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Register July 2020 No. 775
Chapter Phar 17
Phar 17.01   Authority.
Phar 17.02   Definitions.
Phar 17.035   Internship.
Phar 17.01 Phar 17.01 Authority. The rules in this chapter are adopted pursuant to the authority in ss. 15.08 (5) (b), 227.11 (2), and 450.02 (3) (d) and (e), Stats.
Phar 17.01 History History: CR 01-134: cr. Register July 2002 No. 559, eff. 8-1-02; correction made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register June 2015 No. 714; CR 19-164: am. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 8-1-20.
Phar 17.02 Phar 17.02 Definitions. In this chapter:
Phar 17.02(3m) (3m)  “ General supervision” means to continually coordinate, direct and inspect the practice of another.
Phar 17.02(4) (4)“Intern" means a person completing an internship in order to meet the requirement under s. 450.03 (2) (b), Stats.
Phar 17.02(9) (9)“Supervising pharmacist" means a pharmacist who supervises and is responsible for the actions of an intern in the practice of pharmacy.
Phar 17.02 History History: CR 01-134: cr. Register July 2002 No. 559, eff. 8-1-02; CR 19-164: r (1) to (3), cr. (3m), am. (4), r. (5) to (8) Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 8-1-20.
Phar 17.035 Phar 17.035Internship.
Phar 17.035(1) (1)   The internship is a practical experience consisting of the practice of pharmacy under the general supervision of a supervising pharmacist.
Phar 17.035(2) (2)   A record of the internship hours shall be maintained by one of the following methods:
Phar 17.035(2)(a) (a) The school of pharmacy in a manner determined by the school of pharmacy to track and record the hours and locations worked by an intern.
Phar 17.035(2)(b) (b) The supervising pharmacist detailing the hours and location worked by an intern under the pharmacist's supervision, signed by the intern and the supervising pharmacist.
Phar 17.035(3) (3)   The written record of internship hours shall be disclosed to the board upon request.
Phar 17.035 History History: CR 19-164: cr. Register July 2020 No. 775, eff. 8-1-20.
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