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SPS 381.01(225) (225) “Soil morphology" means the physical or structural characteristics of a soil profile particularly as related to the arrangement of soil horizons based on color, texture, structure, consistence, and porosity.
SPS 381.01(226) (226) “Soil profile" means a vertical section of soil containing one or more soil horizons.
SPS 381.01(227) (227) “Soil profile evaluation" means a determination of soil properties or characteristics as they relate to wastewater or nonwater-carried human waste treatment or dispersal.
SPS 381.01(228) (228) “Soil structure" means the combination or arrangement of individual soil particles into definable aggregates or peds, which are characterized and classified on the basis of size, shape, and degree of distinctness.
SPS 381.01(229) (229) “Soil texture" means the relative proportions of sand, silt and clay (soil separates) in a soil.
SPS 381.01(230) (230) “Spigot" means the end of a pipe which fits into a bell or hub.
SPS 381.01(231) (231) “Spill level" means the horizontal plane to which water will rise to overflow through channels or connections which are not directly connected to any drainage system, when water is flowing into a fixture, vessel or receptacle at the maximum rate of flow.
SPS 381.01(231m) (231m) “Spill resistant vacuum breaker" means a cross connection control device consisting of one check valve force loaded closed, an air inlet force loaded open to atmosphere downstream of the check valve, 2 shutoff valves and 2 test cocks.
SPS 381.01(232) (232) “Spring line, pipe" means the line or place from which the arch of a pipe or conduit rises.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: See ch. SPS 382 Appendix for an illustration depicting the spring line of a pipe.
SPS 381.01(233) (233) “Stack" means a drain or vent pipe that extends vertically one full story or more.
SPS 381.01(234) (234) “Stack vent" means a vent extending from the highest horizontal drain connected to a stack.
SPS 381.01(235) (235) “Standpipe" means a drain pipe serving as a receptor for the discharge wastes from indirect or local waste piping.
SPS 381.01(236) (236) “State" means the state of Wisconsin, its agencies and institutions.
SPS 381.01(237) (237) “State plumbing code" means chs. SPS 381 to 387.
SPS 381.01(238) (238) “Sterilizer, boiling type" means a device of nonpressure type, used for boiling instruments, utensils, or other equipment for disinfecting.
SPS 381.01(239) (239) “Sterilizer, instrument" means a device for the sterilization of various instruments.
SPS 381.01(240) (240) “Sterilizer, pressure" means a pressure vessel fixture designed to use steam under pressure for sterilizing.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: A pressure sterilizer is also referred to as an autoclave.
SPS 381.01(241) (241) “Sterilizer, pressure instrument washer" means a pressure vessel designed to both wash and sterilize instruments during the operating cycle of the device.
SPS 381.01(242) (242) “Sterilizer, utensil" means a device for the sterilization of utensils.
SPS 381.01(243) (243) “Sterilizer vent" means a separate pipe or stack, indirectly connected to the drain system at the lower terminal, which receives the vapors from nonpressure sterilizers, or the exhaust vapors from pressure sterilizers, and conducts the vapors directly to the outer air.
SPS 381.01(244) (244) “Sterilizer, water" means a device for sterilizing water and storing sterile water.
SPS 381.01(245) (245) “Storm sewer" means a pipe, other than a pipe located inside a building, that carries any of the following: storm water, groundwater or clear water.
SPS 381.01(246) (246) “Storm water" means wastewater from a precipitation event.
SPS 381.01(247) (247) “Subsoil drain" means that part of a drain system that conveys groundwater to a point of discharge or dispersal.
SPS 381.01(248) (248) “Sump" means a tank or pit that receives wastewater that must be emptied by mechanical means.
SPS 381.01(249) (249) “Sump pump" means an automatic device located in a sump, pit or low point that is designed to elevate storm water, groundwater or clear water.
SPS 381.01(250) (250) “Sump vent" means a vent pipe from a nonpressurized sump.
SPS 381.01(251) (251) “Supports" means hangers, anchors and other devices for supporting and securing pipes or fixtures to structural members of a building.
SPS 381.01(252) (252) “Surface water" means those portions of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior within the boundaries of Wisconsin, all lakes, bays, rivers, streams, springs, ponds, impounding reservoirs, marshes, water courses, drainage systems, and other surface water, natural or artificial, public or private within the state or under its jurisdiction, except those waters which are entirely confined and completely retained upon the property of a facility.
