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16.85(16) (16)To review and approve the design and specifications of any rehabilitation or repair project of the Fox River Navigational System Authority on state-owned land, to approve the decision to proceed with the project, and to periodically review the progress of the project during construction to assure compliance with the approved design and specifications.
16.85 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also chs. Adm 20 and 24, Wis. adm. code.
16.851 16.851 Plans for state buildings, structures or facilities. Except as the department otherwise provides by rule, records of the department containing plans or specifications for any state-owned or state-leased building, structure or facility, or any proposed state-owned or state-leased building, structure or facility, are not subject to the right of public inspection or copying under s. 19.35 (1). If the department transfers any records containing any such plans or specifications to any other authority as defined in s. 19.32 (1), the department shall require the authority to agree in writing not to make the record available for public inspection or copying except as the department otherwise permits by rule.
16.851 History History: 1995 a. 27.
16.8511 16.8511 Secretary of administration; powers, duties.
16.8511(1)(1)The secretary or the secretary's designated assistants shall make a biennial inspection of each building of each institution of the state. The secretary may delegate this responsibility to the board, commission or officer in charge of such institution.
16.8511(2) (2)The secretary may delegate any of the work under this subchapter to the various state agencies when the secretary determines that the best interests of the state will be served. All such delegation will be in writing and accompanied by the proper rules and guidelines the agencies must follow to ensure performance to the satisfaction of the secretary.
16.8511 History History: 2005 a. 149 ss. 67, 69.
16.854 16.854 Services provided to professional baseball park districts.
16.854(1)(1)In this section:
16.854(1)(a) (a) “Minority business" has the meaning given in s. 16.287 (1) (e).
16.854(1)(b) (b) “Minority group member" has the meaning given in s. 16.287 (1) (f).
16.854(1)(c) (c) “Women's business" means a sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture or corporation that is at least 51 percent owned, controlled and actively managed by women.
16.854(2) (2)Subject to the requirements of s. 16.82 (7), the department may, upon request of any local professional baseball park district, if the district has entered into a lease agreement with the department under s. 16.82 (7), take charge of and supervise engineering or architectural services or construction work, as defined in s. 16.87 (1) (a), performed by, or for, the district for compensation to be agreed upon between the department and the district. In connection with such services or work, the department may furnish engineering, architectural, project management and other building construction services whenever requisitions therefor are presented to the department by the district. If the district has entered into a lease agreement with the department under s. 16.82 (7), the department may also assist the district, upon request of the district, in letting contracts for engineering, architectural or construction work authorized by law and in supervising the work done thereunder. The department may award any such contract for any combination or division of work it designates and may consider any factors in awarding a contract including price, time for completion of work and the qualifications and past performance of a contractor. In awarding contracts under this section for the construction of baseball park facilities, as defined in s. 229.65 (1), the department shall ensure that any person who is awarded a contract agrees, as a condition to receiving the contract, that his or her goal shall be to ensure that at least 25 percent of the employees hired because of the contract will be minority group members and at least 5 percent of the employees hired because of the contract will be women. It shall also be a goal of the department to ensure that at least 25 percent of the aggregate dollar value of contracts awarded for the construction of such facilities in the following areas are awarded to minority businesses and at least 5 percent of the aggregate dollar value of contracts awarded for the construction of such facilities in the following areas are awarded to women's businesses:
16.854(2)(a) (a) Contracts for the construction of baseball park facilities.
16.854(2)(b) (b) Contracts for professional services related to the construction of baseball park facilities.
16.854(2)(c) (c) Contracts for the development of baseball park facilities.
16.854(3) (3)It shall be a goal of the department, with regard to each of the contracts described under sub. (2) (a), (b) and (c), to award at least 25 percent of the dollar value of such contracts to minority businesses and at least 5 percent of the dollar value of such contracts to women's businesses. Sections 16.85, 16.8511, 16.855, and 16.87 do not apply to services provided or contracted by the department under this section.
16.854 History History: 1995 a. 56; 2005 a. 149; 2011 a. 32; 2013 a. 166.
16.855 16.855 Construction project contracts.
16.855(1g)(1g)In this section:
16.855(1g)(ag) (ag) “Board of Regents" means the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.
16.855(1g)(ar) (ar) “Mechanical, electrical, or plumbing subcontractor" is a contractor that performs mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or fire protection work and enters into a contract with a general prime contractor to perform their division of work.
16.855(1g)(b) (b) “Qualified bidder" means a person that the department certifies under sub. (9m) (b) 1.
16.855(1g)(c) (c) “Qualified responsible bidder" means a person who is a qualified bidder and who is a responsible bidder.
16.855(1g)(d) (d) “Responsible bidder" means a person that the department certifies under sub. (9m) (b) 2.
16.855(1g)(e) (e) “Single prime contracting" means bidding and contracting through a process in which only a general prime contractor has a contractual relationship with the state and all mechanical, electrical, or plumbing subcontractors are identified by the department or the Board of Regents and are subcontractors to the general prime contractor.
