moneys shall be credited to the appropriation account under s. 20.455 (1) (gh).
295.79(5) (5)Any person having an interest that is or may be adversely affected may intervene as a matter of right, in any enforcement action brought under this section.
295.79 History History: 2013 a. 1.
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