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Notice of Hearings
The Department of Natural Resources announces that it will hold a public hearing on LF-02-15 related to public use of department properties and implementation and administration of the stewardship grant program. The rules would revise Chs. NR 45 and 51, Wis. Admin. Code. The hearings will be held at the time and place shown.
Hearing Information
Time:   7:00 p.m.
Date and location: Tuesday November 1, 2016, DNR Service Center, 3911 Fish Hatchery Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711
Rule Information
LF-02-15 related to public use of department properties and implementation and administration of the stewardship grant program. Proposals were based on recommendations from department staff to improve public use management, protect public safety and natural resources, implement certain fee authorities and clarify rule language.
The department has modified this rule since holding its initial hearing on February 1, 2016. Since that time, provisions establishing regulations for shooting ranges have been amended. Language has been added that repeals current prohibitions on the possession of firearms in certain areas and firearms would no longer need to be enclosed in carrying cases, for consistency with state law. Finally, a provision has been added which increases by $1.00 the fee to use the newly renovated pool facilities at Blue Mounds State Park in Dane and Iowa counties.
These rules eliminate prohibitions on the possession and requirement to enclose in a carrying case firearms, air guns, bows and crossbows on certain property types and on department lands in certain counties. Actually discharging firearms in these areas would continue to be prohibited in much the same way that municipal ordinances typically regulate firearms in certain places for safety related purposes. The proposal creates general rules for department shooting ranges which are modeled off rules at existing state ranges that have been established by lessees of the state. A provision of this rule would increase the fee to use the swimming pool at Blue Mounds State Park in Dane and Iowa counties from $2 to $3 for adults and from $1 to $2 for children 2-12 years of age. Proposals provide camping guidance and address a variety of general and specific property uses governed by rule. Language in Ch. NR 51 updates the statement of purpose of the state trail network, defines water trails, and a state water trail is added to the list of state trails making that project eligible for funding under the Stewardship program. These provisions, the entire rule package, and associated documents can be viewed through the link provided.
1. Hearing impaired persons may request an interpreter for this hearing. Please make reservations for a hearing interpreter at least 10 days before the date of the scheduled hearing, by writing to e-mail
2. Alternatively, you may contact the Department of Natural Resources TDD at (608) 267-6897. The hearing facility is accessible to disabled users.
3. Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations, including the provision of information material in an alternative format, will be provided for qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. Please call with specific information on your request at least 10 days before the date of the scheduled hearing.
4. Handicap access is available at the hearing location.
Appearances at the Hearing and Submittal of Written Comments
Comments on the proposed rule must be received on or before Tuesday, November 1, 2016. Written comments may be submitted by U.S. mail, fax, E-mail, or through the internet and will have the same weight and effect as oral statements presented at the public hearing. Written comments and any questions on the proposed rules should be submitted to:
Department of Natural Resources
Attn: Mr. Scott Loomans
P.O. Box 7921
101 S. Webster Street,
Madison, WI 53707-7921
Email comments should be made at:
Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis
The proposed rule will not have an effect on small businesses, as defined under s. 227.114 (1).
Agency Small Business Regulatory Coordinator:
Linda Haddix (608) 266-1959
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