16.855(1g)(ec) (ec) “Single trade contractor” means a contractor whose primary business is the performance of a trade.
16.855(1g)(em) (em) “Trade” means mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or fire protection work.
16.855(1g)(f) (f) “UW gifts and grants project" means a construction project funded entirely with gifts and grants made to the University of Wisconsin System.
16.855(1m) (1m)The department shall let by contract to the lowest qualified responsible bidder all construction work when the estimated construction cost of the project exceeds $50,000, except for construction work authorized under s. 16.858 and except as provided in sub. (1r) or (10m) or s. 13.48 (19). If factors other than dollar amounts are required to be evaluated for a project, the department shall specify a formula that will convert the other factors into a dollar value for comparison.
16.855(1p) (1p)
16.855(1p)(a)(a) In this subsection:
16.855(1p)(a)1. 1. “Agreement with a labor organization" has the meaning given in s. 16.75 (1p) (a) 1.
16.855(1p)(a)2. 2. “Labor organization" has the meaning given in s. 5.02 (8m).
16.855(1p)(b) (b) The department may not do any of the following in a solicitation for bids under this section:
16.855(1p)(b)1. 1. Require that a bidder enter into or adhere to an agreement with a labor organization.
16.855(1p)(b)2. 2. Consider as a factor in making an award under this section whether any bidder has or has not entered into an agreement with a labor organization.
16.855(1p)(b)3. 3. Require that a bidder enter into, adhere to, or enforce any agreement that requires, as a condition of employment, that the bidder or bidder's employees become or remain members of, or be affiliated with, a labor organization or pay any dues, fees, assessments, or other charges or expenses of any kind or amount, or provide anything of value, to a labor organization or a labor organization's health, welfare, retirement, or other benefit plan or program.
16.855(1p)(c) (c) Nothing in this subsection prohibits employers or employees from entering into agreements or engaging in any other activity protected by the National Labor Relations Act, 29 USC 151 to 169.
16.855(1r) (1r)If a bidder is not a Wisconsin firm and the department determines that the state, foreign nation or subdivision thereof in which the bidder is domiciled grants a preference to bidders domiciled in that state, nation or subdivision in making governmental purchases, the department shall give a preference over that bidder to Wisconsin firms, if any, when awarding the contract, in the absence of compelling reasons to the contrary. The department may enter into agreements with states, foreign nations and subdivisions thereof for the purpose of implementing this subsection.
16.855(2) (2)Except for projects authorized under s. 16.858, whenever the estimated construction cost of a project exceeds $50,000, or if less and in the best interest of the state, the department shall:
16.855(2)(a) (a) Advertise for proposals by publication of a class 1 notice, under ch. 985, in the official state newspaper. Similar notices may be placed in publications likely to inform potential bidders of the project. The department may solicit bids from qualified contractors to insure adequate competition. All advertisements shall contain the following information:
16.855(2)(a)1. 1. Location of work and the name of the owner.
16.855(2)(a)2. 2. Scope of the work.
16.855(2)(a)3. 3. Amount of bid guarantee required.
16.855(2)(a)4. 4. Date, time and place of bid opening.
16.855(2)(a)5. 5. Date when and place where plans will be available.
16.855(2)(a)6. 6. That the department shall consider only bids from persons who are responsible bidders and, unless sub. (9m) (ar) 2. applies, qualified bidders.
16.855(2)(b)1.1. Require that a guarantee of not less than 10 percent of the amount of the bid shall be included with each bid submitted guaranteeing the execution of the contract within 10 days of offering, if offered within 30 days after the date set for the opening thereof. The parties may agree to extend the time for offering of the contract beyond 30 days after the opening of bids.
16.855(2)(b)2. 2. If the federal government participates in a state project, the bid guarantee required in this paragraph controls, unless the federal government makes a specific provision for a different bid guarantee.
16.855(2)(c) (c) Publicly open and read aloud, at the time and place specified in the notice, all bids. Within a reasonable time after opening, tabulations of all bids received shall be available for public inspection.
16.855(2)(d) (d) Not allow or make any correction or alteration of a bid, except as provided in sub. (6).
16.855(3) (3)At any time prior to the published time of opening, a bid may be withdrawn on written request submitted to the department by the bidder or the bidder's agent, without prejudice to the right of the bidder to file a new bid.
16.855(4) (4)If a bid contains an error, omission or mistake, the bidder may limit liability to the amount of the bidder's bid guarantee by giving written notice of intent not to execute the contract to the department within 72 hours of the bid opening. The department of administration, with the approval of the attorney general, may settle and dispose of cases and issues arising under this subsection. However, if no such settlement is obtained, the bidder is not entitled to recover the bid guarantee unless the bidder proves in the circuit court for Dane County that in making the mistake, error or omission the bidder was free from negligence.
16.855(5) (5)Any or all bids may be rejected if, in the opinion of the department, it is in the best interest of the state. The reasons for rejection shall be given to the bidder or bidders in writing.
