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SPS 390.31(2) (2)Design and manufacturing.
SPS 390.31(2)(a)(a) The total water volume of a separate balancing tank serving runout slides shall be a minimum of 2 times the combined flow rate of the pumps or of a sufficient volume based on velocity and time of the propulsion system and backwash requirements.
SPS 390.31(2)(b) (b) Pool slides, drop slides and waterslides shall be so designed that parts with external surfaces that may come in contact with a person using the slide are assembled, arranged and finished so that they are smooth and continuous with and will not cut, pinch, puncture or cause an abrasion to any person.
SPS 390.31(2)(c) (c) All slide flumes shall be designed and constructed so as each person using the waterslide remains inside the flume path during normal use.
SPS 390.31(2)(d) (d) All curves, turns and tunnels on the path of a flume shall be designed and constructed so as not to present a hazard to any person using the slide under normal use.
SPS 390.31(2)(e) (e) Pool slides, drop slides and waterslides shall be designed to support the intended use.
SPS 390.31(2)(f) (f) On-site constructed towers, stairs, platforms and elevated decks providing access to slides shall conform to chs. SPS 361 and 362.
SPS 390.31(2)(g)1.1. Slides installed in facilities without a lifeguard staffing plan shall occupy no more than 10 percent of the pool perimeter.
SPS 390.31(2)(g)2. 2. Slide structures shall have a maximum individual obstruction width of 20 feet.
SPS 390.31(2)(h) (h) For waterslides and runout slides, all closed curved flumes shall be a minimum of 32 inches in diameter.
SPS 390.31(2)(i) (i) For all other slides listed in Table 390.31-1, the slide terminus shall be designed to not allow riders to cross into the path of another rider.
SPS 390.31(3) (3)Installation.
SPS 390.31(3)(a)(a) All slide installations shall comply with the parameters as specified in Table 390.31-1.
SPS 390.31(3)(b) (b) Except where a lifeguard staffing plan has been approved by the department of health services, children's slide obstructions shall comply with all of the following requirements:
SPS 390.31(3)(b)1. 1. The side view of the obstruction, as viewed from any point, shall be less than 50 square feet.
SPS 390.31(3)(b)2. 2. The square footage of the obstruction shall be measured to a height of 6 feet above the water line.
SPS 390.31(3)(b)3. 3. Individual obstructions shall have at least a 10-foot horizontal separation.
SPS 390.31(3)(b)4. 4. No more than 20 percent of the pool basin shall be occupied by obstructions.
SPS 390.31 Note Note: See ch. SPS 390 Appendix for further explanation.
Table 390.31-1
Installation Parameters by Slide Typea - See PDF for table PDF
N/A = not applicable; > = greater than or equal to; < = less than or equal to.
a   Slide installation as per manufacturer's requirements if more stringent. For slide types not specifically listed in this table, contact the department.
b   Interpolation would be used for increasing drop and increasing depth proportionally.
c   Water slides with a drop shall comply with drop slide requirements in this table.
d   No minimum separation distance where slide exit prevents exiting over adjacent slide path
e   Minimum distance may be reduced if slide terminus is designed and installed to restrict patron exit angle.
SPS 390.31(4) (4)Slide flume water.
SPS 390.31(4)(a)(a) Except for waterslides, water for flume lubrication shall be a maximum of 10 percent of the circulation flow.
SPS 390.31(4)(b) (b) The balance tank for runout slide flume lubrication systems shall be at a minimum of 2 times the combined flow rate of the water attraction pump and of a sufficient volume to allow operation through all cycles of filtration operation.
SPS 390.31 History History: CR 08-056: cr. Register February 2009 No. 638, eff. 3-1-09; correction in (2) (f), (i), (3) (a) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
subch. V of ch. SPS 390 Subchapter V — Incorporation of Standards
SPS 390.40 SPS 390.40Incorporation of standards by reference.
SPS 390.40(1)(1)Consent. Pursuant to s. 227.21 (2), Stats., the attorney general has consented to the incorporation by reference of the standards listed in sub. (3).
SPS 390.40 Note Note: Copies of the adopted standards are on file in the offices of the department and the Legislative Reference Bureau. Copies of the standards may be purchased through the respective organizations listed in Tables 390.40-1 to 390.40-2.
SPS 390.40(2) (2)Alternate standards.
SPS 390.40(2)(a)1.1. Alternate standards that are equivalent to or more stringent than the standards referenced in this code may be used in lieu of the referenced standards when approved by the department or if written approval is issued by the department in accordance with par. (b).
SPS 390.40(2)(a)2. 2. Upon receipt of a fee as specified in ch. SPS 302 and a written request, the department may issue an approval for the use of the alternate standard.
SPS 390.40(2)(a)3. 3. The department shall review and make a determination on an application for approval within 40 business days of receipt of all forms, fees and documents required to complete the review.
SPS 390.40(2)(b) (b) Determination of approval shall be based on an analysis of the alternate standard and the standard referenced in this code, prepared by a qualified party.
SPS 390.40(2)(c) (c) The department may include specific conditions in issuing an approval, including an expiration date for the approval. Violations of the conditions under which an approval is issued shall constitute a violation of this code.
SPS 390.40(2)(d) (d) If the department determines that the alternate standard is not equivalent to or more stringent than the referenced standard, the request for approval shall be denied in writing.
SPS 390.40(2)(e) (e) The department may revoke an approval for any false statements or misrepresentations of facts on which the approval was based.
SPS 390.40(2)(f) (f) The department may reexamine an approved alternate standard and issue a revised approval at any time.
SPS 390.40(3) (3)Adoption of standards. The standards referenced in Tables 390.40-1 to 390.40-2 are hereby incorporated by reference into this chapter.
SPS 390.40 Note Note: The tables in this section provide a comprehensive listing of all of the standards adopted by reference in this code. For requirements or limitations in how these standards are to be applied, refer to the code section that requires compliance with the standard.
Table 390.40-1 - See PDF for table PDF
Table 390.40-2 - See PDF for table PDF
SPS 390.40 History History: CR 08-056: cr. Register February 2009 No. 638, eff. 3-1-09; correction in (2) (a) 2., (3) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
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