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Register July 2017 No. 739
Chapter NR 51
Subchapter I — General Provisions
NR 51.001   Purpose.
NR 51.002   Definitions.
NR 51.003   Variances.
NR 51.004   Grants to conservation organizations.
NR 51.005   General requirements for all grants.
NR 51.006   Requirements for land acquisition projects.
NR 51.007   Property uses inconsistent with the stewardship program.
Subchapter II — Nonprofit Conservation Organizations
NR 51.01   Purpose.
NR 51.02   Applicability.
NR 51.03   General provisions.
NR 51.04   Application procedures and organization eligibility for grant assistance.
NR 51.05   Eligible and ineligible acquisition projects.
NR 51.06   Acquisition priorities.
NR 51.07   Grant contracts for acquisition projects.
NR 51.08   Grant payments for acquisition projects.
NR 51.09   Eligible costs and grant payments for development and habitat restoration projects.
Subchapter III — Natural Areas Grants
NR 51.20   Purpose.
NR 51.21   Applicability.
NR 51.22   Definitions.
NR 51.23   Eligible applicants.
NR 51.24   Grant conditions.
NR 51.25   Application procedure.
NR 51.26   Approval of projects.
NR 51.27   Approval of parcels.
Subchapter IV — Bluff Protection
NR 51.30   Purpose.
NR 51.31   Applicability.
NR 51.32   Definitions.
NR 51.33   Priorities.
NR 51.34   Factors to consider.
Subchapter V — Habitat Areas
NR 51.40   Purpose.
NR 51.41   Applicability.
NR 51.42   Definitions.
NR 51.43   Designation of habitat areas.
NR 51.45   Grants for property acquisition.
NR 51.46   Habitat restoration grants.
Subchapter VI — Wild Lakes
NR 51.50   Purpose.
NR 51.51   Applicability.
NR 51.52   Definitions.
NR 51.53   Priority wild lake identification.
NR 51.54   Grants for wild lakes.
Subchapter VII — Stream Bank Protection
NR 51.60   Purpose.
NR 51.61   Applicability.
NR 51.62   Definitions.
NR 51.63   Priority stream identification.
NR 51.64   Management plans.
NR 51.65   Land management conditions.
NR 51.66   Grants to nonprofit conservation organizations.
Subchapter VIII — State Trails
NR 51.70   Purpose.
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