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Final Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
Natural Resources Board Order WT-15-16, Clearinghouse Rule 17-062
The department’s Economic Impact Analysis includes information on the effect on small business. In discussions with the Technical Advisory Committee, the department considered how the impact on small business could be reduced. The proposed rules allow flexibility for farmers and options for achieving compliance with the targeted performance standards. Where cost shareable practices are identified in technical standards, cost sharing of these practices is required for compliance with this rule. Some cost-share dollars will be available to cover 70 percent of the costs associated with implementing the new targeted performance standards through state grant programs. There is also a section in ch. NR 151.097 that addresses a variance to any performance standard in the rule. This section would also apply to performance standards developed under s. NR 151.004. The section identifies what conditions must be met to apply for and for the department to grant a variance.
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