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118.019(2m)(i) (i) Provides medically accurate information about the human papilloma virus and the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
118.019(2s) (2s)Provision of instruction. Subject to s. 120.13 (37m), nothing in this section prohibits a school district from providing instruction under this section, in whole or in part, to pupils while the pupils are separated from members of the opposite sex.
118.019(3) (3)Distribution of curriculum to parents; notice. Each school board that provides an instructional program in human growth and development shall annually provide the parents or guardians of each pupil enrolled in the school district with an outline of the human growth and development curriculum used in the pupil's grade level, information regarding how the parent or guardian may inspect the complete curriculum and instructional materials, an explanation of the exemption under sub. (4), and a statement that pupils exempted from instruction under this section will still receive instruction in the subjects under s. 118.01 (2) (d) 2. c., unless exempted, and s. 118.01 (2) (d) 8. The school board shall make the complete human growth and development curriculum and all instructional materials available for inspection by a parent or guardian upon his or her request at any time, including prior to their use in the classroom.
118.019(4) (4)Exemption for individual pupils. No pupil may be required to take instruction in human growth and development or in the specific subjects under subs. (2) and (2m) if the pupil's parent or guardian files with the teacher or school principal a written request that the pupil be exempted.
118.019(5) (5)Advisory committee. In any school district that offers a human growth and development curriculum, the school board shall appoint an ad hoc advisory committee whose role is to advise the school board on the design and implementation of the human growth and development curriculum and to review the curriculum. Parents, teachers, school administrators, pupils, health care professionals, members of the clergy, and other residents of the school district shall comprise the committee. No one category of member shall constitute more than one-fifth of the membership of the committee, except that parents may comprise more than one-fifth of the membership of the committee. No more than one quarter of the members of the committee may be made up of employees of the school district or their spouses or members of the school board or their spouses.
118.02 118.02 Special observance days. On the following days when school is held or, if the day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, on a school day immediately preceding or following the respective day, the day shall be appropriately observed:
118.02(1) (1)January 15, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
118.02(2) (2)February 12, Abraham Lincoln's birthday.
118.02(3) (3)February 15, Susan B. Anthony's birthday.
118.02(4) (4)February 22, George Washington's birthday.
118.02(5) (5)March 4, Casimir Pulaski Day.
118.02(5m) (5m)March 17, for “The Great Hunger" in Ireland from 1845 to 1850.
118.02(5r) (5r)April 9, Prisoners of War Remembrance Day.
118.02(6) (6)April 13, American Creed Day.
118.02(6m) (6m)April 19, Patriots' Day.
118.02(7) (7)April 22, Environmental Awareness Day.
118.02(7g) (7g)The last Friday in April, Arbor Day, except that if the governor by proclamation sets apart one day to be designated as Arbor and Bird Day under s. 14.16 (1), that day shall be appropriately observed.
118.02(7r) (7r)June 14, if school is held, Robert M. La Follette, Sr. Day.
118.02(8) (8)September 16, Mildred Fish Harnack Day.
118.02(9) (9)September 17, U.S. Constitution Day.
118.02(9g) (9g)Wednesday of the 3rd week in September, as part of Wonderful Wisconsin Week under s. 14.16 (8), Wisconsin Day.
118.02(9r) (9r)Friday of the 3rd week in September, POW-MIA Recognition Day.
118.02(9t) (9t)Wednesday of the 4th week in September, Bullying Awareness Day.
118.02(10) (10)September 28, Frances Willard Day.
118.02(11) (11)October 9, Leif Erikson Day.
118.02(12) (12)October 12, Christopher Columbus' birthday.
118.02(13) (13)November 11,Veterans Day.
118.025 118.025 Arbor day observance. The principal of a public, private, or tribal school may request one free tree provided from state forest nurseries by the department of natural resources under s. 28.06 for each 4th grade pupil in the school for planting in conjunction with an annual observance and celebration of arbor day.
118.025 History History: 1981 c. 59; 2009 a. 302.
118.03 118.03 Textbooks.
118.03(1)(1)The school board shall adopt all the textbooks necessary for use in the schools under its charge. The list of the adopted books shall be filed with the school district clerk.
118.03(2) (2)The school board may purchase textbooks and sell them to the pupils at cost or it may designate agents of the school district to sell the textbooks to the pupils. The agents, at stated times, shall make settlement with the school district for books sold. The agents may add a selling commission which shall not exceed 10 percent of the net price.
118.03(3) (3)No dealer in textbooks may sell any books at a price to exceed 15 percent above the net list prices, transportation added thereto.
