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This table lists all citations to Wisconsin Administrative Code sections appearing in published Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals opinions occurring from the original printing of the Administrative Code on January 2, 1956. Cases reviewed include Supreme Court cases through 2013 WI 92 and Court of Appeals cases through 2013 WI App 137.
The table is arranged by an agency's alphabetical designation. A list of the various alphabetical designations used by state agencies since 1956 is set out below. Some of the rules listed have been renumbered or repealed since the date of the court review.
A rule will be cited in this compilation if it is either mentioned in the text of the opinion or referred to in a note to the opinion. From 1956 through 2007, citations to cases were made by their Wisconsin Reports volume and page numbers. Beginning with case citations added during 2008, the citation is by the public domain case number and paragraph number. Wisconsin Reports volume and page numbers are no longer cited. Also beginning with citations added during 2008, cites to code sections are not made below the subsection level.
(cites to codes appear in alphabetical order by agency name as follows:)
Accy Accounting Examining Board
Adm Administration
AC Administrative Director of Courts
APP Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Board
Aer Aeronautics (Transportation)
Ag Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
ATCP Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
A-E Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers and Land Surveyors Examining Board
AB Arts Board
AT Athletic Trainers Affiliated Credentialing Board
Bkg Banking Commissioner
B Barbers Examining Board
BC Barbering and Cosmetology
Bgo Bingo Control Board
DBD Business Development
CB Cemetery Board
DCF Children and Families
Chir Chiropractic Examining Board
Comm Commerce
CSB Controlled Substances Board
DOC Corrections
C Cosmetology Examining Board
Cos Cosmetology Examining Board
CVRB Crime Victims Rights Board
CU Credit Unions Commissioner
DE Dentistry Examining Board
DOD Development
DI Dietitians Affiliated Credentialing Board
EAB Educational Approval Board
ElBd Elections Board
E Electrical Code, Volume 1 or 2
WEM Emergency Management Division
SERB Emergency Response Board
ERB Emergency Response Board (September 1994-)
ETF Employee Trust Funds
ERB Employment Relations Commission (January 1956-August, 1994)
ERC Employment Relations Commission
ER Employment Relations, Office of State
ER-MRS Employment Relations, Office of State-Merit Recruitment and Selection Division
ER-Pers Employment Relations-Division of Personnel
EEB Environmental Education Board
Eth Ethics Board
DFI-Gen Financial Institutions-General
DFI-Bkg Financial Institutions-Banking
DFI-CCS Financial Institutions-Corporate and Consumer Services
DFI-CU Financial Institutions-Credit Unions
DFI-SB Financial Institutions-Savings Banks
DFI-SL Financial Institutions-Savings and Loan
DFI-Sec Financial Institutions-Securities
DFI-WCA Financial Institutions-Wisconsin Consumer Act
FDE Funeral Directors Examining Board
FD Funeral Directors Examining Board
WGC Gaming Commission