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NR 811.02(72) (72) “Variable output control device" means a physical or electronic device such as a control valve, variable speed drive unit, variable frequency drive unit or similar device to be used to control the gallon per minute pump discharge rate and/or distribution system pressure.
NR 811.02(73) (73) “Virus" means a virus of fecal origin which is infectious to humans by waterborne transmission.
NR 811.02(74) (74) “Waterworks" or “water system" means all facilities, structures, pipes, conduits and appurtenances by means of which water is delivered to consumers except piping and fixtures inside buildings served, water services and private water mains as defined in ch. SPS 381.
NR 811.02(75) (75) “Well" has the meaning given in s. 281.34 (1) (h), Stats.
NR 811.02 Note Note: Section 281.34 (1) (h), Stats., defines “well" to mean “any drillhole or other excavation or opening deeper than it is wide that extends more than 10 feet below the ground surface and is constructed for the purpose of obtaining groundwater."
NR 811.02(76) (76) “Well driller" or “licensed well driller" has the same meaning as “licensed well driller," given in s. 280.01 (2m), Stats.
NR 811.02 Note Note: The statutory definition of “licensed well driller" is any individual who has paid the annual license fee under s. 280.15 (2m) (c) 1., Stats., and obtained a license under s. 280.15 (2m), Stats., as a well driller.
NR 811.02(77) (77) “Well drilling" has the meaning given in s. 280.01 (8), Stats.
NR 811.02 Note Note: The statutory definition of “well drilling" is the industry and procedure employed in obtaining groundwater from a well by digging, boring, drilling, driving or other methods but not including the driving of points for the purpose of obtaining groundwater. It shall also include all construction work and installation of well casings in said well involved therein for the protection of such well water against pollution.
NR 811.02(78) (78) “WPDES permit" means the Wisconsin pollutant discharge elimination system permit issued by the department under ch. 283, Stats., for the discharge of pollutants.
NR 811.02(79) (79) “Year-round resident" means a resident who resides in the same living unit for 6 months per year or more.
NR 811.02(80) (80) “Zone of influence" means the area of the cone of groundwater depression formed when the well pump is operating.
NR 811.02 History History: CR 09-073: cr. Register November 2010 No. 659, eff. 12-1-10; correction in (23), (74) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672; correction in (54) made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 6., Stats., Register February 2012 No. 674.
NR 811.03 NR 811.03 Alternative requirements.
NR 811.03(1) (1) If the owner of a proposed reviewable project determines that compliance with the design requirements of this chapter is impracticable, the owner may submit in writing to the department prior to submission of final plans a request to use alternative criteria. This request shall contain the reasons that compliance with the design criteria is impracticable and alternative criteria for which department approval is sought and all pertinent facts, data, reports and studies supporting the proposed alternative.
NR 811.03(2) (2) If the department determines that compliance with the design requirements of this chapter would be impracticable in any specific case, or that an alternative proposed has additional benefits with adequate safeguards, it may approve alternative criteria which are in substantial compliance with the requirements of this chapter.
NR 811.03 History History: CR 09-073: cr. Register November 2010 No. 659, eff. 12-1-10.
NR 811.04 NR 811.04 Drinking water standards. Where practical, the quality of the raw water source shall meet the primary maximum contaminant levels of ch. NR 809 and other applicable requirements of ch. NR 809 and this chapter without treatment. In all cases, the quality of finished water supplied to consumers at the point-of-entry to the distribution system shall meet the primary drinking water standards contained in ch. NR 809. Department-approved water treatment shall be installed where necessary to meet this requirement.
NR 811.04 History History: CR 09-073: cr. Register November 2010 No. 659, eff. 12-1-10.
NR 811.05 NR 811.05 Underground placement of substances. The use of any well, drillhole or water system for the underground placement of any substance shall be prohibited unless it is a department approved activity necessary for the construction, rehabilitation or routine operation of the well or water system.
NR 811.05 History History: CR 09-073: cr. Register November 2010 No. 659, eff. 12-1-10.
NR 811.06 NR 811.06 Cross-connections and interconnections. Unprotected cross-connections are prohibited. Cross-connections shall be protected as required in s. SPS 382.41. Water system interconnections are prohibited except as provided in s. NR 811.07.