SPS 381.01(253) (253) “Swimming pool" means a structure, basin, chamber or tank containing an artificial body of water for swimming, diving or recreational bathing.
SPS 381.01(254) (254) “Temperature and pressure relief valve" means a combination relief valve designed to function as both a temperature relief and pressure relief valve.
SPS 381.01(255) (255) “Temperature relief valve" means a temperature actuated valve designed to automatically discharge at a designated temperature.
SPS 381.01(256) (256) “Tempered water" means water ranging in temperature from 85°F. to less than 110°F.
SPS 381.01(256e) (256e) “Ten-year, 24-hour storm" or “10-year, 24-hour storm" means a discrete rain storm event characterized by a specific duration, temporal distribution, rainfall intensity, return frequency and total depth of rainfall.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: The frequency, intensity, and duration of rainfall varies considerably during a storm by geographic location. Precipitation frequency atlases, NOAA Atlas 2, have been prepared by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Weather Service. In chapter SPS 382, this value may be expressed as a specific “design storm". The calculated volume of rainfall, or stormwater, may be determined from this value and used to calculate peak discharge.
SPS 381.01(257) (257) “Total suspended solids" or “TSS" means solids in wastewater that can be removed readily by standard filtering procedures in a laboratory and reported as milligrams per liter (mg/L).
SPS 381.01(259) (259) “Trap" means a fitting, device or arrangement of piping so designed and constructed as to provide, when properly vented, a liquid seal which prevents emission of sewer gases without materially affecting the flow of wastewater through it.
SPS 381.01(260) (260) “Trap seal" means the vertical distance between the top of the trap weir and the top of the dip separating the inlet and outlet of the trap.
SPS 381.01(261) (261) “Trap seal primer, water supply fed" means a type of valve designed to supply water to the trap in order to provide and maintain the water seal of the trap.
SPS 381.01(262) (262) “Trap weir" means that part of a trap that forms a dam over which wastes must flow to enter the drain piping.
SPS 381.01(263) (263) “Turf sprinkler system" means a system of piping, appurtenances and devices installed underground to distribute water for lawn or other similar irrigation purposes.
SPS 381.01(264) (264) “Unsaturated soil" means soil in which the pore spaces contain water at less than atmospheric pressure, as well as air and other gases.
SPS 381.01(265) (265) “Vacuum" means any pressure less than that exerted by the atmosphere.
SPS 381.01(265e) (265e) “Vacuum breaker tee" means an assembly of fittings designed to eliminate the possibility of back siphonage in a system by allowing air to enter through a tee fitting.
SPS 381.01(266) (266) “Vacuum relief valve" means a device that admits air into the water distribution system to prevent excessive vacuum in a water storage tank or heater.
SPS 381.01(267) (267) “Vent" means a part of the plumbing system used to equalize pressures and ventilate the system.
SPS 381.01(268) (268) “Vent header" means a branch vent which connects 2 or more stack vents or vent stacks or both and extends to the outside air.
SPS 381.01(269) (269) “Vent stack" means a vertical vent pipe that provides air for a drain stack of 5 or more branch intervals.
SPS 381.01(270) (270) “Vent system" means a pipe or pipes installed to provide a flow of air to or from a drain system, or to provide a circulation of air within the system to protect trap seals from siphonage and back pressure.
SPS 381.01(271) (271) “Vertical pipe" means any pipe or fitting which makes an angle of 45° or less with the vertical.
SPS 381.01(272) (272) “Wall hydrant, freeze resistant automatic draining type vacuum breaker" means a type of device which is designed and constructed with anti-siphon and back pressure preventive capabilities and with means for automatic post shut-off draining to prevent freezing.
SPS 381.01(273) (273) “Wall mounted water closet" means a water closet attached to a wall in such a way that it does not touch the floor.
SPS 381.01(273e) (273e) “Washer sanitizer" means a plumbing appliance used for washing and disinfecting equipment.
SPS 381.01(274) (274) “Waste" means the discharge from any fixture, appliance, area or appurtenance.
SPS 381.01(275) (275) “Waste sink" means a receptor for the discharge from indirect or local waste piping installed with its flood level rim above the surrounding floor.
SPS 381.01(276) (276) “Wastewater" means clear water, storm water, domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, sewage or any combination of these.
SPS 381.01(277) (277) “Wastewater, treated" means the effluent conveyed through one or more POWTS treatment components to a POWTS dispersal component.
