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20.923(2)(i) (i) The annual salary of the state treasurer shall be set at 15.4 percent above the minimum of the salary range for executive salary group 1.
20.923(2)(j) (j) The annual salary of a district attorney shall be set under s. 978.12.
20.923(3) (3)Justices and judges. The annual salary for any supreme court justice or judge of the court of appeals or circuit court shall be established under sub. (2), except that any compensation adjustments granted under s. 230.12 shall not become effective until such time as any justice or judge takes the oath of office.
20.923(4) (4)State agency positions. State agency heads, the director of the bureau of merit recruitment and selection in the department of administration and commission chairpersons and members shall be identified and limited in number in accordance with the standardized nomenclature contained in this subsection, and shall be assigned to the executive salary groups listed in pars. (a) to (h). Except for positions specified in pars. (c) 3m. and (g) 1e. and sub. (12), all unclassified division administrator positions enumerated under s. 230.08 (2) (e) shall be assigned, when approved by the joint committee on employment relations, by the administrator of the division of personnel management in the department of administration to one of 10 executive salary groups. The joint committee on employment relations, by majority vote of the full committee, may amend recommendations for initial position assignments and changes in assignments to the executive salary groups submitted by the administrator of the division of personnel management in the department of administration. All division administrator assignments and amendments to assignments of administrator positions approved by the committee shall become part of the compensation plan. Whenever a new unclassified division administrator position is created, the appointing authority may set the salary for the position until the joint committee on employment relations approves assignment of the position to an executive salary group. If the committee approves assignment of the position to an executive salary group having a salary range minimum or maximum inconsistent with the salary paid to the incumbent at the time of such approval, the incumbent's salary shall be adjusted by the appointing authority to conform with the committee's action, effective on the date of that action. Positions are assigned as follows:
20.923(4)(a) (a) Positions assigned to executive salary group 1:
20.923(4)(a)2. 2. Arts board: executive secretary.
20.923(4)(a)2m. 2m. Corrections, department of: director of prison industries.
20.923(4)(b) (b) Positions assigned to executive salary group 2:
20.923(4)(b)4. 4. Judicial commission: executive director.
20.923(4)(b)6. 6. Parole commission: chairperson.
20.923(4)(c) (c) Positions assigned to executive salary group 3:
20.923(4)(c)1. 1. Administration, department of: director of federal-state relations office.
20.923(4)(c)1m. 1m. Administration, department of: regional directors of intergovernmental affairs.
20.923(4)(c)2. 2. Administration, department of; office of business development: director.
20.923(4)(c)3. 3. Office of credit unions: director of.
20.923(4)(c)3m. 3m. Administration, department of; division of personnel management; bureau of merit recruitment and selection: administrator.
20.923(4)(c)4. 4. Higher educational aids board: executive secretary.
20.923(4)(c)5. 5. Justice, department of: executive director of the office of crime victim services.
20.923(4)(c)6. 6. Justice, department of: director of the office of school safety.
20.923(4)(d) (d) Positions assigned to executive salary group 4:
20.923(4)(d)1. 1. Administration, department of; tax appeals commission: chairperson and members. The chairperson of the commission and the governor, at the time a new member is appointed, shall jointly determine the salary of the new member within the range for this group.
20.923(4)(e) (e) Positions assigned to executive salary group 5:
20.923(4)(e)1e. 1e. Educational communications board: executive director.
20.923(4)(e)2. 2. Employment relations commission: chairperson.
20.923(4)(e)3. 3. Workforce development: employment and training: executive director.
20.923(4)(e)4. 4. Administration, department of: labor and industry review commission: member and chairperson.
20.923(4)(e)11. 11. Public service commission; office of the commissioner of railroads: commissioner.
20.923(4)(e)12. 12. State fair park board: state fair park director.
20.923(4)(f) (f) Positions assigned to executive salary group 6:
20.923(4)(f)1. 1. Administration, department of; division of personnel management: administrator.
20.923(4)(f)2. 2. Agriculture, trade and consumer protection, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(f)2d. 2d. Children and families, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(f)2m. 2m. Commerce, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(f)3f. 3f. Financial institutions, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(f)6. 6. Legislature; legislative council staff: director.
20.923(4)(f)6m. 6m. Legislature; legislative audit bureau: director.
20.923(4)(f)6n. 6n. Legislature, legislative technology services bureau: director.