118.03(4) (4)Any person violating this section may be fined not less than $25 nor more than $100.
118.03 History History: 1983 a. 412.
118.035 118.035 School uniforms.
118.035(1)(1)In this section, “school" means a public school and includes a charter school other than a charter school under s. 118.40 (2r) or (2x).
118.035(2) (2)A school board may adopt a policy that requires all pupils enrolled in school in the school district, or all pupils enrolled in one or more schools in the school district, to wear a uniform while in school or while under the supervision of a school authority.
118.035(3) (3)If a school board adopts a policy under sub. (2), it shall do all of the following:
118.035(3)(a) (a) Establish a method whereby the parent or guardian of a pupil enrolled in a school in which the policy is in effect may exempt his or her child from complying with the policy.
118.035(3)(b) (b) Ensure that no pupil is penalized academically or otherwise discriminated against because the pupil's parent or guardian has chosen to exempt the pupil from complying with the policy.
118.035(3)(c) (c) Notify each parent or guardian of a pupil enrolled in a school in which the policy will be implemented of the policy at least 3 months before the school board implements the policy.
118.035(3)(d) (d) Assist economically disadvantaged pupils to obtain the uniforms.
118.035(4) (4)The requirements under sub. (3) do not apply to any school board that has in effect on September 1, 2001, a school uniform policy for pupils enrolled in a school in the school district and has had such a policy in effect continuously since that date.
118.035(6) (6)Nothing in this section affects the authority of a school board to require pupils to wear uniforms for extracurricular activities, and the provisions of sub. (3) do not apply to such a requirement.
118.035 History History: 2001 a. 16; 2015 a. 55; 2017 a. 143.
118.04 118.04 Summer classes. Any school board may elect to operate summer classes or to permit pupils to attend summer classes operated by another school district on a tuition basis if the school district of operation will accept them. Sections 118.15 and 118.16 shall not apply to summer classes. Every school board electing to operate summer classes:
118.04(1) (1)Shall make rules governing attendance and cause them to be spread on the school board minutes.
118.04(2) (2)May accord to children living in the school district during the summer session the status of residents of the school district for the purpose of attendance at summer classes, even though the children were not regular residents of the school district during the preceding regular school session, but any such children who are not legal residents of the state shall not be counted in computing the state aid to which the school district is entitled.
118.04(3) (3)May permit children from another school district to attend summer classes upon payment of nonresident tuition.
118.04(4) (4)Shall not charge tuition for attendance at summer classes or interim session classes of pupils who are residents of the school district if the school board receives aid for such classes under s. 121.14 (1) (a). The school board may establish and collect reasonable fees for social, recreational, or extracurricular summer classes or interim session classes and programs which are neither credited toward graduation nor aided under s. 121.14.
118.04 History History: 1983 a. 27; 2013 a. 257.
118.045 118.045 Commencement of school term.
118.045(1)(1)Except as provided in subs. (2) and (3), beginning in the year 2000, no public school may commence the school term until September 1.
118.045(2) (2)Subsection (1) does not prohibit a school board from doing any of the following:
118.045(2)(a) (a) Holding athletic contests or practices before September 1.
118.045(2)(b) (b) Scheduling in-service days or work days before September 1.
118.045(2)(c) (c) Holding school year-round.
118.045(3) (3)A school board may commence the school term before September 1 in any school year if the school board requests the department to allow it to commence the school term before September 1 and the school board includes reasons with its request. The department may grant a request only if it determines that there are extraordinary reasons for granting it. The department shall promulgate rules to implement and administer this subsection.
118.045 History History: 1999 a. 9; 2001 a. 16.
118.045 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. PI 27, Wis. adm. code.
118.05 118.05 School conservation camps.
118.05(1)(1)To promote an understanding of geology, geography, conservation, nature study and other aspects of general knowledge which are learned best by actual contact with nature itself, any school district may establish, operate and maintain and levy taxes to support individually or in cooperation with other school districts or municipalities a school conservation camp. The camp need not be within the school district.
118.05(2) (2)The school board of any such district may operate, contribute to the operation of, participate in the joint operation of, pay or charge fees for the operation of the school conservation camp. The school board may admit nonresident pupils as well as resident pupils of the school district. The school board shall determine age and other entrance requirements and the program to be offered. The camp may be operated in summer or at any other time that the school board determines.
118.05(3) (3)The school board may acquire, rent or accept the free use of facilities and equipment to operate the camp and may accept private contributions of any kind.
118.05(4) (4)The school board may conduct the camp on property under the custody of other municipal, state or federal agencies when permission is granted or on private property with consent of the owner.
