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NR 121.09(1)(1) The department shall form a statewide water quality advisory committee composed of representatives of federal, state and regional organizations, agencies and units of government, public interest groups, groups with a special economic interest and private citizens.
NR 121.09(2) (2) The department shall inform the committee of ongoing and proposed water quality planning and management activities and policy issues of statewide concern.
NR 121.09(3) (3) The committee shall advise the department on water quality management issues of statewide concern.
NR 121.09(4) (4) The statewide water quality advisory committee shall include, at a minimum, representatives of the following:
NR 121.09(4)(a) (a) U.S. environmental protection agency
NR 121.09(4)(b) (b) U.S. department of agriculture
NR 121.09(4)(c) (c) U.S. geological survey
NR 121.09(4)(d) (d) U.S. army corps of engineers
NR 121.09(4)(e) (e) Wisconsin assembly environmental resources committee
NR 121.09(4)(f) (f) Wisconsin senate agriculture and natural resources committee
NR 121.09(4)(g) (g) Wisconsin department of agriculture, trade and consumer protection
NR 121.09(4)(h) (h) Wisconsin department of transportation
NR 121.09(4)(i) (i) Wisconsin department of administration
NR 121.09(4)(j) (j) Wisconsin board of soil and water conservation districts
NR 121.09(4)(k) (k) University of Wisconsin-extension
NR 121.09(4)(L) (L) Wisconsin department of natural resources
NR 121.09(4)(m) (m) Wisconsin department of development
NR 121.09(4)(n) (n) Wisconsin department of health and social services
NR 121.09(4)(o) (o) Southeastern Wisconsin regional planning commission
NR 121.09(4)(p) (p) Dane county regional planning commission
NR 121.09(4)(q) (q) Fox valley water quality planning agency
NR 121.09(4)(r) (r) Rock river task force
NR 121.09(4)(s) (s) Upper Wisconsin river task force
NR 121.09(4)(t) (t) Lake Michigan policy advisory committee
NR 121.09(4)(u) (u) Southwest Wisconsin policy advisory committee
NR 121.09(4)(v) (v) Northwest Wisconsin policy advisory committee
NR 121.09(4)(w) (w) Public interest groups
NR 121.09(4)(x) (x) Groups with a special economic interest
NR 121.09(4)(y) (y) Private citizens
NR 121.09(4)(z) (z) East central Wisconsin regional planning commission
NR 121.09(4)(za) (za) Brown county planning commission
NR 121.09(4)(zb) (zb) Wisconsin department of industry, labor and human relations
NR 121.09(4)(zc) (zc) Agricultural producer groups
NR 121.09 History History: Cr. Register, January, 1979, No. 277, eff. 2-1-79; am. (1) and (4), Register, August, 1981, No. 308, eff. 9-1-81.
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