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Register April 2007 No. 616
Chapter PSC 2
Subchapter I — General
PSC 2.01   Applicability.
PSC 2.02   Definitions.
PSC 2.03   Role of commission staff.
PSC 2.04   Role of administrative law judge.
PSC 2.05   Computation of time and time limits.
PSC 2.06   Filing and service.
PSC 2.07   Requests to open dockets.
PSC 2.08   Informal complaints.
PSC 2.09   Notices.
PSC 2.10   Application for rate increase; notice to customers.
PSC 2.11   Abandonment or discontinuance of service.
PSC 2.12   Confidential handling.
Subchapter II – Proceedings and Dockets
PSC 2.20   Parties.
PSC 2.21   Intervention.
PSC 2.22   Representatives.
PSC 2.23   Motions.
PSC 2.24   Discovery.
PSC 2.25   Synopsis or summary of the evidence.
PSC 2.26   Briefs.
PSC 2.27   Interlocutory review.
PSC 2.28   Reopening.
PSC 2.29   Copies of decisions and transcripts.
Ch. PSC 2 Note Note: Chapter PSC 2 as it existed on June 30, 2002 was repealed and a new chapter PSC 2 was created Register June 2002 No. 558, effective July 1, 2002.
subch. I of ch. PSC 2 Subchapter I — General
PSC 2.01 PSC 2.01 Applicability. This chapter establishes the rules of practice and procedure in commission investigations, proceedings and other dockets. Portions of this chapter also apply generally to matters such as filing, computation of time and other administrative matters whether or not in dockets. Where a statute or rule prescribes a different process for certain kinds of matters, that process shall apply wherever this chapter is inconsistent with that process. Unless otherwise provided by statute, all of the provisions of ch. 227, Stats. apply to commission dockets.
PSC 2.01 Note Note: Examples of particular processes for certain kinds of matters are the customer complaint rules contained in chapters PSC 113, 134, 165, and 185.
PSC 2.01 NoteSections of ch. 227 which apply to commission dockets include s. 227.44(4)(a), authorizing prehearing conferences, and s. 227.45, entitled “Evidence and official notice."
PSC 2.01 History History: CR 00-187: cr. Register June 2002 No. 558, eff. 7-1-02.
PSC 2.02 PSC 2.02 Definitions. In this chapter:
PSC 2.02(1) (1) “Administrative law judge" means a person designated to preside over a proceeding.
PSC 2.02(2) (2) “Application" means a written request that the commission issue or amend a certificate, license, permit or any other approval, authorization or exemption.
PSC 2.02(3) (3) “Chairperson" means the chairperson of the commission.
PSC 2.02(4) (4) “Commission" means the public service commission.
PSC 2.02(5) (5) “Complaint" means a complaint authorized to be filed by chs. 196 or 200, Stats.
PSC 2.02(6) (6) “Contested case" has the meaning given in s. 227.01 (3), Stats.
PSC 2.02(7) (7) “Docket" means an investigation, proceeding, or other matter opened by a vote of the commission.
PSC 2.02(8) (8) “Hearing" means a contested case hearing or other trial-type hearing.
PSC 2.02(9) (9) “Investigation" means an investigation under chs. 196, 197, 200 or 201, Stats.
PSC 2.02(10) (10) “Party" means a person or agency named or admitted as a party in a proceeding or a docket.
PSC 2.02(11) (11) “Person" has the meaning given in s. 990.01 (26), Stats.
PSC 2.02(12) (12) “Petition" means a written request to the commission, other than an application or complaint, to open a docket.
PSC 2.02(13) (13) “Proceeding" means a contested case or other docket that includes a hearing,
PSC 2.02(14) (14) “Public hearing" means a hearing that is not a trial-type hearing.
PSC 2.02(15) (15) “Working day" has the meaning given in s. 227.01 (14), Stats.
PSC 2.02 Note Note: These definitions are new. Terms in use in commission practice are defined, in some cases, differently. For example, the term “proceeding" has generally been used to describe any matter before the commission. Under these rules, a “proceeding" means only a quasi-judicial matter, such as a contested case.
PSC 2.02 History History: CR 00-187: cr. Register June 2002 No. 558, eff. 7-1-02.
PSC 2.03 PSC 2.03 Role of commission staff.
PSC 2.03(1) (1) Except as provided in sub. (2), members of commission staff appear neither in support of nor in opposition to any cause, but solely to discover and present, if necessary, information pertinent to the docket.
PSC 2.03(2) (2) The commission may designate staff as a party in any class 2 contested case. Where a party, staff has the same rights and obligations as the other parties.
PSC 2.03 History History: CR 00-187: cr. Register June 2002 No. 558, eff. 7-1-02.
PSC 2.04 PSC 2.04 Role of administrative law judge.
PSC 2.04(1) (1) Powers generally. Except as otherwise provided, the administrative law judge assigned in a docket shall perform all of the activities identified in s. 227.46 (1) (a) to (g) and (i), Stats., and shall make all of the decisions in the docket.
PSC 2.04(2) (2)Powers reserved to the commission. Only the commission may do the following:
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