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Dentistry Examining Board
An order of the Dentistry Examining Board to create DE 10 relating to mobile dentistry.
Analysis prepared by the Department of Safety and Professional Services.
Statutes interpreted: ss. 447.058 and 447.07, Stats.
Statutory authority: ss. 15.08 (5) (b) and 447.02 (2) (f), (g) and (h), Stats.
Explanation of agency authority:
Each examining board shall promulgate rules for its own guidance and for the guidance of the profession to which it pertains, and define and enforce professional conduct and unethical practices not inconsistent with the law relating to the particular profession. s. 15.08(5)(b)
The examining board shall promulgate rules specifying: a requirement that a mobile dentistry program registrant establish procedures for a patient treated in the mobile dentistry program to access his or her patient records; standards of conduct for the operation of a mobile dentistry program in this state, the provision of dental services through a mobile dentistry program and the use of portable dental equipment; and a definition of “mobile dentistry program: and the activities that constitute the operation of a mobile dentistry program for purposes of the registration requirement under s. 447.058. ss. 447.02(2)(f), (g) and (h), Stats.
Related statute or rule: n/a
Plain language analysis:
This rule implements 2013 Act 244 by creating DE 10.
DE 10.01 defines mobile dentistry program as a program which uses portable equipment or supplies in a location that is not a dental or hospital facility or is a self-contained facility that moves.
DE 10.02 creates the registration requirements. A program is excluded from registration if it meets one of the following: dental or dental hygiene care provided within a 30 mile radius of a main or satellite facility provided the care is billed by that facility and necessary follow-up care is being provided by the dentist or dental hygienist; the care is being provided to no more than 2 per day to a new or established patient of record of a main or satellite dental facility; and the Department of Health conducting screenings as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveys. The first two exceptions allow for a dentist or dental hygienist to make “house calls” and the last recognizes the unique nature of the survey screenings.
An applicant would be required to fill out an application, pay a fee, and provide a list of all employees or contractors who are providing dental or dental hygiene care and their Wisconsin dentist or dental hygienist license number. A renewal requires a renewal form and fee and a current list of their employees or contractors. If a person owns or operates more than one mobile dentistry program, a registration is required for each program.
DE 10.03 requires access to patient records. Each patient is to be provided with the name and contact information of the program and the registration number. At the time of providing services, the program is required to provide the patient with a written description of the services provided, the provider’s name and license number and the findings and recommendations. Mobile dentistry records are subject to the same rules governing a dentist or dental hygienist working in a dental facility. A mobile dentistry program is required to provide access to patient records.
DE 10.04 requires a mobile dentistry program to have a written protocol for follow-up care in a dental facility that is permanently established within a 60 mile radius of where the mobile dentistry services were provided. The protocol must include a written agreement with at least one provider for emergency treatment.
DE 10.045 requires a mobile dentistry program registrant to fail to update the department within 30 days of new employees, contractors, or volunteers providing dental or dental hygienist services in Wisconsin.
DE 10.05 lists unprofessional conduct as a violation of the standards of conduct all licensed dentists and dental hygienists are required to maintain or the specific mobile dentistry access to patient records, written protocols or notification of new employees, contractors or volunteers.
Summary of, and comparison with, existing or proposed federal regulation: None
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