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SPS 381.01(55) (55) “Cleanout" means an accessible opening in a drain system used for the removal of obstructions.
SPS 381.01(56) (56) “Clear water" means wastewater other than storm water, having no impurities or where impurities are below a minimum concentration considered harmful by the department, including but not limited to noncontact cooling water and condensate drainage from refrigeration compressors and air conditioning equipment, drainage of water used for equipment chilling purposes and cooled condensate from steam heating systems or other equipment.
SPS 381.01(56e) (56e) “Clinic sink" means a fixture having an integral trap and a flushing rim so that water cleanses the interior surface.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: This fixture has flushing and cleansing characteristics similar to a water closet. A clinic sink may also be referred to as a clinic service sink, a bedpan washing sink or a flushing rim sink.
SPS 381.01(57) (57) “Cold water" means water at a temperature less than 85°F.
SPS 381.01(58) (58) “Combination fixture" means a fixture combining one sink and laundry tray or a 2- or 3-compartment sink or laundry tray in one unit.
SPS 381.01(59) (59) “Combination drain and vent system" means a specially designed system of drain piping embodying the wet venting of one or more fixtures by means of a common drain and vent pipe adequately sized to provide free movement of air in the piping.
SPS 381.01(59m) (59m) “Combination private water main" means a private water main that serves a fire protection system and any number of plumbing fixtures.
SPS 381.01(59s) (59s) “Combination water service" means a water service that serves a fire protection system and any number of plumbing fixtures.
SPS 381.01(60) (60) “Common vent" means a branch vent connecting at or downstream from the junction of 2 fixture drains and serving as a vent for those fixture drains.
SPS 381.01(60e) (60e) “Community-based residential facility" has the meaning specified under s. 50.01 (1g), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 50.01 (1g), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Community-based residential facility" means a place where 5 or more adults who are not related to the operator or administrator and who do not require care above intermediate level nursing care reside and receive care, treatment or services that are above the level of room and board but that include no more than 3 hours of nursing care per week per resident. “Community-based residential facility" does not include any of the following:
SPS 381.01 Note (a) A convent or facility owned or operated by members of a religious order exclusively for the reception and care or treatment of members of that order.
SPS 381.01 Note (b) A facility or private home that provides care, treatment, and services only for victims of domestic abuse, as defined in s. 49.165 (1) (a), Stats., and their children.
SPS 381.01 Note(c) A shelter facility as defined under s. 16.308 (1) (d), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note (d) A place that provides lodging for individuals and in which all of the following conditions are met:
SPS 381.01 Note 1. Each lodged individual is able to exit the place under emergency conditions without the assistance of another individual.
SPS 381.01 Note 2. No lodged individual receives from the owner, manager or operator of the place or the owner's, manager's or operator's agent or employee any of the following:
SPS 381.01 Note a. Personal care, supervision or treatment, or management, control or supervision of prescription medications.
SPS 381.01 Note b. Care or services other than board, information, referral, advocacy or job guidance; location and coordination of social services by an agency that is not affiliated with the owner, manager or operator, for which arrangements were made for an individual before he or she lodged in the place; or, in the case of an emergency, arrangement for the provision of health care or social services by an agency that is not affiliated with the owner, manager or operator.
SPS 381.01 Note (e) An adult family home.
SPS 381.01 Note (f) A residential care apartment complex.
SPS 381.01 Note (g) A residential facility in the village of Union Grove that was authorized to operate without a license under a final judgment entered by a court before January 1, 1982, and that continues to comply with the judgment notwithstanding the expiration of the judgment.
SPS 381.01(61) (61) “Conductor" means a drain pipe inside the building which conveys storm water from a roof to the storm drain or storm sewer.
SPS 381.01(61m) (61m) “Containment" means the installation of a cross connection control method, device or assembly to prohibit the flow of contamination from a building or facility into a water supply system.
SPS 381.01(62) (62) “Contaminant load" means the concentrations of substances in a wastewater stream.
SPS 381.01(62e) (62e) “Containment tank" means a device with a valved outlet designed to temporarily hold potentially hazardous wastewater for evaluation before discharging to a POWTS or municipal sewer.
SPS 381.01(62m) (62m) “Continuous pressure" means a pressure greater than atmospheric and exerted for a period of more than 12 continuous hours.
