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Plain language analysis:
Chapter PI 5 governs the issuance of high school equivalency completion credentials by the State Superintendent, which includes the certificate for completion of the General Educational Development (GED) Test and the High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED). This rule change is designed to align the rule, with respect to the passing score for the GED Test, with the recommendation of the GED Testing Service, LLC.
Summary of, and comparison with, existing or proposed federal regulations: N/A
Comparison with rules in adjacent states: Adjacent states have adopted or will be adopting the change in the passing score to align with the recommendation of the GED Testing Service, LLC.
Summary of factual data and analytical methodologies:
The GED Testing Service, LLC, changed its passing score for the test of general educational development pursuant to guidance issued on January 19, 2016. Therefore, the State Superintendent wishes to align this rule to the new passing score.
Analysis and supporting documents used to determine effect on small business or in preparation of economic impact report: N/A
Anticipated costs incurred by private sector: N/A
Effect on small business: The proposed rules will have no significant economic impact on small businesses, as defined in s. 227.114 (1) (a), Stats.
Agency contact person: (including email and telephone)
Carl Bryan
Budget and Policy Analyst
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
(608) 267-9127
Place where comments are to be submitted and deadline for submission:
Comments should be submitted to Carl Bryan, Department of Public Instruction, 125 S. Webster Street, P.O. Box 7841, Madison, WI 53707-7841 or at The department will publish a hearing notice in the Administrative Register that will provide information on the deadline for the submission of comments.
SECTION 1. PI 5.035 (6) is amended to read:
(6) Based on the process specified under sub. (3), the state superintendent establishes the general educational development subtest and test passing scores. A minimum standard score of no less than 150the score set by GED Testing Service shall be required on each subtest in the battery of 4 subtests.
The proposed rules contained in this order shall take effect on the first day of the month commencing after the date of publication in the Wisconsin Administrative Register, as provided in s. 227.22 (2) (intro.), Stats.
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