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Statement of Scope
Rule No.:
MPSW 16, 17 18
Relating to:
Application, Education, Supervised Practice, Exams and Licensure
Rule Type:
1. Finding/nature of emergency (Emergency Rule only):
2. Detailed description of the objective of the proposed rule:
The proposed rule would update the licensing requirements for marriage and family therapists, including the training certificate, temporary license, and reciprocal licenses, to correct statutory/rule inconsistencies, create clarification and to update to current standards. The proposed rule would also address supervised practice to reflect the current practices, including the use of new technologies. In addition, the proposed rule would update the continuing education to reflect current continuing education programs, including technological methods of delivery. The proposed rule would update the academic program equivalent to a master’s or doctorate in marriage and family therapy which has not been updated since 1999.
3. Description of the existing policies relevant to the rule, new policies proposed to be included in the rule, and an analysis of policy alternatives:
The proposed rule would clarify requirements for the training, temporary and reciprocal licenses. During the “Right the Rules” Assembly hearing, there was a discussion about the need to address the reciprocity requirements to allow for reciprocity with more states.
The proposed rule will update the licensure requirements to current practices and standards including the supervised practice requirements, exam and the academic program equivalent to a master’s or doctorate in marriage and family therapy.
The alternative to the proposed rule is for the rules to remain outdated.
4. Detailed explanation of statutory authority for the rule (including the statutory citation and language):
15.08 (5) (b) Each examining board shall promulgate rules for its own guidance and for the guidance of the profession to which it pertains, and define and enforce professional conduct and unethical practices not inconsistent with the law relating to the particular trade or profession.
457.03 (1) The examining board shall upon the advice of themarriage and family therapist section…promulgate rules establishing minimum standards for educational programs that must be completed for certification or licensure under this chapter and for supervised clinical training that must be completed for licensure as …marriage and family therapist under this chapter and approve educational programs and supervised clinical training programs in accordance with those standards.
5. Estimate of amount of time that state employees will spend developing the rule and of other resources necessary to develop the rule:
100 hours
6. List with description of all entities that may be affected by the proposed rule:
Marriage and family therapists and marriage and family therapist applicants.
7. Summary and preliminary comparison with any existing or proposed federal regulation that is intended to address the activities to be regulated by the proposed rule:
8. Anticipated economic impact of implementing the rule (note if the rule is likely to have a significant economic impact on small businesses):
None to minimal. This rule is not likely to have a significant economic impact on small businesses.
Contact Person: Sharon Henes, Administrative Rules Coordinator, (608) 261-2377
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