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13.11   Records of joint committee on finance.
13.111   Joint committee on employment relations.
13.121   Legislators' salaries and benefits.
13.123   Legislators' expenses.
13.124   Legal representation.
13.125   Chaplains.
13.127   Advice and consent of the senate.
13.13   Speaker; deputy speaker; president of senate.
13.14   Miscellaneous expenses.
13.15   Chief clerks.
13.16   Chief clerks' duties.
13.17   Journals.
13.172   State agency reports.
13.175   Referenda.
13.176   Article V convention.
13.18   Sergeants at arms.
13.19   Arrest of officers.
13.20   Legislative employees.
13.21   State departments to cooperate in providing legislative help.
13.22   Payroll, legislative employees.
13.23   Election contests; notice.
13.235   Election contests; legislative inquiry.
13.24   Testimony in election contests.
13.25   Expenses of election contest; limitation.
13.26   Contempt.
13.27   Punishment for contempt.
13.28   Interpellation of officers.
13.29   Time for interpellation and procedure.
13.30   State officers; removal by legislature.
13.31   Witnesses; how subpoenaed.
13.32   Summary process; custody of witness.
13.33   Service of process.
13.34   Refusal to testify.
13.35   Liability of witness.
13.36   Witness fees.
13.365   Intervention.
13.39   Legislative consideration of biennial budget bill.
13.41   Interim successors for legislators.
13.42   Virtual meetings of the legislature and legislative committees.
13.45   General provisions on legislative committees.
13.46   Majority and minority parties.
13.47   Legislative state supported programs study and advisory committee.
13.48   Long-range public building program.
13.482   State Public Building Corporation.
13.484   Limitation on certain building projects.
13.485   Parking structure funding.
13.486   State office building, completion of.
13.488   Building commission; powers and duties.
13.489   Transportation projects commission.
13.50   Joint survey committee on retirement systems.
13.52   Joint survey committee on tax exemptions.
13.525   Joint review committee on criminal penalties.
13.53   Joint legislative audit committee.
13.55   Commission on uniform state laws.
13.56   Joint committee for review of administrative rules.
13.565   Legislative review of certain rules.
13.57   National conference of state legislatures.
13.58   Joint committee on information policy and technology.
13.61   Lobbying regulated; legislative purpose.
13.62   Definitions.
13.621   Exemptions.
13.625   Prohibited practices.
13.63   Licenses for lobbyists; suspension or revocation.
13.64   Lobbying registry.
13.65   Lobbyist authorization.
13.66   Restrictions on practice of lobbying.
13.67   Identification of legislative and administrative proposals and topics.
13.68   Principal's expense statement.
13.685   Duties of the ethics commission.
13.69   Enforcement and penalties.
13.695   Legislative activities of state agencies.
13.71   Lobbyists restricted during daily sessions.
13.74   Auditing.
13.75   Fees.
13.80   Legislative organization, joint committee on.
13.81   Joint legislative council.
13.82   Committees appointed by council.
13.83   Permanent council committees.
13.90   Duties and powers of the joint committee on legislative organization.
13.905   Legislative conduct.
13.91   Legislative council staff.
13.92   Legislative reference bureau.
13.94   Legislative audit bureau.
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