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25.156(8) (8)The board shall keep full minutes of its proceedings.
25.156(9) (9)The chairperson of the board shall appear at least annually before any committee established in the senate, whose jurisdiction includes financial institutions, if that committee so requests.
25.156 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also chs. IB 1 and 2, Wis. adm. code.
25.156 Annotation The board lacks authority to place one of its members or employees on the board of directors of a private corporation. 75 Atty. Gen. 213.
25.16 25.16 Executive director.
25.16(1)(1)The executive and administrative functions of the board, except for the functions performed by the internal auditor under s. 25.165 (2), shall be vested in an executive director, who shall perform the functions of executive director in conformity with the requirements of the members of the board and in accordance with policies, principles and directives determined by the members of the board.
25.16(2) (2)The executive director may appoint a chief legal counsel, chief financial officer, chief risk officer, and investment directors, shall appoint a chief investment officer unless the executive director is also the chief investment officer, and shall appoint all other employees necessary to carry out the functions of the board, except that the board shall appoint the internal auditor and shall participate in the selection of the chief investment officer and investment directors and the internal auditor shall appoint his or her staff. The executive director shall appoint all employees outside the classified service. Neither the executive director, the internal auditor, the chief investment officer, the chief legal counsel, the chief financial officer, the chief risk officer, any investment director, nor any other employee of the board shall have any financial interest, either directly or indirectly, in any firm engaged in the sale or marketing of real estate or investments of any kind if it would create a conflict of interest for the investment board, nor shall any of them render investment advice to others for remuneration.
25.16(3) (3)The executive director may appoint a deputy executive director. The deputy executive director shall perform the duties prescribed by the executive director.
25.16(4) (4)The executive director shall take the official oath and the executive director, chief investment officer and each investment director shall file a bond for the faithful performance of that person's duties in such amount and with such sureties as the members of the board require.
25.16(5) (5)The assistant director shall act in place of the executive director in his or her absence or disability. The assistant director shall take and file the official oath required of the executive director.
25.16(6) (6)All deeds, contracts and other documents which must be executed by or on behalf of the board shall be signed by the executive director. The executive director may delegate the authority to execute documents to other board employees. Where the board has an interest in property, the authority to execute leases as lessor may be delegated within leasing guidelines to outside managers retained pursuant to a written contract. The members of the board or the executive director may require the countersignature of an investment director or an investment supervisor on certain documents.
25.16(7) (7)The executive director shall fix the compensation of all employees appointed by the executive director, but the board may provide for bonus compensation to employees. All employees shall pay employee required contributions under s. 40.05 (1) (a) 1. or 2., whichever is appropriate, and shall pay the employee share of health insurance premiums as determined under s. 40.05 (4) (ag).
25.16 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also s. IB 1.07, Wis. adm. code.
25.165 25.165 Internal auditor.
25.165(1)(1)There is created in the board an internal audit subunit, under the supervision of the internal auditor. The internal auditor shall report directly to the board and shall appoint all employees necessary to carry out the duties of the internal auditor. The internal auditor shall appoint all employees outside the classified service. The internal auditor shall fix the compensation of all employees appointed by the internal auditor, but the board may provide for bonus compensation to employees.
25.165(2) (2)The internal auditor may review any activity, information or investment of the board and have access to records of the board and any external party under contract with the board and shall do all of the following:
25.165(2)(a) (a) Plan and conduct audit activities, risk assessments, research projects and management reviews under the direction of the board and in accordance with policies, principles and directives determined by the board.
25.165(2)(b) (b) Coordinate and assist with external audits and reviews of the board.
25.165(2)(c) (c) Through periodic internal audits, monitor for compliance with applicable legal requirements and with the board's contractual agreements any bank, savings and loan association, savings bank, or credit union with which the board has entered into a custodial agreement under s. 25.17 (11); any investment advisers with which the board has contracted to manage and control board assets under s. 25.18 (2) (e); and any other external parties with which the board has contracted to provide investment services to the board.
25.165 History History: 1995 a. 274; 1999 a. 9, 83, 186; 2011 a. 32; 2021 a. 177.
25.167 25.167 Chief investment officer.
25.167(1m)(1m)Except as provided in sub. (2m), under the supervision of the executive director, the chief investment officer shall do all of the following:
25.167(1m)(a) (a) Monitor activities of the investment directors for compliance with the board's investment policies and guidelines in investment decisions and approve unusual transactions, as defined by the board.
25.167(1m)(b) (b) Develop and implement operating procedures that are intended to ensure that the investment policies and guidelines of the board are followed.
25.167(1m)(c) (c) Ensure that investments are completely and accurately reported on all management and financial reports and that any information requested by the board is provided to the board on a timely basis.
25.167(2m) (2m)If the executive director and chief investment officer are the same person, the executive director shall designate another investment director to take the actions specified in sub. (1m).