NR 811.06 History History: CR 09-073: cr. Register November 2010 No. 659, eff. 12-1-10; correction made under s. 13.92 (4) (b) 7., Stats., Register December 2011 No. 672.
NR 811.07 NR 811.07 Interconnections with other acceptable water sources. Interconnections between the public water supply system and another source of water are prohibited unless permitted by the department in individual cases. Approval of the department shall be obtained prior to making the interconnection.
NR 811.07 History History: CR 09-073: cr. Register November 2010 No. 659, eff. 12-1-10.
subch. I of ch. NR 811 Subchapter I — Submission of Plans
NR 811.08 NR 811.08 General requirements.
NR 811.08(1) (1) Plans and specifications required. The owner of a community water system shall submit plans and specifications for all reviewable projects in accordance with ch. NR 108. Plans and specifications shall comply with or incorporate the general design and operating requirements in this chapter and chs. NR 108 and 810. Worksheets shall be included with all submittals for reviewable projects for which applicable worksheets are provided by the department.
NR 811.08(2) (2)Approvals required. Written department approval shall be obtained prior to starting construction for all reviewable projects as defined by s. NR 108.03 (1). The department may deny approval or grant a limited approval in cases where the requirements of this chapter are not met.
NR 811.08(3) (3)Projects requiring department approval but not requiring submittal by a professional engineer. The requirements for the submittal of plans and specifications for reviewable projects are in ch. NR 108. The water supply owner or the owner's representative may submit reviewable projects to the department for approval without the seal of a professional engineer registered in Wisconsin for most operation and maintenance work and for all non-subdivision, other-than-municipal water systems as provided in s. NR 108.04 (2) (c) 2. Plans shall be submitted by a registered well driller or pump installer where applicable. Examples of projects not requiring a professional engineer's seal are pump replacement with similar equipment not affecting pumping capacity; test well construction when to be pumped at a rate of 70 gallons per minute or more for a minimum duration of 72 hours, unless the well is to be converted to a municipal or subdivision well; well reconstruction work; pump base reconstruction work; pumphouse pump discharge piping and appurtenance replacement; well rehabilitation work as described in s. NR 811.12 (11) to (13); changing chemical type when the chemical feed equipment has been previously approved by the department; and painting or coating elevated water storage tank, reservoir, and hydro-pneumatic tank interiors.
NR 811.08 History History: CR 09-073: cr. Register November 2010 No. 659, eff. 12-1-10.
NR 811.09 NR 811.09 Specific requirements for waterworks, plans, specifications and engineering reports.
NR 811.09(1)(1) Plans.
NR 811.09(1)(a)(a) General. The detailed construction plans shall contain appropriate plan and profile views, elevations, sections and supplemental views which together with the specifications provide all necessary information for construction of the improvements. The elevations shall be based on sea level datum or local datum when a conversion to sea level datum is provided. Manufacturer's drawings are not acceptable as construction plans and will not be approved. Other state and local codes, including those of the department of safety and professional services, the public service commission, and the department of health services, shall be consulted for other requirements where applicable.
NR 811.09(1)(b) (b) Wells.
NR 811.09(1)(b)1.1. A general plan shall be submitted which shows the location of the proposed well and its relation to proposed or existing water supply facilities. It shall show all features of sanitary significance which could have an effect on water quality. A separate well site plan shall be submitted which shows the property lines, contours or an appropriate number of spot elevations so that drainage can be determined, surficial features, structures, and any other relevant data. The well site plan shall also show the locations of all the observation wells, monitoring wells, test wells, treatment wells, or other wells to be constructed in relation to the well site and all permanent supply wells to be constructed on the site. A detailed well cross-section shall be submitted which shows the size and depths of drill holes and casings, depth of grout, and geological formations to be penetrated.
NR 811.09(1)(b)2. 2. A copy of a well site investigation report shall be submitted as required in sub. (4) prior to or along with the plans submitted to the department for all final wells or applicable test wells as described in s. NR 811.12 (1) (g) 2. Based upon a review of the submitted well site investigation report, the department may perform an on-site inspection of the well site. Wellhead protection criteria conforming to s. NR 811.12 (6) shall be considered when siting wells. In addition, drawdown effects from the pumping or test pumping of test wells and final wells shall be considered during well siting and design. Information on possible drawdown effects on nearby private wells, public wells, or surface water bodies from pumping test wells or final wells and the means to be provided for measuring the effects shall be included with all submittals to the department where significant drawdown may occur or when required by the department.
