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NR 7.087(2)(a) (a) A resolution officially adopted by the governmental unit or qualified lake association authorizing a representative to act as agent for the governmental unit or lake association for the signing of forms or claims and verifying that sufficient funds are available to complete the project.
NR 7.087(2)(b) (b) Number and cost of the aids to navigation or regulatory and appropriate ground tackle.
NR 7.087(2)(c) (c) If the aids to navigation or regulatory markers have been purchased prior to the application, as allowed by s. NR 7.04 (2), copies of vendor invoices for materials purchased.
NR 7.087(2)(d) (d) Copy of department waterway marker placement permit and map showing location of markers acquired.
NR 7.087(3) (3) The department shall reimburse the costs of acquiring aids to navigation and regulatory marker projects at a rate determined by the commission subject to the limitations of s. 30.92 (4), Stats. The actual rates of funding may vary from project to project and will be based on consideration of the factors contained in s. 30.92 (3) (b), Stats., and the principles expressed in s. NR 7.09 (1).
NR 7.087 History History: Cr. Register, January, 1993, No. 445, eff. 2-1-93.
NR 7.088 NR 7.088Projects of statewide or regional significance.
NR 7.088(1)(1) The department, with the approval of the commission, may increase the maximum cost-share rate of 50% under s. 30.92(4)(b)2.a., Stats., to 80% if the commission determines that the project is of statewide or regional significance and the project meets all of the criteria under par. (a) or (b) as follows:
NR 7.088(1)(a) (a) For projects located on lakes or flowages:
NR 7.088(1)(a)1. 1. The project is located on an inland lake that is at least 1,000 surface acres in size or is located on Lake Superior or Lake Michigan.
NR 7.088(1)(a)2. 2. The project site has, or will have as a result of the project, a boat launching facility protected by a breakwater structure.
NR 7.088(1)(a)3. 3. The project is located on a lake or flowage that has the minimum number of car-trailer unit parking spaces required under s. NR 1.91 or the project will bring the number of car-trailer unit parking spaces on a lake or flowage into compliance with the standards in s. NR 1.91.
NR 7.088(1)(b) (b) For projects located on rivers:
NR 7.088(1)(b)1. 1. The project is located on the Mississippi river.
NR 7.088(1)(b)2. 2. The project provides motorized boating access to a river at a site that is more than 10 miles from another motorized boating access site.
NR 7.088(1)(b)3. 3. The project provides or will provide a minimum of 30 car-trailer unit parking spaces at the site.
NR 7.088(2) (2) No more than 30% of the state funds available for recreational boating project aids, not including funds for projects enumerated by the legislature, may be expended under this section per year for any one project. No more than 50% of the state funds available for recreational boating project aids, not including funds for projects enumerated by the legislature, may be expended per year for all projects approved under this section.
NR 7.088 Note Note: Projects enumerated by the legislature are specific legislative instructions for use of recreational boating project funds. These projects are typically described in s. 20.370(5)(cq) or 30.92, Stats., or in non-statutory provisions of the budget bill.
NR 7.088 History History: CR 00-112: cr. Register March 2002 No. 555, eff. 4-1-02.
NR 7.09 NR 7.09Commission to approve or deny requests for funding and establish priority lists.
NR 7.09(1) (1) To accomplish the purposes of this chapter, the commission will give consideration to projects located where a scarcity of safe recreational boating facilities exists, to basic facilities over elaborate facilities, to activities of the general boating public over those for a limited group, to those which meet urban needs and to such other factors which, in the opinion of the commission, will allow the enhancement of recreational boating in the state of Wisconsin.
NR 7.09(2) (2) The commission may provide funding for feasibility studies. The priorities for such funding shall be based upon consideration of the points in sub. (1), and s. 30.92 (2) (d), Stats.
NR 7.09(3) (3) Only those recreational boating facility projects found to be feasible by the commission will be placed on the priority list for funding. In addition to a finding of feasibility the commission shall consider the factors in s. 30.92 (3) (b), Stats., in establishing the priority list.
NR 7.09(4) (4) The commission may deny funding for a feasibility study or a safe recreational boating facility project where:
NR 7.09(4)(a) (a) There is no expression of support for the project or study by the affected governmental unit, or
NR 7.09(4)(b) (b) Consideration of the factors in s. 30.92 (2) (d) or (3) (b), Stats., indicate it would not be appropriate to fund such a study or project.
NR 7.09(5) (5) The commission shall state the basis for denial of funding in writing to the affected governmental unit within 20 days of its decision.
NR 7.09(6) (6) The affected governmental unit may ask the commission to reconsider its decision by giving written notice to the commission at least 10 days in advance of its next regularly scheduled meeting. The commission may reconsider its decision and authorize funding for the study or project.
NR 7.09 History History: Cr. Register, April 1979, No. 280, eff. 5-1-79; am. (4) (a), (5) and (6), Register, December, 1986, No. 372, eff. 1-1-87.
NR 7.10 NR 7.10Agency liaison.
NR 7.10(1) (1) The department will assist governmental units in preparing requests for funding.
NR 7.10(2) (2) The department will review all requests for funding of studies and projects for completeness and present properly completed requests to the commission for their action.
NR 7.10(3) (3) The department will maintain close working relationships with public agencies with interests in safe recreational boating facility development.
NR 7.10(4) (4) The department, through staff assigned to the commission, will periodically report to the commission on pertinent activities of public agencies and other bodies in the safe recreational boating facility field.
NR 7.10 History History: Cr. Register, April 1979, No. 280, eff. 5-1-79; am. (1), Register, December, 1986, No. 372, eff. 1-1-87.
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