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NR 114.02   Applicability.
NR 114.03   Definitions.
NR 114.04   General requirements.
NR 114.05   Examinations and applications.
NR 114.06   Fees.
NR 114.07   Issuance of certificates.
NR 114.10   Classification of waterworks.
NR 114.11   Qualification of waterworks operators.
NR 114.12   Required grades for the operation of waterworks.
NR 114.13   Operator-in-charge designation.
NR 114.14   Sanctions.
Subchapter II — Certification of Septage Servicing Operators
NR 114.151   Purpose.
NR 114.152   Applicability.
NR 114.153   Definitions.
NR 114.16   General requirements.
NR 114.17   Certification grades.
NR 114.18   Operator-in-charge and master operator.
NR 114.19   Examinations and applications.
NR 114.195   Non-delinquency certificate from the department of children and families and the department of revenue.
NR 114.20   Fees.
NR 114.21   Issuance of certification.
NR 114.22   Certificate renewals.
NR 114.23   Continuing education and training requirements.
NR 114.24   Sanctions.
NR 114.245   Enforcement.
NR 114.25   Variances.
Subchapter III — Certification of Water System Operators
NR 114.26   Purpose.
NR 114.27   Applicability.
NR 114.28   Definitions.
NR 114.29   Classification of water systems.
NR 114.30   General requirements.
NR 114.31   Requirements for water system owners.
NR 114.32   Requirements for water system operators.
NR 114.33   Applications and examinations.
NR 114.34   Fees.
NR 114.35   Issuance of certificates.
NR 114.36   Renewal of certification.
NR 114.37   Sanctions.
Subchapter IV — Certification of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
NR 114.50   Purpose.
NR 114.51   Applicability.
NR 114.52   Definitions.
NR 114.53   General requirements.
NR 114.54   Examinations and applications.
NR 114.55   Fees.
NR 114.56   Classification of wastewater treatment plants.
NR 114.57   Qualifications and level of wastewater treatment plant operators.
NR 114.58   Certificate issuance, renewal and continuing education.
NR 114.59   Sanctions.
NR 114.60   Subclass Conversions.
Ch. NR 114 Note Note: Pursuant to s. 281.98, Stats., any person who violates this chapter shall forfeit not less than $10 nor more than $5,000 for each violation. Each day of continued violation is a separate offense.
subch. I of ch. NR 114 Subchapter I — Certification of Waterworks Operators
NR 114.01 NR 114.01Purpose. The purpose of this subchapter is to establish rules for the certification of waterworks operators pursuant to s. 281.17 (3), Stats.
NR 114.01 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1995, No. 477, eff. 10-1-95; correction made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, December, 2000, No. 540; am., Register, December, 2000, No. 540, eff. 1-1-01; CR 13-054: am. Register June 2014 No. 702, eff. 7-1-15.
NR 114.02 NR 114.02Applicability. The provisions of this subchapter are applicable to all owners and operators of waterworks as defined in this subchapter.
NR 114.02 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1995, No. 477, eff. 10-1-95; CR 13-054: am. Register June 2014 No. 702, eff. 7-1-15.
NR 114.03 NR 114.03Definitions. In this subchapter:
NR 114.03(1) (1)“Certificate" means a printed document issued by the department, pursuant to this subchapter, stating that the operator named therein has met the competency requirements for one or more operator grades and subclasses.
NR 114.03(2) (2)“Certified operator" means a person who has met the requirements of this subchapter and has been issued a certificate by the department to work at one or more of the classifications of waterworks.
NR 114.03(3) (3)“Classification" or “class" means a number assigned to a waterworks based on a rating system.
NR 114.03(3m) (3m)“Community water system" has the meaning given in s. NR 809.04 (4).
NR 114.03 Note Note: Section NR 809.04 (4) defines “community water system" to mean “a public water system which serves at least 15 service connections used by year–round residents or regularly serves at least 25 year–round residents. Any public water system serving 7 or more homes, 10 or more mobile homes, 10 or more apartment units, or 10 or more condominium units shall be considered a community water system unless information is available to indicate that 25 year–round residents will not be served."
NR 114.03(4) (4)“Department" means the department of natural resources.
NR 114.03(5) (5)“Direct responsible charge" means to provide detailed on-site technical direction of the operation of a waterworks.
NR 114.03(6) (6)“Experience in the operation of a waterworks" means to have performed the basic duties involved with the operation of a specific treatment subclass for 12 months, or to have provided daily on-site technical supervision of the operator or operators performing those duties.