NR 811.09(1)(b)3. 3. Plans and specifications shall be submitted prior to the construction of any test well to be pumped at a rate of 70 gallons per minute or more for a duration of 72 hours or more. When it is known with reasonable certainty that any proposed test well will be converted to a final well the plans and specifications for the final well shall be submitted for department approval prior to construction of the test well.
NR 811.09(1)(c) (c) Surface water intakes.
NR 811.09(1)(c)1.1. `Location plan.' Plans shall show the location of the intake pipeline and crib relative to the low lift pumping facility. The pipeline shall be referenced by bearing and distance, and the crib location shall be defined by latitude and longitude.
NR 811.09(1)(c)2. 2. `Detailed plans.' A profile of the proposed pipeline and crib shall be provided in addition to construction plans.
NR 811.09(1)(d) (d) Treatment plants.
NR 811.09(1)(d)1.1. `Location plan.' The location plan shall show the location of the treatment plant in relation to the remainder of the water system and the water source or intake.
NR 811.09(1)(d)2. 2. `Layout.' The general layout plans shall include a contour map of the site, the site size, the size and location of plant structures, a schematic flow diagram indicating the various plant units, the piping layout, and a hydraulic profile at gravity plants.
NR 811.09(1)(d)3. 3. `Detailed plans.' The detailed construction plans shall include the location, dimensions, elevations and details of all existing and proposed plant units or equipment.
NR 811.09(1)(e) (e) Chemical feed equipment. The plan shall include a layout of the waterworks structure and piping. All of the following locations and details of the proposed equipment shall be included:
NR 811.09(1)(e)1. 1. Descriptions and specifications of feed equipment, including anti-siphon devices and feed ranges.
NR 811.09(1)(e)2. 2. Location of feeders, piping layout and points of application.
NR 811.09(1)(e)3. 3. Storage and handling facilities.
NR 811.09(1)(e)4. 4. Specifications for chemicals to be used.
NR 811.09(1)(e)5. 5. Operating and control procedures.
NR 811.09(1)(e)6. 6. Description of testing equipment and procedures.
NR 811.09(1)(e)7. 7. Well or booster pump discharge rates and pressures.
NR 811.09(1)(e)8. 8. Emergency eyewash and shower units.
NR 811.09(1)(f) (f) Pumping facilities. The plan shall show a general layout of the pumping equipment, pump bases, suction and discharge lines and related appurtenances.
NR 811.09(1)(g) (g) Buildings. The plans shall show the locations of all buildings and other site improvements in relation to the site property boundaries. The following details shall be included, where applicable:
NR 811.09(1)(g)1. 1. Building dimensions, profiles, elevations, architectural details, plumbing details, HVAC details, security details, and other building appurtenances.
NR 811.09(1)(g)2. 2. Property site contours.
NR 811.09(1)(g)3. 3. The diameter and locations of all water mains, water service laterals, and appurtenances such as valves and hydrants.
NR 811.09(1)(g)4. 4. The diameters and locations of all floor drains, building drain, building sewer, and POWTS components.
NR 811.09(1)(g)5. 5. The location, elevations, construction details, and appurtenances of any on-site storm water retention or detention ponds.
NR 811.09(1)(g)6. 6. Construction details for any non-water system related improvements to be located or constructed on the property.
NR 811.09(1)(h) (h) Water mains.
NR 811.09(1)(h)1.1. `Location plan.' The plan shall show the proposed water main extensions in relation to existing facilities. A map, such as required by s. NR 810.26 (2), of the existing system or a portion thereof with the proposed extensions shown will satisfy this requirement.
NR 811.09(1)(h)2. 2. `Detailed plans.' The plans shall show the location of the proposed water main within the street right-of-way or easement; the location of other utilities, such as sanitary or storm sewers; elevations at intersections and hydrants or a profile of the proposed water main; location of proposed appurtenances; details or special features and connection to the existing system. Profiles showing the ground surface, the proposed water main, the proposed sanitary or storm sewer and rock depths are necessary when approval of a common trench is requested in high bedrock areas. The size of proposed and existing water mains shall also be shown.