SPS 381.01(62s) (62s) “Conveyance system" means that portion of a drain system that consists of a series of pipes that transport water from one area to another without providing detention.
SPS 381.01(63) (63) “Corporation cock" means a valve:
SPS 381.01(63)(a) (a) Installed in a private water main or a water service at or near the connection to a public water main; or
SPS 381.01(63)(b) (b) Installed in the side of a forced main sewer to which a forced building sewer is connected.
SPS 381.01(64) (64) “Critical level" means the reference point on a vacuum breaker that must be submerged before backflow can occur. When the critical level is not indicated on the vacuum breaker, the bottom of the vacuum breaker shall be considered the critical level.
SPS 381.01(65) (65) “Cross connection" means a connection or potential connection between any part of a water supply system and another environment containing substances in a manner that, under any circumstances, would allow the substances to enter the water supply system by means of back siphonage or back pressure.
SPS 381.01(65m) (65m) “Cross connection control assembly" means a testable backflow preventer consisting of an arrangement of components.
SPS 381.01(66) (66) “Cross connection control device" means any mechanical device which automatically prevents backflow from a contaminated source into a potable water supply system.
SPS 381.01(67) (67) “Curb stop" means a valve placed in a water service or a private water main, usually near the lot line.
SPS 381.01(68) (68) “Dead end" means a branch leading from a drain pipe, vent pipe, building drain or building sewer and terminating at a developed length of 2 feet or more by means of a plug, cap or other closed fitting.
SPS 381.01(69) (69) “Department" means the department of safety and professional services.
SPS 381.01(70) (70) “Design wastewater flow" means 150% of the estimated wastewater flow generated by a dwelling, building or facility.
SPS 381.01(70m) (70m) “Detention" means the collection and temporary storage of water for subsequent gradual discharge.
SPS 381.01(71) (71) “Determination of failure" has the meaning specified under s. 145.245 (1) (a), Stats.
SPS 381.01(72) (72) “Developed length" means the length of pipe line measured along the centerline of the pipe and fittings.
SPS 381.01(72e) (72e) “Dfu" means drainage fixture unit.
SPS 381.01(73) (73) “Diameter" means in reference to a pipe the nominal inside diameter of the pipe.
SPS 381.01(74) (74) “Disinfection unit" means a type of POWTS treatment component, excluding a soil-based POWTS treatment component, that utilizes a chemical or photoelectric process to reduce the wastewater fecal coliform contaminant load.
SPS 381.01(75) (75) “Dispersal zone" means a dimensional volume of in situ soil that receives wastewater for treatment or distributes final effluent for dispersal.
SPS 381.01(76) (76) “Distribution cell" means a dimensional zone that is part of a POWTS treatment or dispersal component where wastewater is disseminated into in situ soil or engineered soil.
SPS 381.01(77) (77) “Documented data" means data which is developed in accordance with scientifically valid analytical protocols including field trials where appropriate, is subjected to peer review, results from more than one study, and consistent with other credible research.
SPS 381.01(78) (78) “Domestic wastewater" means the type of wastewater, not including storm water, normally discharged from or similar to that discharged from plumbing fixtures, appliances and devices including, but not limited to sanitary, bath, laundry, dishwashing, garbage disposal and cleaning wastewaters.
SPS 381.01(79) (79) “Double check backflow prevention assembly" means a type of cross connection control assembly which is composed of 2 independently acting check valves internally force-loaded to a normally closed position, tightly closing shut-off valves located at each end of the assembly and fitted with test cocks. The term “double check valve backflow preventer" has the same meaning as double check backflow prevention assembly.
SPS 381.01(80) (80) “Double check detector fire protection backflow preventer-assembly" means an assembly serving a fire protection system and consisting of 2 independently acting check valves, internally forced loaded to a normally closed position, 2 tightly closing shut-off valves, and properly located test cocks which also includes a parallel flow meter to indicate leakage or unauthorized use of water downstream of the assembly.
SPS 381.01(80m) (80m) “Double check fire protection backflow prevention assembly" means an assembly serving a fire protection system and consisting of 2 independently acting check valves, internally forced loaded to a normally closed position, 2 tightly closing shut-off valves, and properly located test cocks. The term “double check valve backflow preventer for fire protection systems" has the same meaning as double check fire protection backflow prevention assembly.