NR 114.03(7) (7)“Grade" means a number indicating the classification assigned to a person based on successful completion of an examination and experience, except that the operator-in-training grade is denoted by the letter “T".
NR 114.03(9m) (9m)“Non-transient non-community water system" means a non-community water system that regularly serves at least 25 of the same persons over 6 months per year and is not a waterworks as defined in sub. (15). Examples of non-transient non-community water systems include but are not limited to those serving schools, day care centers and factories.
NR 114.03(10) (10)“Operate" means to be in direct responsible charge of a subclass or subclasses of operations at a waterworks.
NR 114.03(11) (11)“Operator-in-charge" means the person designated by the owner of a waterworks to be in direct responsible charge of a subclass of operations of the waterworks. Not included in this definition are utility managers, city engineers, directors of public works or the equivalent, who are not actually involved in day-to-day operations.
NR 114.03(11m) (11m)“Other than municipal community water system" means a community water system that is not a municipal water system and is not a waterworks as defined in sub. (15). Examples of other than municipal community water systems include but are not limited to those serving mobile home parks, apartments and condominiums.
NR 114.03(12) (12)“Owner" means the state, county, town, town sanitary district, city, village, corporation, firm, company, institution, association, utility district, school district, or individual owning or operating any waterworks.
NR 114.03(13) (13)“Subclass" means a letter assigned to a waterworks based upon a particular type of process at the waterworks and the letter assigned to a person based on passing an examination for a specific operational process.
NR 114.03(14m) (14m)“Water system" means an other than municipal community or a non-transient non-community water system as defined in subs. (11m) and (9m) respectively.
NR 114.03(15) (15)“Waterworks" means a community water system owned by, or a private utility serving, a county, city, village, town, town sanitary district, utility district or a county-owned or state-owned public institution for congregate care or correction, which includes but is not limited to correctional institutions, correctional camp systems, county jails or houses of correction, mental health institutes, schools for the handicapped, hospitals, infirmaries and asylums.
NR 114.03 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1995, No. 477, eff. 10-1-95; correction in (16) made under s. 13.93 (2m) (b) 7., Stats., Register, December, 2000, No. 540; cr. (3m), (9m), (11m) and (14m), am. (16), Register, December, 2000, No. 540, eff. 1-1-01; CR 13-054: am. (2), (3), (5), r. and recr. (6), r. (8), (9), am. (10), (11), (12), (13), r. (14), (16) Register June 2014 No. 702, eff. 7-1-15.
NR 114.04 NR 114.04General requirements. No person may be an operator-in-charge of a subclass of a waterworks unless that person holds a valid certificate issued pursuant to this subchapter. Every subclass at a waterworks shall have a designated operator-in-charge.
NR 114.04 History History: Cr. Register, September, 1995, No. 477, eff. 10-1-95; CR 13-054: am. Register June 2014 No. 702, eff. 7-1-15.
NR 114.05 NR 114.05Examinations and applications.
NR 114.05(1)(1)Examinations and on-the-job experience shall be used to determine knowledge, skill and ability of the applicant to perform duties at a waterworks. A score of 75% or higher shall be a passing score on each written examination. An applicant desiring to be certified to perform duties at a waterworks shall submit a completed application to the department at least 28 days prior to the established date of a written examination on an application form provided by the department. Fees as outlined in s. NR 114.06 shall accompany the application. Applicants shall be notified of their eligibility for examination.
NR 114.05(2) (2)Written examinations shall be conducted week days at least 2 times annually in 6 locations specified by the department, except as provided in sub. (3).
NR 114.05(3) (3)Surface water examinations may be given upon written request if the examination is needed to meet the requirements in s. NR 114.12 (2) (d).
NR 114.05(4) (4)Written examinations may not be issued to applicants who have not properly registered 28 days prior to the examination date, or who fail to identify themselves on request.
NR 114.05(5) (5)Examination papers may not be returned to an applicant. Examination results will be mailed to applicant within 60 days of the examination date.
NR 114.05(6) (6)Applicants who fail to pass a written examination may apply to the department for reexamination at a subsequent scheduled examination.
NR 114.05(7) (7)The department shall provide a list of reference materials and study guides pertaining to each subclass.
NR 114.05(9) (9)An applicant who holds a valid water system certification under subch. III in subclasses Z, I, L or V may apply for and be granted certification in the same waterworks subclasses as listed in s. NR 114.10 without repeating the subclass examination.
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