NR 811.09(1)(h)3. 3. `Worksheet submittal.' Complete information as requested on any required worksheet shall be provided. The forms shall be completed for all water main projects including revisions to existing projects, upgrading of existing mains and resubmittals of projects previously approved by the department.
NR 811.09(1)(i) (i) Storage facilities.
NR 811.09(1)(i)1.1. `Location plan.' The plan shall show the location of the proposed facility in relation to existing facilities.
NR 811.09(1)(i)2. 2. `Detailed plans.' Plans shall show contour lines at the site and complete construction details. Overflow elevations for existing and proposed facilities shall be noted.
NR 811.09(2) (2)Specifications. Complete, detailed material and construction specifications shall be supplied for all phases of the proposed project. Specifications shall contain a program for keeping existing waterworks facilities in operation during construction of additional facilities so as to minimize interruptions of service. Specifications shall be included for controlling erosion on the construction site as a result of construction activity as specified in subch. V of ch. NR 151.
NR 811.09 Note Note: Department approved Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control Technical Standards can be found on the department's internet web site.
NR 811.09(3) (3)Engineering report. An engineering report shall be submitted with all reviewable projects with the exception of water main extensions. The engineering report, required by s. NR 108.04 (2) (a), shall contain the controlling assumptions made and the factors used in determining the functional design of the proposed waterworks improvements as a whole and of each of the component parts or units. Where applicable, the report shall make reference to available regional, metropolitan, county or local water supply or water quality management plans and shall clearly indicate whether the proposed project is in conformance with the plans.
NR 811.09 Note Note: It is recommended that the report also include an energy efficiency analysis.
NR 811.09(4) (4)Engineering report requirements. The engineering report required under sub. (3) shall, in all cases, indicate the basis of design and shall include the following specific data, if applicable:
NR 811.09(4)(a) (a) Description. A brief description of the project and the need for improvements.
NR 811.09(4)(b) (b) Location. A description of the geographic location of the project, including reference to maps or exhibits and the location of existing facilities.
NR 811.09(4)(c) (c) Topography. A brief description of the topography of the general area and its relation to the area involved in the project.
NR 811.09(4)(d) (d) Population. Past census data and estimated future projection to the design year for the area involved in the project.
NR 811.09(4)(e) (e) Design period. The design period being used for sizing major system components, based on the population projection.
NR 811.09(4)(f) (f) Investigations. The results of any investigations, such as soil borings, test wells, pilot tests, water quality data, and fire flow tests.
NR 811.09(4)(g) (g) Flooding. Any areas of the project which are located within the floodway or floodplain as defined in ch. NR 116 shall conform to the requirements of that chapter.
NR 811.09(4)(h) (h) Wetlands. Any areas of the project which are to be located within a wetland, pass through a wetland or may impact a wetland shall be identified.
NR 811.09 Note Note: Copies of the Wisconsin wetland inventory maps are available for inspection at the office of the department of natural resources and may be purchased through the department's internet web site. The department of natural resources is in the process of placing the wetland inventory maps on the department's internet web site.
NR 811.09(4)(i) (i) Recommendations. After discussion of alternatives, the recommendations for improvements shall be listed and a statement of the reasons for selection of the recommended alternative shall be provided. A discussion of estimated capital costs and estimated annual operation and maintenance costs shall be included.
NR 811.09(4)(j) (j) Specific information. The report shall, in addition, include specific information relevant to the type of project. The specific information required for each type of project is as follows:
NR 811.09(4)(j)1. 1. `Groundwater sources — Well site investigation reports.' A copy of a well site investigation report shall be submitted for department review and approval prior to the department approving the construction of a permanent well as required in sub. (1) (b) 2., or where there is reasonable certainty that the location of any test well will be the location of the permanent well. If no test well is to be constructed, site approval may be obtained simultaneously with department approval of plans for the final well. The investigation shall include a field survey of the well site and the surrounding area. The investigation shall consist, at a minimum, of a map and report indicating:
NR 811.09(4)(j)1.a. a. The well location by quarter quarter section, township, range, county, latitude, and longitude.
NR 811.09(4)(j)1.b. b. The boundaries of the site and the location of the well on the site.
NR 811.09(4)(j)1.c. c. The topography of the site.
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