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Wisconsin Administrative Code Index
This is an index of all the current rules which have been filed and published up to and including October 31, 2017.
The entries designate the place where a rule is to be found. For example:
Firms, Ch. Accy 5
Individuals, Accy 2.501
This entry means that the Accounting Examining Board Code contains information with reference to the examination of an applicant under the heading, “Certified public accountant, examination"; that the applicant's experience, training and educational background requirements are found in chapter 3, section 2 of the Accounting rules. The chapter number is to the left of the decimal point and the section number is to the right. Page numbers are not referred to in this index, and the state agencies are arranged in the binders in alphabetical order. (See the table of contents in the front of each volume.)
Suggestions for the improvement of the index or a report of errors and omissions will be appreciated.
abortions ABORTIONS
Generally, Ch. Med 11
accounting examining board ACCOUNTING EXAMINING BOARD
Certification, individuals, Ch. Accy 2
Endorsement, Ch. Accy 3
Firms, Ch. Accy 5
Individuals, Accy 2.501
Peer review, Ch. Accy 6
Rule enforcement, Ch. Accy 4
Rules of conduct, Ch. Accy 1
acupuncturists ACUPUNCTURISTS
Certification, Ch. SPS 71
Discipline, grounds for, Ch. SPS 73
Practice, standards of, Ch. SPS 72
adjustment service companies ADJUSTMENT SERVICE COMPANIES
Generally, Ch. DFI-Bkg 73
administration department ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT
Architect/engineer services, selecting and contracting, Ch. Adm 20
Charitable fund drive, payroll deduction, Ch. Adm 30
Clean water fund, Ch. Adm 35
Community development block grant program, Ch. Adm 93
Comprehensive planning and transportation planning grants, Ch. Adm 48
Contract compliance, Ch. Adm 50
Contractual services, procurement, Ch. Adm 10
Housing cost grants, Ch. Adm 89
Real estate trust accounts, interest, Ch. Adm 91
Transitional housing, Ch. Adm 87
Wis. local housing organization grant program, Ch. Adm 88
Land information program, Ch. Adm 47
Low income assistance, Ch. Adm 45
Fee, non-municipal electric utility, Ch. Adm 43
Minority business certification program, Ch. Adm 84
Motor vehicles, operation and parking on state property, Ch. Adm 1
Nuclear power plants, fee schedule, Ch. Adm 42
Payroll deductions, charitable purposes, Ch. Adm 30
Plat review fees, Ch. Adm 49
Population determination, Ch. Adm 3
Procurement requisitions, Ch. Adm 5
Public records, transfer to optical imaging, Ch. Adm 10
State buildings and facilities, Ch. Adm 2
State contracts:
Bidders list, registration fee and subscription service, Ch. Adm 9
Bidding process, Ch. Adm 8
Bids and proposals, solicitation, Ch. Adm 7
Definitions, Ch. Adm 6
Exceptions to process, Ch. Adm 8
Procurement, generally, Ch. Adm 10
Nondiscrimination, contractor compliance, Adm Ch. 50