118.05(5) (5)Every state agency shall cooperate in making their staff and facilities available to further the objectives of this program.
118.06 118.06 Flag, pledge of allegiance, and national anthem.
118.06(1)(1)Every school board and the governing body of every private school shall cause the U.S. flag to be displayed in the schoolroom or from a flagstaff on each school ground during the school hours of each school day.
118.06(2) (2)Every public school shall offer the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem in grades one to 12 each school day. Every private school shall offer the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem in grades one to 12 each school day unless the governing body of the private school determines that the requirement conflicts with the school's religious doctrines. No pupil may be compelled, against the pupil's objections or those of the pupil's parents or guardian, to recite the pledge or to sing the anthem.
118.06 History History: 1993 a. 492; 2001 a. 16.
118.07 118.07 Health and safety requirements.
118.07(1)(1)Every school board and the governing body of every private school shall provide a standard first aid kit for use in cases of emergency.
118.07(2) (2)
118.07(2)(a)1.1. Once each month, without previous warning, the person having direct charge of any public or private school shall drill all pupils in the proper method of departure from the building in case of a fire, except when the person having direct charge deems that the health of the pupils may be endangered by inclement weather conditions. At least twice annually, without previous warning, the person having direct charge of any public or private school shall drill all pupils in the proper method of evacuation to a safe location in case of a tornado or other hazard. At least twice annually, without previous warning, the person having direct charge of any public or private school shall drill all pupils in the proper method of evacuation or other appropriate action in case of a school safety incident. The public and private school safety drill shall be based on the school safety plan adopted under sub. (4). A safety drill may be substituted for any other drill required under this subdivision. The school board or governing body of the private school shall maintain for at least 7 years a record of each fire drill, tornado or other hazard drill, and school safety drill conducted.
118.07(2)(a)2. 2. Notwithstanding subd. 1., if a person having direct charge of a public or private school determines that providing previous warning of a drill required under subd. 1. is in the best interest of pupils attending the school, the person having direct charge of the public or private school may provide previous warning of the drill.
118.07(2)(b) (b) In each community having a recognized fire department, the person having direct charge of any public or private school shall annually file a report pertaining to such drills, on a form furnished by the department of safety and professional services, with the chief of the fire department. When no fire drill is held during any month, or when only one or no tornado or other hazard drill is held in a year, the person having direct charge of the school shall state the reasons in the report.
118.07(3) (3)The department shall make available to school districts, private schools, tribal schools, and charter schools information about meningococcal disease, including the causes and symptoms of the disease, how it is spread, and how to obtain additional information about the disease and the availability, effectiveness, and risks of vaccinations against the disease. The department may do so by posting the information on its Internet site. At the beginning of the 2012-13 school year and each school year thereafter, each school board and the governing body of each private school and each charter school shall provide the parents and guardians of pupils enrolled in grade 6 in the school district or school with the information.
Effective date note NOTE: Sub. (3) is repealed by 2005 Wis. Act 221 eff. the day after the legislative reference bureau publishes in the Wisconsin Administrative Register a statement that the secretary of health services has promulgated a rule under s. 252.04 (2) that requires vaccinations against meningitis.
118.07(4) (4)
118.07(4)(a)(a) Each school board and the governing body of each private school shall have in effect a school safety plan.
118.07(4)(b) (b) A school safety plan shall be created with the active participation of appropriate parties, as specified by the school board or governing body of the private school. The appropriate parties may include the department of justice, local law enforcement officers, fire fighters, school administrators, teachers, pupil services professionals, as defined in s. 118.257 (1) (c), and mental health professionals. Before creating or updating a school safety plan, a school board or governing body of a private school shall, in consultation with a local law enforcement agency, conduct an on-site safety assessment of each school building, site, and facility that is regularly occupied by pupils. The on-site assessment shall include playgrounds, athletic facilities or fields, and any other property that is occupied by pupils on a regular basis.
118.07(4)(bm) (bm) A school safety plan shall include all of the following:
118.07(4)(bm)1. 1. An individualized safety plan for each school building and facility that is regularly occupied by pupils. The individualized safety plan shall include any real property related to the school building or facility that is regularly occupied by pupils.
118.07(4)(bm)2. 2. General guidelines specifying procedures for emergency prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
118.07(4)(bm)3. 3. Guidelines and procedures to address school violence and attacks, threats of school violence and attacks, bomb threats, fire, weather-related emergencies, intruders, parent-student reunification, and threats to non-classroom events, including recess, concerts and other performances, athletic events, and any other extracurricular activity or event.
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