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SPS 382.30(11)(h)1. 1. A tracer wire shall be installed in accordance with all of the following:
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.a. a. Tracer wire shall be installed along the length of the non-metallic pipe.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.b. b. Tracer wire shall be a minimum of 18 gauge, insulated, single-conductor copper wire or equivalent.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.c. c. Tracer wire shall be located directly above and within 6 inches of the non-metallic pipe.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.d. d. Tracer wire shall be accessible and locatable within the owner's property at 400-foot intervals or increments thereof.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.e. e. Exterior access locations shall include a means of protecting the tracer wire.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.f. f. In-ground sleeves shall be installed as provided in s. SPS 382.35 (5) (a) 2. c. and d.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.g. g. Where tracer wire is more than 6 inches from the pipe, tracer wire insulation color shall comply with subd. 1. h.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.h. h. Tracer wire insulation color for non-metallic sewer pipe shall be green.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.i. i. Tracer wire conductivity shall be tested prior to use.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)1.j. j. Conductive warning tape may not be utilized in lieu of tracer wire.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)2. 2. Global positioning system data shall be recorded with the municipality where the non-metallic pipe is installed.
SPS 382.30(11)(h)3. 3. Another equally-effective means acceptable to the department shall be employed to mark the location of the non-metallic pipe.
SPS 382.30(12) (12)Private interceptor main sewers.
SPS 382.30(12)(a)(a) The connection of a private interceptor main sewer to a public sewer shall be in accordance with the conditions of approval for the public sewer granted by the department of natural resources under s. 281.41, Stats.
SPS 382.30(12)(b) (b) Private interceptor main sewers which discharge to a municipal treatment facility shall be designed in accordance with the appropriate water quality management plan.
SPS 382.30(12)(c) (c) All private interceptor main sewers shall be tested in accordance with s. SPS 382.21.
SPS 382.30(12)(d) (d) Private interceptor main sewers 6" or less in diameter shall be installed in accordance with the criteria for building sewers specified in sub. (11) (b) and (c) and (d) and (e).
SPS 382.30(12)(e) (e) Private interceptor main sewers 8" or larger in diameter shall be:
SPS 382.30(12)(e)1. 1. Provided with frost protection in accordance with sub. (11) (c); and
SPS 382.30(12)(e)2. 2. Installed in accordance with the municipal sewer criteria specified in s. NR 110.13.
SPS 382.30(12)(f) (f) No private interceptor main sewer may pass through or under a building to serve another building, unless one of the following conditions are met:
SPS 382.30(12)(f)1. 1. The private interceptor main sewer serves farm buildings, farm houses, or both which are located on one property.
SPS 382.30(12)(f)2. 2. The private interceptor main sewer serves buildings that are located on one property and a document, which indicates the piping and distribution arrangement for the property and buildings, shall be recorded with the register of deeds no later than 90 days after installation.
SPS 382.30(12)(f)3. 3. An easement and agreement for maintenance and repairs shall be recorded with the register of deeds no later than 90 days after installation.
SPS 382.30(13) (13)Location of drain piping.
SPS 382.30(13)(a) (a) Drain piping located below the ceilings of areas where food, ice or potable liquids are prepared, handled, stored or displayed shall be installed with the least number of joints and shall be installed in accordance with subds. 1. to 5.
SPS 382.30(13)(a)1. 1. All pipe openings through floors shall be provided with sleeves bonded to the floor construction and protruding not less than one inch above the top of the finish floor with the space between sleeve and the piping sealed.
SPS 382.30(13)(a)2. 2. Plumbing fixtures, except bathtubs and showers, shall be of the wall mounted type. Bathtubs shall have waste and overflow connections made above the floor and piped to a trap below the floor.
SPS 382.30(13)(a)3. 3. Floor and shower drains installed shall be equipped with integral seepage pans.
SPS 382.30(13)(a)4. 4. Cleanouts for piping shall be extended through the floor construction above.
SPS 382.30(13)(a)5. 5. Piping subject to operation at temperatures that will form condensation on the exterior of the pipe shall be thermally insulated.
SPS 382.30(13)(b) (b) Where drain piping is located in ceilings of areas where food, ice or potable liquids are prepared, handled stored or displayed, the ceilings shall be of the removable type, or shall be provided with access panels in order to provide an access for inspection of the piping.
SPS 382.30(13)(c) (c) Exposed drain piping shall not be located over a pool, surge tank or an open filter for a pool except where a trough is installed below exposed drain piping to divert the flow of seepage to a discharge point consistent with Table 382.38-1.
SPS 382.30 Note Note: See ch. SPS 382 Appendix for examples of exposed piping considerations.
SPS 382.30(14) (14)Vacuum waste collection systems.
SPS 382.30(14)(a) (a) Vacuum waste collection systems shall do all of the following:
SPS 382.30(14)(a)1. 1. Conform to CSA b45.13:19/IAPMO z1700-2019.
SPS 382.30(14)(a)2. 2. Be designed and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
SPS 382.30(14)(a)3. 3. Include a vacuum generating system, waste collection center, piping network, vacuum valve and control components used to isolate the vacuum piping network from atmospheric pressure and collect waste at the point of origin. If a vacuum system provides the only means of sanitation, then a contingency system set to operate automatically shall be installed.
SPS 382.30(14)(b) (b) Vacuum generating systems shall do all of the following:
SPS 382.30(14)(b)1. 1. Include vacuum pumps adequate to create a constant vacuum in the piping network and storage tanks.
