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SPS 390.13(1)(d) (d) A whirlpool shall be provided with deck around at least 50 percent of the basin perimeter.
SPS 390.13(1)(e) (e) A therapy pool shall be provided with deck at all entry and exit points.
SPS 390.13(2) (2)Deck width.
SPS 390.13(2)(a)(a) Except as required in pars. (b) to (e), deck shall extend for at least 6 feet from all basins.
SPS 390.13(2)(b) (b) Deck shall extend for at least 5 feet from a whirlpool basin.
SPS 390.13(2)(c) (c) Deck shall extend for at least 3 feet around deck obstructions and equipment.
SPS 390.13(2)(d) (d) Deck shall extend for at least 12 feet from a basin with a water depth exceeding 24 inches to a basin with a water depth less than 30 inches or an interactive play attraction.
SPS 390.13(2)(e) (e) Deck shall extend for a minimum 15 feet from a basin to locker or shower room doors where the basin meets all of the following criteria:
SPS 390.13(2)(e)1. 1. The basin consists of 3,500 square feet of water surface.
SPS 390.13(2)(e)2. 2. The basin has a water depth exceeding 24 inches.
SPS 390.13(2)(f) (f) Deck required in par. (e) shall extend for at least 12 feet wide at all locker or shower room doors.
SPS 390.13(2)(g) (g) Deck areas that do not provide the minimum deck required in pars. (b) to (f) shall be installed so as to permanently prohibit public access from the deck.
SPS 390.13(3) (3)Deck obstructions.
SPS 390.13(3)(a)(a) Except as permitted in par. (c), deck obstructions, including roof support columns, may be no greater than 2 feet in diameter and of contrasting color so as to provide adequate clearance, safety, visibility and access where a department of health services-approved lifeguard staffing plan is not required.
SPS 390.13 Note Note: Deck obstructions include pillars, play equipment and themeing. Equipment includes but is not limited to ladders, life guard chairs, lift chairs and handrails.
SPS 390.13(3)(b) (b) Deck obstructions shall extend a minimum of 3 feet above the deck so as not to create a tripping hazard.
SPS 390.13(3)(c) (c) Deck obstructions may occupy a maximum of 10 percent of the pool perimeter for basins where a lifeguard staffing plan is not required.
SPS 390.13(4) (4)In-deck ventilation systems.
SPS 390.13(4)(a)(a) Ventilation registers in decks shall be installed so that water flowing from the surrounding pool deck will not enter the registers, but will flow to the deck drains serving the deck.
SPS 390.13(4)(b) (b) Ventilation registers in decks shall be installed so that the registers are one inch higher than the deck drain grating.
SPS 390.13(4)(c) (c) Where ventilation registers are installed in decks, the owner of the facility shall obtain approval from the department of health services for their means of deck maintenance.
SPS 390.13(5) (5)Deck slopes.
SPS 390.13(5)(a)(a) Except as permitted in subds. 2. and 3., interior decks shall be sloped so as to effectively drain to deck drains.
SPS 390.13(5)(a)1. 1. The maximum slope of interior decks shall be ½ inch per foot.
SPS 390.13(5)(a)2. 2. A maximum of 6 feet of deck adjacent to a plunge pool exit, stairway or runout slide terminal section may discharge to the surge tank.
SPS 390.13(5)(a)3. 3. A maximum width of 20 inches of deck between a wall and a basin may discharge to the basin.
SPS 390.13(5)(b)1.1. Except as permitted in subd. 2., exterior decks shall be sloped a maximum of ½ inch per foot as to effectively drain to deck drains, perimeter areas or to the plumbing storm system.
SPS 390.13 Note Note: See s. SPS 382.36 for plumbing storm system design information.
SPS 390.13(5)(b)2. 2. Exterior elevated decks may be drained to underlying soils to infiltrate.
SPS 390.13(5)(c) (c) Decks shall be constructed so that standing water shall be no deeper than 1/8 inch, 20 minutes after the cessation of the addition of water to the deck.
SPS 390.13 Note Note: Two USA quarters may be stacked in order to test the standing water depth.
SPS 390.13(6) (6)Decks, ramps and walking and step surfaces.
SPS 390.13(6)(a)1.1. Decks, ramps walking and step surfaces shall be nontoxic.
SPS 390.13(6)(a)2. 2. Surfaces shall be slip resistant.
SPS 390.13(6)(a)3. 3. Surfaces shall be easily cleanable.
SPS 390.13(6)(a)4. 4. Surfaces shall not cause injury to user's feet under normal conditions.
SPS 390.13(6)(b) (b) The deck edge that pool patrons may come in contact with shall be radiused, tapered or otherwise relieved to minimize sharpness.
SPS 390.13(7) (7)Joints.
SPS 390.13(7)(a)(a) The maximum joint width between pool decks and other decks or walkways, including joint material, shall be 3/8 inch of horizontal clearance with a maximum difference in vertical elevation of ¼ inch.
SPS 390.13 Note Note: This section refers to joint widths between the pool deck and other adjacent decks.
