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An order of the department to repeal chs. SPS 110 to 116 and repeal and recreate ch. SPS 192, relating to unarmed combat sports.
Analysis prepared by the Department of Safety and Professional Services.
Statutes interpreted:
Chapter 444, Stats.
Statutory authority:
Explanation of agency authority:
Section 440.03 (1), Stats., authorizes the department to “promulgate rules defining uniform rules to be used by the department . . . for receiving, filing and investigating complaints, for commencing disciplinary proceedings and for conducting hearings.”
Section 440.03 (1m), Stats., provides the department may “promulgate rules specifying the number of business days within which the department or any examining board or affiliated credentialing board in the department must review and make a determination on an application for a permit, as defined in s. 227.116 (1g), that is issued under chs. 440 to 480.”
Section 440.03 (7m), Stats., authorizes the department to “promulgate rules that establish procedures for submitting an application for a credential or credential renewal by electronic transmission.”
Section 444.02 (2), Stats., authorizes the department to “issue, and for cause limit, suspend, or revoke, a license to conduct professional contests or amateur unarmed combat sports contests to any promoter or incorporated club formed as provided in this chapter” and to “reprimand a promoter or club for violating this chapter or any rule of the department.”
Under section 444.035, Stats., the department must “by rule require a promoter or club conducting a professional contest or unarmed combat sports contest to post a bond or other surety in a reasonable amount determined by the department to ensure payment of the promoter’s or club’s expenses in conducting the contest, including payments to contestants and to the department.”
Section 444.04, Stats., authorizes the department to “limit, suspend, revoke, or assess a forfeiture to the promoter or club” for failure to furnish an accurate written report to the Department after an unarmed combat sports contest, showing the number of tickets sold, the amount of the gross proceeds, and all other information the Department requires by rule to be included in the report.
Section 444.06, Stats., requires the department to “appoint official inspectors” for unarmed combat sports contests and states that “at least one inspector shall be present at all professional contests and all amateur unarmed combat sports contests and see that the rules are strictly observed,” and authorizes the Department to require a promoter or club to pay for inspectors.
Section 444.095 (3), Stats., requires the department to “promulgate rules that establish all of the following with respect to unarmed combat sports contests: (a) Qualifications and fees for licensure of referees and judges for unarmed combat sports contests. (b) Requirements for regular health examinations of unarmed combat sports contestants, including all of the following: 1. Annual physical examinations by physicians and annual eye examinations by physicians who are board-certified ophthalmologists. 2. Annual screening for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. 3. For female contestants, pregnancy tests before contests. (c) Policies prohibiting contestants from using drugs, including anabolic steroids, and mandating drug testing of contestants.”
Section 444.11, Stats., authorizes the department to “grant licenses . . . to matchmakers, managers, referees . . . unarmed combat sports contestants, seconds, and timekeepers in professional contests and amateur unarmed combat sports contests.”
Section 444.19, Stats., authorizes the department to “by rule adjust the fees under this chapter to account for changes in the department’s costs in administering and enforcing this chapter.”
Section 444.22, Stats., provides the department “may promulgate any rules necessary to implement and enforce this chapter.”
Related statutes or rules:
Plain language analysis:
The proposed rules reflect the provisions of 2015 Wisconsin Act 277, which requires the department to regulate all unarmed combat sports. As provided under s. 444.01 (5), Stats., “unarmed combat sports" means any form of fighting in which the objective is for a contestant to injure, disable, or incapacitate one's opponent, but does not include any fighting in a contest for which the rules prohibit a contestant from striking an opponent's head.
Current rules regulate professional boxing and professional and amateur mixed martial arts. The proposed rules expand existing regulations to include professional and amateur kickboxing and Muay Thai, and provide a means for approval of other unarmed combat sports.
The proposed rules also update the regulations for professional boxing and professional and amateur mixed martial arts to reflect current regulatory practices and provide consistency in the regulation of all unarmed combat sports.
Summary of, and comparison with, existing or proposed federal statutes and regulations:
Chapter 89 of Title 15 of the United States Code regulates the safety of professional boxing. As professional boxing and the use of boxing techniques fall under the definition of unarmed combat sports in chapter 444 of the statutes, the requirements in 15 USC chapter 89 affect the regulation of unarmed combat sports proposed by the rule. The regulations in the proposed rules neither duplicate nor conflict with existing federal regulations.
Comparison with rules in adjacent states:
The Division of Professional Regulation of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation regulates professional boxing; professional and amateur mixed martial arts; and full-contact martial arts including Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, and kickboxing (68 Ill. Adm. Code 1370.10 to 1370.780).
The Division of Labor of the Iowa Workforce Development regulates professional and amateur boxing, professional and amateur mixed martial arts, and professional wrestling (875 IAC 169 to 177).
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