SPS 382.30(14)(b)2. 2. Have automated controls for the operating of pumps, collection tanks and alarms.
SPS 382.30(14)(b)3. 3. Include demand activated vacuum pumps.
SPS 382.30(14)(b)4. 4. Be provided with a vacuum pump exhaust vent capable of handling the total air volume of the vacuum pump.
SPS 382.30(14)(c) (c) Waste collection centers or storage tanks shall do all of the following:
SPS 382.30(14)(c)1. 1. Be adequately sized to prevent fouling of the system.
SPS 382.30(14)(c)2. 2. Be designed to withstand 150% of the rated vacuum created by the vacuum generating system without leakage or collapse.
SPS 382.30(14)(c)3. 3. Be accessible for inspection, repair, and replacement.
SPS 382.30(14)(d) (d) Vacuum piping networks shall do all of the following:
SPS 382.30(14)(d)1. 1. Be designed to withstand 150% of the rated vacuum created by the vacuum generating system without leakage or collapse.
SPS 382.30(14)(d)2. 2. Be under continuous vacuum.
SPS 382.30(14)(d)3. 3. Be constructed of materials specified by the manufacturer.
SPS 382.30(14)(d)4. 4. Be sized in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
SPS 382.30(14)(d)5. 5. Connect to water closets with at least 1 ½ inch. i.d. piping.
SPS 382.30(14)(e) (e) Vacuum interface valves shall do all of the following:
SPS 382.30(14)(e)1. 1. Be installed to isolate the vacuum piping network from atmospheric pressure.
SPS 382.30(14)(e)2. 2. Open automatically when a waste removal cycle is initiated for the fixture.
SPS 382.30(14)(f) (f) Control components shall include levels indicator switches that automatically control the discharge pumps and provide all of the following warnings of malfunction or blockage:
SPS 382.30(14)(f)1. 1. Start discharge.
SPS 382.30(14)(f)2. 2. Stop discharge.
SPS 382.30(14)(f)3. 3. Audible alarm for abnormally high effluent levels.
SPS 382.30(14)(f)4. 4. Full tank shutdown warning.
SPS 382.30(14)(g) (g) Gravity type fixtures shall conform to s. SPS 384.20.
SPS 382.30(14)(h) (h) Vacuum water closets shall do all of the following:
SPS 382.30(14)(h)1. 1. Have s. SPS 382.41 listed vacuum breakers installed in fixture supply piping.
SPS 382.30(14)(h)2. 2. Have a WSFU value of 1.
SPS 382.30(14)(i) (i) Piping hangers and supports used in vacuum waste collection systems shall conform to s. SPS 382.60.
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SPS 382.31 SPS 382.31Vents and venting systems.
SPS 382.31(1)(1)Scope. The provisions of this section set forth the requirements for the design and the installation of vents and venting systems.
SPS 382.31(2) (2)Materials. All vents and venting systems shall be constructed of approved materials in accordance with ch. SPS 384.
SPS 382.31(3) (3)General.
SPS 382.31(3)(a) (a) Vents. Every trap and trapped plumbing fixture shall be provided with an individual vent, except as otherwise permitted in this chapter. Vents and venting systems shall be designed and installed so that the water seal of a trap shall be subject to a maximum pneumatic pressure differential equal to one inch of water column.
SPS 382.31(3)(b) (b) Main stack. Each gravity-flow sanitary building sewer shall be served by at least one stack which extends from a building drain to a vent terminal or vent header. The stack shall be not less than 3 in diameter from the building drain to the vent terminal or vent header.
SPS 382.31(4) (4)Vent stacks and stack vents.
SPS 382.31(4)(a) (a) Where required. A vent stack and a stack vent shall be installed to serve any drain stacks of 5 or more branch intervals.
SPS 382.31(4)(b) (b) Installation.
SPS 382.31(4)(b)1.1. The connection of the vent stack to a drain stack shall be at or below the lowest branch drain connection to the drain stack. The connection to the drain stack shall be by means of a wye pattern fitting installed in a vertical portion of the stack.
SPS 382.31(4)(b)2. 2. A vent stack and a stack vent shall:
SPS 382.31(4)(b)2.a. a. Extend to a vent terminal in accordance with sub. (16);
SPS 382.31(4)(b)2.b. b. Connect to a vent stack which extends to a vent terminal; or
SPS 382.31(4)(b)2.c. c. Connect to a stack vent at least 6" above the flood level rim of the highest fixture discharging into a drain stack.
SPS 382.31(4)(b)3. 3. Vent stacks and stack vents may connect into a common vent header and then shall extend to a vent terminal.
SPS 382.31(4)(b)4. 4. The connection of a vent stack with another vent may not be less than 38 above the next higher floor level where the plumbing fixtures are vented, but in no case lower than 2" above the elevation of the highest flood level rim of any fixture served by the vent.
SPS 382.31 Note Note: See ch. SPS 382 Appendix for further explanatory material.
SPS 382.31(5) (5)Relief and yoke vents for stack offsets.
SPS 382.31(5)(a)(a) Vents serving offsets of 30 to 45° in drain stacks.
SPS 382.31(5)(a)1.1. Except as permitted in subd. 2., where a horizontal branch connects to a drain stack within 2 feet above or below an offset with a change of direction of 30 to 45° from the vertical and the offset is located below 5 or more branch intervals, the offset shall be vented in accordance with par. (b) 1. to 3.
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