SPS 390.13(7)(b) (b) Construction joints between pools and concrete decks shall be watertight.
SPS 390.13(8) (8)Deck stairs.
SPS 390.13(8)(a)(a) Exterior deck stair risers shall be uniform and have a minimum height of 4 inches and a maximum height of 7 inches.
SPS 390.13(8)(b) (b) Exterior deck stair treads shall be uniform and have a minimum depth of 11 inches.
SPS 390.13(8)(c) (c) A handrail shall be provided along both sides of stairs having more than one riser including the riser to the deck.
SPS 390.13(8)(d) (d) The height of the handrail shall be at least 34 inches but not more than 38 inches above the nosing of the tread.
SPS 390.13(8)(e) (e) Handrails shall return to the pool wall, guard or deck or shall be continuous to the handrail of an adjacent stair.
SPS 390.13(8)(f) (f) Handrails shall be located at the outside edge of stairs.
SPS 390.13 Note Note: Interior deck stairs shall comply with the requirements in chs. SPS 361 to 366, the Commercial Building Code.
SPS 390.13(9) (9)Service equipment.
SPS 390.13(9)(a)(a) Access to valves.
SPS 390.13(9)(a)1.1. Valves installed in or under any deck shall have access provided for operation, service and maintenance.
SPS 390.13(9)(a)2. 2. Access covers shall be provided for valve pits.
SPS 390.13(9)(b) (b) Cleaning.
SPS 390.13(9)(b)1.1. One hose bibb shall be provided in each public swimming pool or water attraction equipment room.
SPS 390.13(9)(b)2. 2. Additional hose bibbs shall be provided as necessary, and at intervals so as to permit adequate cleaning of the deck and toilet facilities using a maximum of 100 feet of hose when laid across the deck surface.
SPS 390.13(10) (10)Landscaping.
SPS 390.13(10)(a)(a) Landscaping within the barrier required in s. SPS 390.18 (4) shall comply with at least one of the following:
SPS 390.13(10)(a)1. 1. Organic material and inorganic pervious material shall be separated from the otherwise required deck by an additional 5 feet of deck.
SPS 390.13(10)(a)2. 2. Organic material and inorganic pervious material shall be installed in a 4-inch depression surrounded by a 42-inch high barrier.
SPS 390.13(10)(b) (b) Sand play areas may not be located within a pool enclosure unless all of the following are met:
SPS 390.13(10)(b)1. 1. The sand play area is separated from the deck by a 42-inch high rope and bollard or other fence barrier.
SPS 390.13(10)(b)2. 2. Foot or body showers shall be provided at any entrances to the deck from the sand play area.
SPS 390.13(10)(b)3. 3. Sand play areas shall be located outside the deck required in sub. (2).
SPS 390.13 History History: CR 08-056: cr. Register February 2009 No. 638, eff. 3-1-09; correction to numbering of (8) (f) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 1., Stats., Register February 2009 No. 638; correction in (10) (a) (intro.) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
SPS 390.14 SPS 390.14Circulation systems. A water circulation system consisting of pumps, piping return inlets and suction outlets, filters and other necessary equipment shall be provided that complies with all of the following requirements:
SPS 390.14(1) (1)Turnover rate. Circulation system equipment shall be designed to produce a turnover rate as specified in Table 390.14-1 or Table 390.14-2.
SPS 390.14 Note Note: See ch. SPS 390 Appendix for further information.
Table 390.14-1
Maximum Turnover Ratesa - See PDF for table PDF
a Calculate an average turnover time for multi-sectional basins.
b For pool types not listed herein, contact the department.
c Based on flow and pressure drop with a clean filter condition.
d Or as otherwise approved by the department.
Table 390.14-2
Therapy/Exercise Turnover Times - See PDF for table PDF
N/A Not applicable
a The number of persons is equal to the posted patron load.
SPS 390.14 Note Note: A therapy area within a multi-section pool having a temperature of < 93 oF is considered to be an activity pool.
SPS 390.14(2) (2)Separate systems. The circulation system shall be separate for each public swimming pool or water attraction.
SPS 390.14(3) (3)Separation from slides and play features.
SPS 390.14(3)(a)(a) Except as provided in pars. (b) and (c), public swimming pool or water attraction circulation systems may not serve slide or spray features.
SPS 390.14(3)(b) (b) A maximum of 10 percent of the required circulation system rate may be provided for the lubrication of slides or to spray features.
SPS 390.14(3)(c) (c) Flow in excess of the required circulation rate may serve slides and spray features.
SPS 390.14(4) (4)Accessibility. Circulation system equipment, including but not limited to pumps, skimmers, filters, gauges, meters and thermometers, shall be readily accessible for inspection, repair or replacement.
SPS 390.14(5) (5)Component standards. Equipment that is within the scope of ANSI/NSF 50, circulation system components and related materials, shall be listed by an acceptable listing agency to meet ANSI/NSF 50 or equivalent.
SPS 390.14(6) (6)Installation.
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