25.167 History History: 1995 a. 274; 2021 a. 177.
25.17 25.17 Powers and duties of board. The “State of Wisconsin Investment Board" shall be a body corporate with power to sue and be sued in said name. The board shall have a seal with the words, “State of Wisconsin Investment Board". Subject to s. 25.183, the board shall:
25.17(1) (1)Have exclusive control of the investment and collection of the principal and interest of all moneys loaned or invested from any of the following funds:
25.17(1)(ad) (ad) Agrichemical management fund (s. 25.465);
25.17(1)(af) (af) Agricultural chemical cleanup fund (s. 25.468);
25.17(1)(afp) (afp) Agricultural college fund (s. 24.82), but subject to the terms of the contract under s. 24.61 (2) (c);
25.17(1)(ag) (ag) Agricultural producer security fund (s. 25.463);
25.17(1)(ai) (ai) Air quality improvement fund (s. 25.97);
25.17(1)(aj) (aj) Ambulance service provider trust fund (s. 25.776);
25.17(1)(ak) (ak) Artistic endowment fund (s. 25.78);
25.17(1)(am) (am) Benevolent fund (s. 25.31);
25.17(1)(an) (an) Bond security and redemption fund (s. 18.09);
25.17(1)(ap) (ap) Budget stabilization fund (s. 25.60);
25.17(1)(ar) (ar) Capital improvement fund (s. 18.08);
25.17(1)(av) (av) Children's trust fund (s. 25.67);
25.17(1)(ax) (ax) College savings program trust fund (s. 25.85), but subject to sub. (2) (f);
25.17(1)(axp) (axp) Common school fund (s. 24.76), but subject to the terms of the contract under s. 24.61 (2) (c);
25.17(1)(ay) (ay) College savings program bank deposit trust fund (s. 25.853), but subject to sub. (2) (f);
25.17(1)(az) (az) College savings program credit union deposit trust fund (s. 25.855), but subject to sub. (2) (f);
25.17(1)(b) (b) Conservation fund (s. 25.29);
25.17(1)(br) (br) Core retirement investment trust (s. 40.04 (3));
25.17(1)(c) (c) County mining investment fund (s. 25.65);
25.17(1)(cg) (cg) Critical access hospital assessment fund (s. 25.774);
25.17(1)(d) (d) Dry cleaner environmental response fund (s. 25.48);
25.17(1)(e) (e) Election administration fund (s. 25.425);
25.17(1)(en) (en) Environmental fund (s. 25.46);
25.17(1)(g) (g) General fund (s. 25.20);
25.17(1)(gi) (gi) Heritage state parks and forests trust fund (s. 25.295);
25.17(1)(gm) (gm) Historical legacy trust fund (s. 25.72);
25.17(1)(gn) (gn) Historical society endowment fund (s. 25.73);
25.17(1)(gp) (gp) Historical society trust fund (s. 25.70);
25.17(1)(gr) (gr) History preservation partnership trust fund (s. 25.74);
25.17(1)(gs) (gs) Hospital assessment fund (s. 25.772);
25.17(1)(hm) (hm) Industrial building construction loan fund (s. 560.10, 2005 stats.);
25.17(1)(i) (i) VendorNet fund (s. 25.61);
25.17(1)(j) (j) Insurance security fund (s. 646.21 (2));
25.17(1)(jc) (jc) Investment and local impact fund (s. 70.395 (2) (b));
25.17(1)(je) (je) Land information fund (s. 25.55);
25.17(1)(jg) (jg) Local government pooled-investment fund (s. 25.50);
25.17(1)(jm) (jm) Local government property insurance fund (ch. 605);
25.17(1)(jr) (jr) Lottery fund (s. 25.75);
25.17(1)(jv) (jv) Medical assistance trust fund (s. 25.77);
25.17(1)(jx) (jx) Military family relief fund (s. 25.38);
25.17(1)(k) (k) Nuclear waste escrow fund (s. 25.469);
25.17(1)(ka) (ka) Natural resources land endowment fund (s. 25.293);
25.17(1)(kd) (kd) Normal school fund (s. 24.80), but subject to the terms of the contract under s. 24.61 (2) (c);
25.17(1)(kp) (kp) Injured patients and families compensation fund (s. 655.27);
25.17(1)(kr) (kr) Permanent endowment fund (s. 25.69);
25.17(1)(ks) (ks) Petroleum inspection fund (s. 25.47);
25.17(1)(ku) (ku) Police and fire protection fund (s. 25.99);
25.17(1)(kw) (kw) Property tax relief fund (s. 25.62);
25.17(1)(L) (L) Public employee trust fund (s. 40.01);
25.17(1)(nm) (nm) Economic development fund (s. 25.49);
25.17(1)(o) (o) School fund income (s. 24.77);
25.17(1)(p) (p) Self-insured employers liability fund (s. 102.28 (8));
25.17(1)(pg) (pg) State building trust fund (s. 25.30), except for the purpose and extent of loans to the Wisconsin State Public Building Corporation, the Wisconsin University Building Corporation, and the Wisconsin State Colleges Building Corporation, which are subject to sub. (2) (b);
25.17(1)(q) (q) State capitol restoration fund (s. 25.35);
25.17(1)(r) (r) State housing authority reserve fund (s. 25.41);
25.17(1)(t) (t) State life insurance fund (ch. 607);
25.17(1)(tm) (tm) Support collections trust fund (s. 25.68);
25.17(1)(v) (v) Transportation fund (s. 25.40);
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