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29.071   Wildlife on Indian reservations protected.
29.075   Hunting, trapping and fishing by American Indians.
29.079   Deer hunting by practitioners of Ho-Chunk religion.
29.083   Interference with hunting, fishing or trapping.
29.084   Incentives for recruitment.
29.088   Use of poison and explosives; pole traps.
29.089   Hunting, fishing, and trapping on land in state parks and state fish hatcheries.
29.091   Hunting or trapping in wildlife refuge.
29.095   Hunting on land in a school forest.
29.161   Resident small game hunting license.
29.164   Wild turkey hunting approvals.
29.171   Resident archer hunting license.
29.172   Resident crossbow hunting license.
29.173   Resident deer hunting license.
29.177   Special deer hunting permits.
29.179   Transfer of approvals to minors and disabled persons.
29.180   Transfers of approvals upon death.
29.181   Bonus deer hunting permits.
29.182   Elk hunting licenses.
29.183   Deferral of certain approvals.
29.184   Bear licenses.
29.185   Wolf harvesting licenses.
29.191   Hunting stamps.
29.192   Regulation of takings of certain wild animals.
29.193   Approvals for disabled persons.
29.194   Resident approvals for certain nonresidents and members of the armed forces.
29.1945   Approvals for veterans and military members.
29.195   Disabled veterans, Great Lakes Naval Hospital.
29.197   Waivers of certain approvals.
29.199   Authorizations for certain patients and institutionalized persons to fish.
29.201   Waiver of fishing license requirement for groups of disabled persons.
29.204   Nonresident annual small game hunting license.
29.207   Nonresident 5-day small game hunting license.
29.211   Nonresident deer hunting license.
29.213   Nonresident fur-bearing animal hunting license.
29.216   Nonresident archer hunting license.
29.217   Nonresident crossbow hunting license.
29.219   Resident fishing licenses.
29.228   Nonresident fishing licenses.
29.2285   Fishing stamps and tags.
29.229   Fishing approvals issued by the Lac du Flambeau band.
29.2295   Department approvals issued on the Lac du Flambeau reservation.
29.2297   Federal approvals for hunting, trapping, and fishing.
29.231   Sports licenses.
29.235   Conservation patron license.
29.236   Annual disabled veteran recreation card.
29.237   Sturgeon spearing license.
29.241   Trapping license.
29.301   General restrictions on hunting.
29.304   Restrictions on hunting and use of firearms by persons under 16 years of age.
29.307   Hunting with aid of aircraft prohibited.
29.311   Shotshell restrictions.
29.312   Rules regulating the sighting of a firearm.
29.314   Shining animals.
29.317   Taking homing pigeons.
29.319   Falconry regulation.
29.322   Taking certain wounded animals.
29.324   Group deer hunting.
29.327   Regulation of waterfowl blinds.
29.331   Trapping regulation.
29.334   Hunting and trapping; treatment of wild animals.
29.335   Feeding wild animals for nonhunting purposes.
29.336   Feeding deer.
29.337   Hunting and trapping by landowners and occupants.
29.341   Duties on accidental shooting.
29.345   Hunting, fishing or trapping accident; failure to report.
29.346   Registration information.
29.347   Possession of deer and elk; heads and skins.
29.349   Animals killed by motor vehicles.
29.351   Skins of fur-bearing animals.
29.354   Possession of game birds and animals.
29.357   Transportation; general provisions.
29.361   Transportation of deer or elk.
29.364   Transportation of game birds.
29.401   Possession of fishing equipment.
29.403   Fishing tournaments.
29.404   Fishing shanties on ice, regulation.
29.405   Fishing with bow and arrow or crossbow.
29.406   Fishing by hand.
29.407   Transportation of fish.
29.411   Cooperation during a fish census.
29.414   Erection of barriers to exclude rough fish.
29.417   Permit to take rough fish.
2017-18 Wisconsin Statutes updated through 2019 Wis. Act 186 and through all Supreme Court and Controlled Substances Board Orders filed before and in effect on November 3, 2020. Published and certified under s. 35.18. Changes effective after November 3, 2020, are designated by NOTES. (Published 11-3-20)