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SPS 382.36(7)(d)9. 9. All underground stormwater storage tanks for water reuse shall be separated from sanitary sewers by a minimum of 8 feet.
SPS 382.36(7)(d)10.a.a. A means to locate buried non-metallic storm building sewers and private interceptor main sewers that discharge to municipal mains shall be provided in accordance with the options under s. SPS 382.30 (11) (h), except as provided in subd. 10. b.
SPS 382.36(7)(d)10.b. b. Tracer wire insulation color for non-metallic storm pipe shall be brown.
SPS 382.36(8) (8)Sumps and pumps.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)(a) Sumps.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)1.1. `General.' All storm building subdrains shall discharge into a sump, the contents of which shall be automatically lifted and discharged, dispersed or used in accordance with sub. (4).
SPS 382.36(8)(a)2. 2. `Construction and installation'.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)2.a.a. Except as provided in subd. 2. c. and d., an interior sump shall have a rim extending at least one inch above the floor immediately adjacent to the sump.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)2.b. b. A sump shall have a removable cover of sufficient strength for anticipated loads.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)2.c. c. Where a sump is installed in an exterior meter pit or elevator pit, the rim may be level with the floor.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)2.d. d. When a sump is provided with an airtight, solid cover.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)3. 3. `Location'. All sumps installed for the purpose of receiving clearwater, groundwater or stormwater shall be separated from water wells by the applicable separation distances contained in chs. NR 811 and 812, or as otherwise permitted by the department of natural resources.
SPS 382.36 Note Note: See ch. SPS 382 Appendix A-382.30 (11) (d) for material reprinted from s. NR 812.08.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)4. 4. `Size'.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)4.a.a. Except as permitted under subd. 4. b. or c. the size of each sump shall be no smaller than 16 inches in diameter at the top, 14 inches in diameter at the bottom, and 22 inches in depth.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)4.b. b. The minimum sump diameter may be smaller than 16 inches when specified by the manufacturer for a combination sump and pump.
SPS 382.36(8)(a)4.c. c. A sump located in an elevator pit may have a width or diameter of not less than 12 inches and a depth of not less than 12 inches.
SPS 382.36(8)(b) (b) Pumps.
SPS 382.36(8)(b)1.1. `Size.' The pump shall be of a capacity appropriate for the anticipated use.
SPS 382.36(8)(b)2. 2. `Discharge piping.'
SPS 382.36(8)(b)2.a.a. Where a pump discharges into a storm drain system, a check valve shall be installed.
SPS 382.36(8)(b)2.b. b. The minimum diameter discharge piping shall be based on the design flow rate of the pump and a minimum velocity of one foot/second.
SPS 382.36(9) (9)Inlet requirements.
SPS 382.36(9)(a)(a) Interior clearwater drain inlets. Interior clearwater drain inlets shall terminate at least one inch above the finished floor.
SPS 382.36(9)(b) (b) Exterior stormwater inlets.
SPS 382.36(9)(b)1.1. `Construction.'
SPS 382.36(9)(b)1.a.a. All exterior stormwater inlets shall be constructed of material in accordance with s. SPS 384.30.
SPS 382.36 Note Note: For additional information on approved materials, refer to s. SPS 384.30 (3) (f).
SPS 382.36(9)(b)1.b. b. All exterior stormwater inlets subject to vehicular traffic shall be set on a suitable base capable of sustaining the anticipated load.
SPS 382.36(9)(b)2. 2. `Design'. All exterior stormwater inlets shall be designed for the anticipated flow.
SPS 382.36 Note Note: For manhole requirements, refer to s. SPS 382.35 (3).
SPS 382.36(9)(b)3. 3. `Inlet grates'.
SPS 382.36(9)(b)3.a.a. General. All inlets shall be provided with a well-fitted, removable grate of a thickness and strength to sustain the anticipated loads.
SPS 382.36 Note Note: Sections SPS 362.1101 to 362.1110 specify that for floor or ground surface inlets when placed within an identifiable accessible route, openings in the floor or ground surface shall be of a size that does not permit the passage of a ½-inch sphere. Also, it states that grates having elongated openings be placed so that the longest dimension is perpendicular to the dominant direction of travel.
SPS 382.36(9)(b)3.b. b. Floor or ground surface inlets. Openings in the floor or ground surface shall be of a size that prohibits the entrapment of wheeled vehicles, wheelchairs or pedestrians within the grate openings.
SPS 382.36(9)(b)3.c. c. Grates on horizontal pipes. Grates shall be provided on horizontal inlets greater than 6 inches in diameter. The grates shall be placed so that the rods or bars are not more than 3 inches downstream of the inlet. Rods or bars shall be spaced so that the openings do not permit the passage of a 6-inch sphere.
SPS 382.36 Note Note: See ch. SPS 382 Appendix for further explanatory material.
SPS 382.36(9)(c) (c) Subsurface areas of 50 square feet or less. Other than stairwells, all subsurface areas not exceeding 50 square feet and exposed to the weather, shall comply with one of the following:
SPS 382.36(9)(c)1. 1. Drain to foundation drains through a minimum 2-inch diameter pipe or a through a continuous layer of washed stone aggregate.