16.855(6) (6)Nothing contained in this section shall prevent the department from negotiating deductive changes in the lowest qualified bid.
16.855(7) (7)The department may issue contract change orders, if they are deemed to be in the best interests of the state.
16.855(9m) (9m)
16.855(9m)(ag)(ag) In this subsection, “bidder" includes a potential bidder.
16.855(9m)(ar)1.1. The department shall certify bidders as qualified bidders under par. (b) 1. and responsible bidders under par. (b) 2. and shall administer a registration process for all bidders submitting bids on any construction project under this section. The department shall issue, in a timely manner, a certification decision on a complete application for certification. A certification under this subdivision is valid for 2 years except the department may decertify a bidder if the department determines that the bidder no longer meets the qualifications under par. (b) and if the department follows a decertification process developed by rule that provides to the bidder notice, hearing, and a means to appeal.
16.855(9m)(ar)2. 2. Notwithstanding sub. (1m) or (14) (d), the department may waive the condition of certification as a qualified bidder if the project is of such magnitude as to limit competition if the conditions under par. (b) 1. were required.
16.855(9m)(ar)3. 3. The department shall consider for certification under par. (b) associations consisting of at least 2 contracting firms that are organized for the purpose of entering into a construction contract as a single entity if at least one of the contracting firms is qualified under par. (b) and if the assignment of, and provisions for the continuity of, the various responsibilities within the association are agreed upon before the contract is awarded.
16.855(9m)(b)1.1. To be certified as a qualified bidder, a bidder must meet all of the following conditions:
16.855(9m)(b)1.a. a. The bidder has completed at least one project that involved similar work to the work being bid and the project was at least 50 percent of the size or value of the division of the project being bid. If the department determines that more experience is necessary for a particular project, the department may include additional requirements in the specifications and certify bidders accordingly.
16.855(9m)(b)1.b. b. The bidder has access to all necessary equipment and the organizational capacity and technical competence necessary to perform the project work properly and expeditiously.
16.855(9m)(b)1.c. c. If the department so requires or the bidder will be considered unqualified, the bidder has submitted a sworn statement as to financial ability, equipment, and experience in construction and other information as may be necessary to determine the bidder's competency.
16.855(9m)(b)2. 2. To be certified as a responsible bidder, a bidder must meet all of the following conditions:
16.855(9m)(b)2.a. a. The bidder maintains a permanent place of business.
16.855(9m)(b)2.b. b. The bidder submits a sworn statement, upon the department's request, that indicates that the bidder has adequate financial resources to complete the work being bid, taking into account any other work the bidder is currently under contract to complete.
16.855(9m)(b)2.c. c. The bidder is bondable for the term of the proposed contract and is able to obtain a 100 percent performance bond and a separate 100 percent payment bond.
16.855(9m)(b)2.d. d. The bidder has a record of satisfactorily completing projects. In determining this factor, the department shall consider if the bidder has completed all contracts in accordance with drawings and specifications; diligently pursued execution of the work and completed contracts according to the time schedule, taking account of extensions granted; fulfilled guarantee requirements of contracts; if the contract included an affirmative action program requirement, complied with the requirement; and, if the contract included a safety program requirement, complied with the requirement.
16.855(9m)(b)2.e. e. The bidder is not on an ineligible list that the department maintains under s. 16.705 (9) or 16.765 (9) or on a list that another agency maintains for persons who violated construction-related statutes or administrative rules.
16.855(9m)(b)2.f. f. The bidder has been in business for at least 12 months.
16.855(9m)(b)2.g. g. The bidder is a legal entity and authorized to do business in Wisconsin.
16.855(9m)(b)2.h. h. The bidder has performed at least one other public project for a government entity.
16.855(9m)(b)2.i. i. The bidder can provide information, upon request, to the department on the bidder's ownership, management, and control.
16.855(9m)(b)2.j. j. In any jurisdiction, the bidder, in the previous 10 years, has not been debarred from any government contracts and has not been found to have committed tax avoidance or evasion.
16.855(9m)(b)2.k. k. In any jurisdiction, in the previous 10 years, the bidder has not been disciplined under a professional license.
16.855(9m)(b)2.L. L. In any jurisdiction, none of the bidder's employees and no member of the bidder's organization has been disciplined under a professional license that is currently in use.
16.855(10) (10)When the department believes that it is in the best interests of the state to contract for certain articles or materials available from only one source, it may contract for said articles or materials without the usual statutory procedure, after a publication of a class 1 notice, under ch. 985, in the official state newspaper.
16.855(10m) (10m)
16.855(10m)(ac)(ac) In this subsection, “disabled veteran-owned business" means a business certified by the department of administration under s. 16.283 (3).
16.855(10m)(am)1.1. In awarding construction contracts the department shall attempt to ensure that 5 percent of the total amount expended in each fiscal year is awarded to contractors and subcontractors which are minority businesses, as defined under s. 16.75 (3m) (a) 4.
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