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SPS 10.03(2)(h)1. 1. Benoxinate HCl.
SPS 10.03(2)(h)2. 2. Benoxinate HCl and sodium fluorescein.
SPS 10.03(2)(h)3. 3. Proparacaine HCl.
SPS 10.03(2)(h)4. 4. Tetracaine HCl.
SPS 10.03(2)(i) (i) Antibiotics.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1. 1. Topical antibiotics.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.a. a. Aminoglycosides.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.b. b. Bacitracin.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.c. c. Cephalosporins.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.d. d. Ciprofloxacin HCl.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.e. e. Erythromycin.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.f. f. Gramicidin.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.g. g. Norfloxacin.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.h. h. Penicillins.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.i. i. Polymyxin B.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.j. j. Sulfonamides.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.k. k. Tetracyclines.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.L. L. Trimethoprim.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)1.m. m. Zinc sulfate.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)2. 2. Oral antibiotics.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)2.a. a. Erythromycin.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)2.b. b. Tetracycline.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)3. 3. Topical antiviral agents.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)3.a. a. Acyclovir.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)3.b. b. Idoxuridine.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)3.c. c. Trifluridine.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)3.d. d. Vidarabine.
SPS 10.03(2)(i)4. 4. Acyclovir, an oral antiviral agent.
SPS 10.03(2)(j) (j) Anti-inflammatory agents.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)1. 1. Oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)1.a. a. Fenoprofen.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)1.b. b. Ibuprofen.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)1.c. c. Ketoprofen.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)1.d. d. Naproxen.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2. 2. Topical corticosteroid agents.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2.a. a. Dexamethasone.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2.b. b. Fluoromethalone.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2.c. c. Medrysone.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2.d. d. Prednisolone.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2.e. e. Prednisolone and atropine combinations.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2.f. f. Topical corticosteroid and antibiotic combinations.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)2.g. g. Topical corticosteroid and mydriatic combinations.
SPS 10.03(2)(j)3. 3. Topical non-steroidal agent, diclofenac sodium.
SPS 10.03(2)(k) (k) Topical anticholinergic agents.
SPS 10.03(2)(k)1. 1. Atropine.
SPS 10.03(2)(k)2. 2. Atropine sulfate.
SPS 10.03(2)(k)3. 3. Cyclopentolate.
SPS 10.03(2)(k)4. 4. Homatropine.
SPS 10.03(2)(k)5. 5. Homatropine hydrogen bromide.
SPS 10.03(2)(k)6. 6. Scopolamine.
SPS 10.03(2)(k)7. 7. Tropicamide.
SPS 10.03(2)(L) (L) Antiglaucomatous agents.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)1. 1. Sympathomimetics.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)1.a. a. Dipivefrin.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)1.b. b. Epinephrine.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)2. 2. Miotics, direct acting.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)2.a. a. Acetylcholine.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)2.b. b. Carbachol.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)2.c. c. Pilocarpine.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)3. 3. Miotics, cholinesterase inhibitors.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)3.a. a. Demecarium bromide.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)3.b. b. Echothiophate.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)3.c. c. Isoflurophate.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)3.d. d. Physostigmine.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)4. 4. Topical beta-adrenergic blocking agents.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)4.a. a. Betaxolol.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)4.b. b. Carteolol HCl.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)4.c. c. Levobunolol.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)4.d. d. Metipranolol HCl.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)4.e. e. Timolol.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)5. 5. Oral carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)5.a. a. Acetazolamide.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)5.b. b. Dichlorphenamide.
SPS 10.03(2)(L)5.c. c. Methazolamide.
SPS 10.03(2)(m) (m) Any drug or device that is used for an ophthalmic therapeutic purpose and that is the subject of a new drug application approved by the food and drug administration under section 505 (c) (1) of the federal food, drug and cosmetic act, 21 USC 355, as amended.
SPS 10.03(2)(n) (n) Any drug or device that is used for an ophthalmic therapeutic purpose and that is generally exempt from the new drug application approval requirement contained in section 505 of the federal food, drug and cosmetic act, 21 USC 355, as amended.
SPS 10.03(2)(o) (o) Any drug or device that is used for an ophthalmic therapeutic purpose and that is certified by the food and drug administration pursuant to section 507 (a) of the federal food, drug and cosmetic act, 21 USC 357, or is exempt from certification under section 507 (c) of the act, as amended.
SPS 10.03(3) (3) A licensed optometrist authorized to use therapeutic pharmaceutical agents may dispense a contact lens that delivers therapeutic pharmaceutical agents that are permitted under sub. (2).
SPS 10.03 History History: CR 19-028: cr. Register January 2020 No. 769, eff. 2-1-20; corrections in (2) (c) 7. made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 3., 4., Stats., Register January 2020 No. 769.
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