SPS 382.36(9)(c)2. 2. Drain to the storm building drain, storm subdrain or storm sewer through a minimum 3-inch diameter pipe.
SPS 382.36(9)(d) (d) Subsurface areas of more than 50 square feet and stairwells. An area drain shall be provided in subsurface areas greater than 50 square feet and in all stairwells exposed to the weather. The area drain shall comply with all of the following:
SPS 382.36(9)(d)1. 1. Drain to the storm building drain, storm subdrain or storm sewer.
SPS 382.36(9)(d)2. 2. The fixture drain shall have a minimum 3-inch inside diameter and may not discharge into a subsoil or foundation drain.
SPS 382.36(10) (10)Roof drains.
SPS 382.36(10)(a)(a) General roofs. Roof drains shall be equipped with strainers extending not less than 4 inches above the surface of the roof immediately adjacent to the roof drain. Strainers shall have an available inlet area above the roof of not less than 1.5 times the area of the conductor to which the drain connects.
SPS 382.36(10)(b) (b) Flat decks. Roof drain strainers used on sun decks, open parking decks and similar areas shall be of the flat surface type, shall be level with the deck and shall have an available inlet area of not less than 2 times the area of the conductor to which the drain connects.
SPS 382.36(11) (11)Secondary roof drains.
SPS 382.36(11)(a)(a) Sizing. When secondary roof drain systems are installed the secondary system shall be sized and installed in accordance with the requirements in this section.
SPS 382.36(11)(b) (b) Prohibited connection. Secondary roof drain systems may not be connected to primary roof drain systems.
SPS 382.36(11)(c) (c) Discharge. All secondary roof drain systems shall discharge in accordance with Table 382.38–1.
SPS 382.36(12) (12)Traps and vents.
SPS 382.36(12)(a)1.1. Traps are required for interior drain inlets receiving clearwater.
SPS 382.36(12)(a)2. 2. Except for exterior loading dock drains, traps are required for exterior drain inlets located within 10 feet of an air inlet, door or openable window.
SPS 382.36(12)(a)3. 3. More than one drain inlet may discharge to the same trap.
SPS 382.36(12)(a)4. 4. A foundation drain that discharges by gravity to a storm sewer shall be trapped. The trap shall be provided with cleanouts.
SPS 382.36(12)(b) (b) Vents.
SPS 382.36(12)(b)1.1. A trap receiving clearwater shall be vented in accordance with s. SPS 382.31. Vent piping for a clearwater drain system may not be connected to a vent system serving a sanitary drain system or chemical waste system.
SPS 382.36(12)(b)2.a.a. Vents serving a solid covered sump shall terminate a minimum of one inch above finished floor.
SPS 382.36(12)(b)2.b. b. Sump vents shall be sized as per Table 382.31-4.
SPS 382.36(13) (13)Operation and maintenance.
SPS 382.36(13)(a)(a) Plan. An operation and maintenance plan shall be implemented for all stormwater plumbing systems for drainage areas of one or more acres that are installed on or after December 1, 2004.
SPS 382.36(13)(b) (b) Plan information. An operation and maintenance plan as required in par. (a) shall include at least all of the following information, applicable to the system:
SPS 382.36(13)(b)1. 1. Accumulated solids or byproduct removal requirements.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)2. 2. Identification of safety hazards.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)3. 3. Cleaning and inspection schedule.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)4. 4. Inspection and maintenance checklist, including at least the following items:
SPS 382.36(13)(b)4.b. b. Disinfection units.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)4.c. c. Sedimentation chambers.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)4.d. d. Detention devices.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)4.e. e. Infiltration systems.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)5. 5. Start up and shutdown procedures.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)6. 6. Vector control requirements.
SPS 382.36(13)(b)7. 7. A contingency plan in the event of system failure.
SPS 382.36(13)(c) (c) Plan location. The operation and maintenance plan shall remain onsite and be available for inspection when requested by the department.
SPS 382.36(13)(d) (d) Record of maintenance. When requested the owner shall make available for inspection all maintenance records to the department or agent for the life of the system.
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SPS 382.365 SPS 382.365Stormwater and clearwater subsurface infiltration plumbing systems.
SPS 382.365(1) (1)Scope. The provisions of this section set forth the requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of stormwater and clearwater subsurface infiltration plumbing systems serving building sites.
SPS 382.365 Note Note: The department of natural resources has registration requirements for class V injection wells. See ch. SPS 382 Appendix for further explanatory material.
SPS 382.365(2) (2)Site and soil evaluation.
SPS 382.365(2)(a)(a) Site evaluation. A site evaluation shall be conducted in accordance with the methods and standards as provided in s. SPS 385.40 (3) (a).
SPS 382.365(2)(b) (b) Soil evaluation.
SPS 382.365(2)(b)1.1. A soil evaluation shall be conducted in accordance with the methods and standards as provided in s. SPS 385.30 (1) (c).
SPS 382.365(2)(b)2. 2. Individuals qualified to conduct soil evaluation under this subsection shall be an individual that maintains either a registration as provided in s. SPS 305.33 or a license as provided in ch. GHSS 4.
SPS 382.365(3) (3)Infiltration system design.
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