SPS 381.01(81) (81) “Drain" means any pipe that carries wastewater or water-borne wastes.
SPS 381.01(82) (82) “Drain system" includes all the piping or any portion of the piping within public or private premises which conveys wastewater to a legal point of disposal, but does not include the mains of public sewer systems or a private onsite wastewater treatment system or public sewage treatment or disposal plant.
SPS 381.01(82e) (82e) “Dual check backflow preventer wall hydrant-freeze resistant type" means a type of hose bibb that provides protection of the potable water supply from contamination due to backsiphonage or backpressure without damage to the device due to freezing, and is field testable to verify protection under the high hazard conditions present at a hose threaded outlet.
SPS 381.01(82m) (82m) “Dual check valve type with atmospheric port backflow preventer" has the same meaning as specified in sub. (18).
SPS 381.01(83) (83) “Dwelling" means a structure, or that part of a structure, which is used or intended to be used as a home, residence or sleeping place by one person or by 2 or more persons maintaining a common household, to the exclusion of all others.
SPS 381.01(84) (84) “Effluent" means liquid discharged from a process, device, appurtenance or piping system.
SPS 381.01(85) (85) “Ejector" means an automatically operated device to elevate wastewater by the use of air under higher than atmospheric pressure.
SPS 381.01(86) (86) “Elevation" or “EL" means the vertical distance from the datum to a point under investigation.
SPS 381.01(87) (87) “Enforcement standard" or “ES" has the meaning specified under s. 160.01 (2), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 160.01 (2), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Enforcement standard" means a numerical value expressing the concentration of a substance in groundwater which is adopted under ss. 160.07 and 160.09.
SPS 381.01(88) (88) “Engineered soil" means a mineral product that is equivalent to in situ soil for which treatment capability has been credited under Table 383.44-3, or superior to in situ soil in its ability to treat or disperse domestic wastewater from a POWTS.
SPS 381.01(89) (89) “Engineered system" means a system designed to meet the intent of the code but not the enumerated specifications of the state plumbing code.
SPS 381.01(90) (90) “Estimated wastewater flow" means the typical quantity of domestic wastewater generated daily by a dwelling, building or facility.
SPS 381.01(90e) (90e) “Experimental plumbing system" has the same meaning as experimental system as specified in sub. (91).
SPS 381.01(90m) (90m) “Exam sink" means a plumbing fixture used for hand washing in health care and related facilities.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: An exam sink may also be referred to as a treatment sink.
SPS 381.01(91) (91) “Experimental system" means a type of plumbing system from which valid and reliable data are being sought to demonstrate compliance with the intent of chs. SPS 382 to 384.
SPS 381.01(92) (92) “Failing private onsite wastewater treatment system” has the meaning specified under s. 145.01 (4m), Stats.
SPS 381.01(93) (93) “Farm" means a parcel of 35 or more acres of contiguous land that is devoted primarily to agricultural use, as defined under s. 91.01 (2), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 91.01 (2), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note (a) Any of the following activities conducted for the purpose of producing an income or livelihood:
SPS 381.01 Note 1. Crop or forage production.
SPS 381.01 Note 2. Keeping livestock.
SPS 381.01 Note 3. Beekeeping.
SPS 381.01 Note 4. Nursery, sod, or Christmas tree production.
SPS 381.01 Note 4m. Floriculture.
SPS 381.01 Note 5. Aquaculture.
SPS 381.01 Note 6. Fur farming.
SPS 381.01 Note 7. Forest management.
SPS 381.01 Note 8. Enrolling land in a federal agricultural commodity payment program or a federal or state agricultural land conservation payment program.
SPS 381.01 Note (b) Any other use that the department, by rule, identifies as an agricultural use.
SPS 381.01(93m) (93m) “Fats, oil, and grease” and “FOG” mean organic polar compounds derived from vegetable, plant, or animal sources that are composed of long chain triglycerides that are insoluble in water. Fats are generally solid particles, oils are usually liquid at room temperature, and grease is usually solid at room temperature.
SPS 381.01(94) (94) “Faucet" means a valve end of a water pipe by means of which water can be drawn from or held within the pipe.
SPS 381.01(95) (95) “Final effluent" means the effluent from the last POWTS treatment component.
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