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186.01   Definitions.
186.015   Credit union review board.
186.02   Incorporation, bylaws, amendment, fees.
186.03   Use of name exclusive.
186.035   Deceptive or misleading use of credit union name, logo, or symbol.
186.06   Membership meetings, fiscal year.
186.07   Board of directors.
186.071   Oath of office.
186.08   Officers, management.
186.082   Definitions applicable to indemnification and insurance provisions.
186.083   Mandatory indemnification.
186.084   Determination of right to indemnification.
186.085   Allowance of expenses as incurred.
186.086   Credit union may limit indemnification.
186.087   Additional rights to indemnification and allowance of expenses.
186.088   Court-ordered indemnification.
186.089   Indemnification and allowance of expenses of employees and agents.
186.091   Insurance.
186.093   Definitions applicable to liability-related provisions.
186.094   Reliance by directors or officers.
186.095   Consideration of interests in addition to members' interests.
186.096   Limited liability of directors and officers.
186.098   Loans.
186.10   Minors' rights; shares in trust.
186.11   Investments.
186.112   Credit union borrowing.
186.113   Credit union powers.
186.114   Savings promotion prize programs.
186.115   Additional credit union authority.
186.116   Financially related services tie-ins.
186.118   Incidental powers parity with federal credit unions.
186.12   Compensation of officers, operation expenses.
186.13   Expulsion.
186.14   Expelled member rights and liabilities.
186.15   Auditing.
186.16   Dividends.
186.17   Reserves.
186.18   Dissolution.
186.19   Bonding requirements.
186.20   Financial privacy.
186.21   Credit unions promoted.
186.235   Office of credit unions.
186.31   Mergers.
186.314   Conversion.
186.315   Charter cancellation.
186.32   Corporate central credit union.
186.325   National corporate central credit union.
186.34   Federal share insurance.
186.36   Sale of insurance in credit unions.
186.41   Interstate acquisitions and mergers of credit unions.
186.45   Non-Wisconsin credit union, Wisconsin offices.
186.52   Customer access to appraisals.
186.53   Customer access to credit reports.
186.60   Venue.
186.70   Record search; members' inspection of records.
186.71   Reproduction and destruction of records; evidence.
186.80   False statements.
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