20.923(4)(f)7. 7. Veterans affairs, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(f)7m. 7m. Legislature; legislative reference bureau: chief.
20.923(4)(f)7s. 7s. Legislature; legislative fiscal bureau: director.
20.923(4)(f)7t. 7t. Office of the governor: executive secretary.
20.923(4)(f)7v. 7v. Insurance, commissioner of.
20.923(4)(f)7w. 7w. Public defender board: state public defender.
20.923(4)(f)8e. 8e. Military affairs, department of: adjutant general.
20.923(4)(f)8h. 8h. Public service commission: chairperson and commissioners.
20.923(4)(f)8m. 8m. Safety and professional services, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(f)9. 9. Tourism, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(g) (g) Positions assigned to executive salary group 7:
20.923(4)(g)1e. 1e. Administration, department of; division of enterprise technology: administrator.
20.923(4)(g)1r. 1r. Historical society: director.
20.923(4)(g)2. 2. Natural resources, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(g)3. 3. Revenue, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(g)4. 4. Transportation, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(g)6. 6. Workforce development, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(h) (h) Positions assigned to executive salary group 8:
20.923(4)(h)1. 1. Administration, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(h)2g. 2g. Corrections, department of: secretary.
20.923(4)(h)5. 5. Health services, department of: secretary.
20.923(6) (6)Salaries set by appointing authorities. Salaries for the following positions may be set by the appointing authority, subject to restrictions otherwise set forth in the statutes and the compensation plan under s. 230.12, except where the salaries are a subject of bargaining with a certified representative of a collective bargaining unit under s. 111.91:
20.923(6)(ac) (ac) Administration, department of: deputy and assistant district attorneys.
20.923(6)(ah) (ah) Administration, department of; federal-state relations office: director and staff assistant.
20.923(6)(aj) (aj) Administration, department of; interagency council on homelessness: director.
20.923(6)(aL) (aL) Administration, department of: director of Indian gaming, and the attorney appointed under s. 569.015 (2).
20.923(6)(am) (am) Each elective executive officer, except the secretary of state and the state treasurer: a stenographer.
20.923(6)(as) (as) Each elective executive officer other than the state treasurer, secretary of state, attorney general and superintendent of public instruction: a deputy or assistant.
20.923(6)(b) (b) Educational communications board: unclassified professional staff.
20.923(6)(bd) (bd) Children and families, department of: director of the office of urban development.
20.923(6)(bg) (bg) Historical society: state historian.
20.923(6)(bj) (bj) Historical society: unclassified sales and development professionals employed under s. 44.20 (4) (a).
20.923(6)(bm) (bm) Investment board: all positions.
20.923(6)(bp) (bp) Legislative technology services bureau: staff employees.
20.923(6)(c) (c) Organized militia: offices and positions, except as provided in sub. (8).
20.923(6)(cm) (cm) Judicial commission: staff member.
20.923(6)(d) (d) Judicial council: attorney, technical and clerical help.
20.923(6)(e) (e) Law library, state: librarian, assistant librarian, clerical and expert assistants.
20.923(6)(em) (em) Legislative audit bureau: legislative auditors, assistants and clerical employees.
20.923(6)(f) (f) Legislative council staff: clerical and expert assistants.
20.923(6)(g) (g) Legislative fiscal bureau: assistants, analysts and clerical employees.
20.923(6)(gm) (gm) Legislative reference bureau: all positions other than the chief.
20.923(6)(h) (h) Legislature: policy research personnel, assistants to legislators, research staff assigned to legislative committees, and other persons employed under s. 13.20.
20.923(6)(hh) (hh) Lower Wisconsin state riverway board: staff employees.
20.923(6)(hm) (hm) Public defender board: staff attorneys.
20.923(6)(hq) (hq) State fair park board: staff employees.
20.923(6)(i) (i) Supreme court: assistants, clerks and employees.
20.923(6)(j) (j) Supreme court: clerk.
20.923(6)(k) (k) Supreme court: deputy clerk.
20.923(6)(L) (L) Kickapoo reserve management board: executive director and staff.
20.923(6)(Lm) (Lm) University of Wisconsin-Madison, chancellor: all positions assigned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, other than chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
20.923(6)(m) (m) University of Wisconsin System: all positions, including the chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but not including any other position assigned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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