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110.20(10)(a) (a) Authorize the acceptance of an inspection performed in another state instead of an inspection required under this section if the inspection in the other state was performed under procedures, requirements and standards comparable to those required under this section and it satisfies the requirements of the federal act.
110.20(10)(b) (b) Authorize the issuance of a temporary operating permit, valid for not more than 30 days, to allow time for inspection and necessary repairs and adjustments of any motor vehicle subject to inspection under sub. (6).
110.20(10)(c) (c) Permit a temporary exemption for nonexempt vehicles absent from an emissions inspection area.
110.20(10)(d) (d) Authorize the issuance of a certificate of compliance for nonexempt vehicles that fail the inspection tests under sub. (11) (a) for applicable emission limitations but complete a comprehensive physical and functional diagnostic inspection which indicates that no adjustments or repairs will bring the vehicle into compliance with applicable emissions limitations.
110.20(10m) (10m) Reinspection. The owner of a nonexempt vehicle inspected under this section is entitled, if the inspection determines that any applicable emission limitation is exceeded, to one reinspection of the same vehicle at any inspection station within this state operated by a contractor under sub. (8) (am), or at any other location where, as established under sub. (8) (bm), the vehicle was initially inspected, if the reinspection takes place within 30 days after the initial inspection or the owner presents satisfactory evidence that the repairs and adjustments which were performed on the vehicle could not have been made within 30 days of the initial inspection.
110.20(11) (11) Inspection tests; results.
110.20(11)(a) (a) A contractor shall perform the tests required under the federal act, and any testing and inspection method established under sub. (8) (bm) shall include the tests required under the federal act. The tests shall include one of the approved short tests required by the federal act to determine compliance with applicable emission limitations for carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. The department may require contractors to provide information on the fuel efficiency of the motor vehicle.
110.20(11)(b) (b) The department shall require each contractor to furnish the results of the emissions inspection in writing to the person presenting the vehicle for inspection before he or she departs from the inspection station. For emissions inspections not conducted by a contractor, the department shall require any testing and inspection method established under sub. (8) (bm) to include the contemporaneous furnishing of the results of the emissions inspection in writing to the person having the vehicle inspected. If the inspection shows that the vehicle does not comply with one or more applicable emissions limitations, the results shall include, to the extent possible, a description of the noncompliance and the adjustments or repairs likely to be needed for compliance.
110.20(11)(c) (c) No person may knowingly do any of the following:
110.20(11)(c)1. 1. Alter data from an inspection test under sub. (6).
110.20(11)(c)2. 2. Submit a false report of data from an inspection test required under sub. (6).
110.20(11)(c)3. 3. Attribute data from an inspection test under sub. (6) to a vehicle other than the vehicle tested.
110.20(12) (12) Repairs. Repairs or adjustments necessary to bring a vehicle into compliance with applicable emissions limitations are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and may be made by the owner or any person selected by the owner. If the emissions inspection is performed in a county identified in sub. (5) by a person engaged in the business of selling, maintaining, or repairing motor vehicles or of selling motor vehicle replacement or repair parts and the vehicle fails the inspection test, then after the failed test the person shall advise the vehicle owner that the owner is not required to have any repair or adjustment necessary to bring the vehicle into compliance made by, or to purchase any necessary service or part from, the person and has the right to select a vendor of the owner's own choice. For a nonexempt vehicle with a model year of 1981 or later, only repairs performed by automotive repair technicians, as defined by the department by rule, shall be valid for the issuance of a waiver of compliance under sub. (13).
110.20(13) (13) Repair cost limit.
110.20(13)(a)(a) The department shall issue a waiver of compliance valid until the next required inspection of the vehicle under sub. (6) if the owner presents satisfactory evidence to the department that the actual costs of repairs performed on a vehicle in accordance with an inspection report under sub. (11) (b) exceeded the repair cost limit established under par. (b).
110.20(13)(b) (b) The department of natural resources shall, by rule, establish the amount of the repair cost limit to equal the amount required under 42 USC 7511a (b) 4. or (c) (3) (C).
110.20(13)(c) (c) In determining the costs of repairs and adjustments included in the repair cost limit, the following costs shall be excluded:
110.20(13)(c)1. 1. Costs covered by any warranty.
110.20(13)(c)2. 2. Costs necessary to repair or replace any emissions control system or mechanism which has been removed, dismantled or rendered inoperative in violation of s. 285.30 (6) or rules promulgated under that section.
110.20(14g) (14g) Use of state supported revenue borrowing. The department may not use state supported revenue borrowing for the inspection and maintenance program without the approval of the joint committee on finance.
110.20(15) (15) Penalty.
110.20(15)(a)(a) Except as provided in par. (b), any person who violates this section or rules promulgated under this section may be required to forfeit not more than $500.
110.20(15)(b)1.1. An individual who performs a test under sub. (11) (a) and violates sub. (11) (c) is guilty of a Class H felony.
110.20(15)(b)2. 2. The employer of an individual who performs a test under sub. (11) (a) and who violates sub. (11) (c) may be required to forfeit not more than $500.
110.20 Cross-reference Cross-reference: See also ch. Trans 131, Wis. adm. code.
110.21 110.21 Education and training related to motor vehicle emissions. The department and its contractors under s. 110.20 (8) (am) shall conduct a program of public education related to the motor vehicle emission and equipment inspection and maintenance program established under s. 110.20 (6). The program under s. 110.20 (6) may include a pilot project of motor vehicle emissions inspections for those owners who elect to present their motor vehicles for inspection.
110.22 110.22 Repaired salvage vehicle inspector training. From the appropriation under s. 20.395 (5) (cq), the department shall provide training on the examination of repaired salvage vehicles to inspectors or persons eligible to be authorized as inspectors by the department under s. 342.07 (2).
110.22 History History: 1993 a. 16.
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