SPS 381.01(277e) (277e) “Wastewater treatment device" means a device or method that is intended to beneficially alter the characteristics of wastewater.
SPS 381.01(278) (278) “Water closet" means a water-flushed plumbing fixture designed to receive human excrement directly from the user of the fixture.
SPS 381.01(279) (279) “Water conditioner" means an appliance, appurtenance or device used for the purpose of ion exchange, demineralizing water or other methods of water treatment.
SPS 381.01(280) (280) “Water distribution system" means that portion of a water supply system from the building control valve to the connection of a fixture supply connector, plumbing fixture, plumbing appliance, water-using equipment or other piping systems to be served.
SPS 381.01(281) (281) “Water heater" means any heating device with piping connections to the water supply system that is intended to supply hot water for domestic or commercial purposes other than space heating.
SPS 381.01(282) (282) “Water service" means that portion of a water supply system from the water main or private water supply to the building control valve.
SPS 381.01(283) (283) “Waters of the state" has the meaning specified under s. 281.01 (18), Stats.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section 281.01 (18), Stats., reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Waters of the state" means those portions of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior within the boundaries of Wisconsin, all lakes, bays, rivers, streams, springs, ponds, wells, impounding reservoirs, marshes, watercourses, drainage systems and other surface water or groundwater, natural or artificial, public or private within the state or under its jurisdiction.
SPS 381.01(284) (284) “Water supply system" means the piping of a private water main, water service and water distribution system, fixture supply connectors, fittings, valves, and appurtenances through which water is conveyed to points of usage such as plumbing fixtures, plumbing appliances, water using equipment or other piping systems to be served.
SPS 381.01(285) (285) “Water treatment device" means a device which:
SPS 381.01(285)(a) (a) Renders inactive or removes microbiological, particulate, inorganic, organic or radioactive contaminants from water which passes through the device or the water supply system downstream of the device; or
SPS 381.01(285)(b) (b) Injects into the water supply system gaseous, liquid or solid additives other than water, to render inactive microbiological, particulate, inorganic, organic or radioactive contaminants.
SPS 381.01(286) (286) “Wetland" has the meaning given in s. 23.32 (1), Stats.
SPS 381.01(287) (287) “Wetland, constructed" means a man-made design complex of saturated substrates, emergent and submergent vegetation, and water that simulate natural wetlands for human use and benefits.
SPS 381.01(288) (288) “Wet vent" means that portion of a vent pipe that receives the discharge from other fixtures.
SPS 381.01(288e) (288e) “Whirlpool" has the meaning as specified under s. SPS 390.03 (23) (j).
SPS 381.01 Note Note: Section SPS 390.03 (23) (j) reads:
SPS 381.01 Note “Whirlpool" means a relatively small public swimming pool that uses high temperature water (greater than 93°F) and that may include a water agitation system. A whirlpool may also be referred to as a spa.
SPS 381.01 Note Note: A fill and dump bathtub is not a whirlpool.
SPS 381.01(288m) (288m) “Whirlpool bath tub" means a plumbing appliance consisting of a bathtub fixture that is equipped and fitted with a circulation piping system designed to accept, circulate and discharge bathtub water upon each use.
SPS 381.01(289) (289) “Yoke vent" means a vent connected to a drain stack for the purpose of preventing pressure changes in the drain stack.
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SPS 381.20 SPS 381.20 Incorporation of standards by reference.
SPS 381.20(1)(1) Consent.
SPS 381.20(1)(a)(a) Pursuant to s. 227.21 (2), Stats., the attorney general has consented to the incorporation by reference of the standards listed in sub. (3).
SPS 381.20(1)(b) (b) The codes and standards that are referenced in this chapter, and any additional codes and standards that are subsequently referenced in those codes and standards, shall apply to the prescribed extent of each such reference, except as modified by this chapter.
SPS 381.20 Note Note: Copies of the adopted standards are on file in the offices of the department and the legislative reference bureau. Copies of the standards may be purchased through the respective organizations listed in Tables 381.20-1 to 381.20-13.
SPS 381.20(2) (2)Alternate standards.
SPS 381.20(2)(a)(a) Alternate standards that are equivalent to or more stringent than the standards referenced in chs. SPS 381 to 387 may be used in lieu of the referenced standards when approved by the department or if written approval is issued by the department in accordance with par. (b).
Published under s. 35.93, Stats. Updated on the first day of each month. Entire code is always current. The Register date on each page is the date the chapter was last published.